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Le roi est mort, vive la reine

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Dressed in Imperial Robes much more formal and complex than his last appearance in the region. This was not for his own personal image, not any more than usual. No, this was a sign of his respect for the fallen Emperor. While their acquaintance was brief, and their history all too short, he swiftly grew intrigued by the Emperor Titus. To the point that he was in the works of finding more time to be in his company  so that Koji might learn a thing or two from him. Alas, tragedy struck, and Titus found his premature departure from this life. While he didn't necessarily feel sorrow or grief over the loss, he imagined that the late Emperor's family may or may not be having a rough time. Once he managed to pay his proper respects, he'd be certain to deliver his condolences to the Empress and her children himself. 

As the eulogies began, Koji stood still, his face an unchanging blank slate of emotion. He didn't even blink his humanoid eye lids, just the occasional blink of his Draconic ones to keep the eyes moist. Standing in his immediate company were a trio currently playing escort for the Heika himself. A step back, a couple feet away to each respective flank stood a Tengu Knight, and centered beyond them was an imposing figure. an abomination known as a Tatsuo. He listened the whole while until the day progressed forth, ushering the visitors in for a moment to show respect to the family, and to break bread with them on what was undoubtedly one the hardest times they'd even be confronted with. When everyone else moved on, Koji took his time to approach the grave in silent. There he stood for several minutes starring down. Whether he simply observed and accepted this fate or whether he were doing something like praying over the deceased was unclear. Regardless, the open fist of his Draconic limb aimed its palm at the grave, and for a brief moment, Koji could be seen talking to the grave or himself, his eyes closed.

Once he'd finished paying his respects to the deceased directly, Koji's hands inserted into each opposing sleeve. He stood erect, ultimately turning and walking at his leisure to join the others in the reception. There were a few familiar faces, though most of them were new, not having been around for the historical ANT meeting that took place not so long ago. He saw people he wanted to converse with, some he felt he may end up conversing with without his direct interest even; though he wasn't going to encourage words with anyone else prior to speaking with the Empress herself. His condolences afforded to her and their children was an utmost priority.

"Standby. Do not wander off, though your proximity is unnecessary as is."

As ordered, they silently afforded him some distance without completely abandoning him. Though the human knights questioned themselves briefly on what if's, one had to recall that just because they didn't see them didn't mean there weren't Shinobi and Kunoichi lurking in wait for the Emperor's need of them. Then of course the fact that the Emperor had yet to prove he ever needed the protection given to him in the first place. The Patriarch of the Tatsuo himself, the were no doubts the Heika was capable in it's mind. Somewhere back about the Horizon could be seen a rather large, ominous figure. A dragon of some undead quality, it's life preserved from a lurid purple glowing from between it's exposed ribs at it's core. Though familiar could tell when they saw Black Exalta and effect, other's perhaps became weary of the undead beast. Hopefully it wasn't mistaken as a beast of Yh'mi that somehow made it this far, regardless, he hoped even more none would trifle with it as it was currently being rather docile. Failing to even appear as a threat beyond it's large size.

It was not difficult to spot the Empress out of the crowd. She harbored two familiar to herself, three counting the one he remembered from the ANT meeting. The human, Tynes. He continued to watch as he approached weary of other's that may try to beat him to the punch of seeking the Empress. His three guards fancied themselves a table that was about center of the room in which they'd keep watch over the Chijono Heika. Moving with silence and fluid grace, where the robes met the ground he seemed to be preternaturally gliding across the floor. Arriving while the group of them continued to converse, he kept himself close, yet out of their temporary inner circle. Likewise he steeled his tongue as to not interrupt. After the last time Koji was careful not to embarrass himself. Even if he was the only one that caught it.

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Vivian and Nadia stayed in their seats while the funeral went on, knowing that very few would be watching where they were walking, and frankly, they've suffered enough footwear hits to their midsections. Now that it's over, they plod their way into the drawing room where Lenore (they can smell the difference between Pallas and Lenore) is talking to Thurgood and Aveline, so they just hop up to the last empty chairs at the table.


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“Bite your tongue, Grant Knight.” Raveena scorned quietly. It was a knee-jerk reaction to defend her catatonic partner—who all but gave his life and his humanity to protect them from a god’s wrath. Only then did she accept her true nature as a Sefirot. Only then did things change.

Rowan was not designed to be a father—only a weapon. He knew his work, and that was virtually all he knew.

There are no poets in the bitter business.

“We wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for your father. I will keep looking until I find—something.” She hesitated. What would she find? A magic bean? A mystical lamp that will grant her the wish to awaken him? A spell for true love’s kiss? These fairy tale things made her cross. It took time and patience—the sort only a goddess could muster.

 “I am your mother,” She conceded with a wry chuckle, “Your only mother, goddess help you.” She gently, affectionately patted his shoulder, threading an arm through the bend of his elbow as he escorted her.

She felt out of touch with her nature as an Empath, though her palms hummed delightfully at the nourishing nature of the Sun Pearls she selected. The token was meant to be a thoughtful one, though—Empath she was—she was no Seer or Soothsayer. There was no telling what the Imperial family truly felt.

