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In dire need of help

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With the fight over, Chi reclaimed his gear. "Of course, skinning is an all to common job for me." He pulled out his boot knife and began the process, starting from the neck and slowly making his way down towards the rear. Being careful not the break into the bowls, the last thing he wanted to have to clean off his own fur was wolf innards. Once he reached the base of the tail, he began cutting his way up the legs before slowly peeling the skin back. Once he got to the head, it became a much more gentle job. Inverting the skin, Chi careful peeled and cut around the skull. Finally giving him the much needed product. "One down, six more to go."

'I know what I'm gonna be eating for the next couple days! Wolf meat, wolf meat and maybe some more wolf meat.'

After 30 minutes of skinning, he ended up with seven fine fur pelts. Dragging the bodies into a line, he reached inside their chest cavities and ripped each heart out and lined them up. "Welp, we now have seven fin fur pelts. Each one being of surprisingly nice quality! The last thing to do is pick a heart, I'll leave that to you as it's going to be your companion. You've got seven to pick from, which will it be?"

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