“When the period of mourning is over, we must call to council at once. There is much to discuss in the wake of this tragedy—both home and abroad.” Thraece was a vital component to fulfill her duties, one she delegated to her eldest. The youngest she would bear would know a burden far greater.

It was when this moment crossed her mind that she paused briefly, her steps slowed. She had become aware and glittering eyes naturally fell on Rozharon. The room was filled with her—consumed by her, even. Had Raveena always been this unaware of Rozharon? She felt as though she was seeing the woman for the first time—truly Seeing, as Rozharon Saw. The second seemed to stretch—a strange and empty gap of wonder and curiosity that ended as abruptly as it began.

Still, she knew nothing. But she wondered—she began to weave





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"Likewise." Diric answered Rozharon's greeting in his typical emotionless way.

"Yes, it is a great honor." Kessler added in a far more flattering tone, "I regret not inviting the late emperor to our embassy either, but I had hoped to do so once the last of the renovations was complete. In either case, consider yourself formally invited, your majesty."

Though the embassy had been in working condition for some time, continued additions and repairs were ongoing, as the necessary materials became available. All that remained was a reliable source of electricity, though when such a thing was to arrive in Andelusa was still uncertain.

In any case, Joseph couldn't help but notice the empress shift her gaze shift to his mechanical arm, hidden beneath sleeve and glove though it was. Whether she could sense the absence of organic matter in that space, or whether she simply knew from stories and rumors about the amputation, he was not sure. Either way, she promptly inquired about the incident that had occurred some months before, when he, Diric and several members of House Hildebrand had been viciously attacked by assassins. They had since been identified as agents of the mainland terrorist organization known as "The Dead", though the hunt for the perpetrators themselves was still ongoing.

"There has been progress, yes." the executor answered the question, "Though there has been no arrest of yet. Minister Redbridge has been overseeing the search and could give you a more detailed explanation than I."

"Correct. I have been directly overseeing the effort since the incident occurred, and we have been able to pin the origin of the attempt on the group that calls themselves The Dead. The assassins themselves were sloppy, as two revealed their faces to us, while the third not-so-subtly outed his own employer. They made further error by sailing out of Gold Harbor, meaning House Karradeen had records of their ship's name, captain and dates of arrival and departure. I have it on good authority that our investigators will have more concrete results soon."

"And then justice will be delivered, rest assured." Joseph concluded in a seething tone.

In truth, he felt largely responsible for the incident, as the Hildebrand's had been within his vehicles, under his care and protection, and it had nearly cost them their lives. As it was, Varda had come down with nasty illness from the poisoning, which Tynes had only just recently learned of, while Jasper has lost a hand just as Tynes ultimately lost an arm. That suffering was on him, on his decision to go sight-seeing without a full escort. Had they done that, the attack might not have happened, or had it done so, it likely would have been defeated far more quickly. It was a mistake he would not repeat, and a debt of guilt he hoped to somehow repay.

"Regardless, I believe it all the more reason to be concerned about the continued deterioration of order on the mainland." he began to move the subject along, "It seems that insurgent groups are popping up all over the place, but little is being done to combat them. I believe this may be an issue worth bringing up when the Alliance council next comes into session."


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ArITw9J.png"Is it odd to you, the ways of humans?"

Primera asked, taking a seat next to the elf who had chosen to enjoy the gardens in all their splendor, instead of mingling with the rest of the mourners. It made sense; he was sure to feel somewhat awkward in offering condolences of any kind considering that death is not seen as a pang of sadness to the elves. 

"Just as odd as our ways to them, I suppose," came his quiet response. 

The scars of Misral made the elf uneasy being around so many people with different emotions; he felt as if their tears and heartfelt words were strangling him, while the disdain of some and uncertainty and coldness of others were remarkably... uncomfortable. He would rather be away from all this, preferably home with Birdy who is still in the throes of mourning the loss of House Tankred. So much has happened within a handful of days, the elf was concerned about how many will take advantage of the turmoil to better their position in Ursa Madeum. The very idea of it all made him weary and annoyed, adding another layer to his reasoning to stay away until he felt it appropriate to approach the Empress.

Sensing his unease, Primera leans close, causing their shoulders to nuzzle together. There are many things the gentleman must be struggling with, and she has not the words or gestures to show understanding. So unlike him, she has the power to claim what she wants and forever remain comfortably above her people. 

"Your eyesight?" she asks, showing how one fumbles with immense grace. 

"Gone - somewhat. The right eye is useless, and the left is slowly deteriorating, but I could be dead, so I suppose I can't complain."

"And I am most thankful you are still here with us. I have only a few friends in life, and if you were to perish, I would have none."

He chuckled, the markings on his skin shimmering with his movements. "I'd hate to leave you lonely."

"I'm sure you'd find a way to haunt me," she says with a laugh.

"Or you, me. You've shown me that I am not allowed a moments respite without you yelling in my ear."

"If your ears weren't so large Milorian, you could stifle me out. You don't have that long, luxurious hair of yours to hide them anymore."

Her comment made the elf push her off the bench they had gotten comfortable on. In a cloud of finery, the Grand Kommadant was forced to be a laughing pile of silks and jewelry. 

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Kessler’s invitation elicited a smile from Rozharon. “I’ll visit when the opportunity presents itself.” she said. Norkotia continues to strengthen their presence on Ursa Madeum. The Empress’ attention flickered to Koji - to whom she directed a nod of acknowledgement - then to Raveena, still conversing with her son.

He’s not the only one finding a foothold in the islands.

She returned her gaze to Tynes. Greetings and pleasantries exchanged, the Norkotians were quick to move the conversation to more practical matters. Efficient. To say she appreciated this wasn’t accurate, but Rozharon did hold something of a preference towards efficiency.

The minister was more than willing to share the information on the attack. Rozharon listened, quietly filing away every detail for future reference. Beside her, Pallas drank in every word, eyes gleaming.

For the first time, he spoke.

“The Dead,” he said thoughtfully. He tilted his head. “Willingly dropping their employers' name and failing their task? It’s not unlikely those were… errand boys, perhaps? Sent with the goal to frighten, to maim and not kill.” His brow furrowed. Rozharon could see his mind racing, feel him rifling through the information she’d gleaned from the event.

Pallas glanced at his mother. She gave the briefest of nods.

He smiled, the expression eerily similar to the one his mother had worn moments before. His amber gaze returned to the Norkotians “This is valuable information. Thank you, Prime Minister. Grand Executor.”

Rozharon nodded. “Indeed. I’ll bring up this concern when the Alliance convenes next.” She glanced behind her. "Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I need to speak to Emperor Koji.” Another smile, a brief bow, and she made her exit.

“Emperor Koji.” She greeted him with a touch more familiarity. “It’s good to see you here.”

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Pallas watched his mother leave. He folded his arms, considering the three foreigners for a long moment.

Diplomacy was more of his brother’s forte, but he could manage well enough.

He sighed, glancing away. “It’s true, what you said. Terrenus is getting increasingly unstable. Taen’s receiving a heavier influx of refugees as of late, though it’s unique nature keeps it relatively protected from whatever chaos plagues the mainland. Ursa Madeum suffers mostly from... internal strife."

His gaze drifted from Kessler, to Redbridge, to Tynes.

"You're at the mainland, though. How's Norkotia doing? I hear there’s a new sect of Gaianism gaining popularity up north, but they’re supposedly peaceful."

"I just at least wanted him to live long enough to see the navy we'll build the Empire, a proper blue water navy that would have allowed him to reach out and touch any point on Valucre's oceans. At least you, Pallas, and you mom will..."

“Mm. It’s all good. Ursa Madeum wouldn’t have been the best location for your level of technology anyway.” 

Lenore sipped his coffee, produced a handkerchief, then wiped the froth off his lip.

“There’s a team of researchers who’re still studying the nature of Taen’s genius loci - I don’t know if Mom’s told you, but that’s the ‘spirit’ of the location that tends to determine the laws of reality to some extent. Without going into technical terms, Taen’s ‘adopted’ Ursa Madeum, and its protecting the nature of the Ursa Madeum loci-” he winced, “-which is… not very conducive to modern technology.”

He looked down as the two radar foxes arrived. “Hello Vivian, Nadia.”

“But yes, like my brother’s told you,” Lenore continued, sighing, “There are better places for you two to be than Ursa Madeum.”

He paused, then projected an audio illusion around them that rendered their next words inaudible to eavesdroppers. "The way things are going in Terrenus, there's a need to strengthen the empire's military. We'd appreciate your help for that."


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"Whelp, once the navy's been built, I really think it needs a force of marines," Thurgood says, "I know the Empire already has an army, and I know it's effective, but I see a smaller marine corps filling a different role: amphibious operations, surgical strikes, and the dirty work that while necessary, is dishonerable, but yeah, I felt like I was rubbing Ursa Madeum the wrong way. Not that I cared but...

...can you tell us where we're being reassigned?"

"Would they need any glassblowers there?" Nadia asks through the RF converter.


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Lenore thought for a moment, keeping the audio block intact around them.

You could send them after the Dead? I wouldn't mind having a personal arsenal provider.

Lenore sent back the mental equivalent of a glare. He could hear his brother laughing silently.

"In all honesty," he told Thurgood, "I don't know what my mother has planned after the assembly in Ursa Madeum. I know she intends on continuing to strengthen Veluriyam, and that she'll be returning to Taen, but aside from that I can't say for certain."

There were gaps in their mother's mind. Where once he and Pallas had been free to access the vast trove of her memories, sharing information lightning-fast, she was beginning to shutter certain areas.

"I can say that she's adverse to armed conflict. I'd advise against doing anything that puts us at odds with other nations."

We have to admit, a navy would be useful. Didn't Titus have plans to conquer that-

-sunken city? We know Mom works differently from him.

Lenore waved over a server to refill his cup, catching sight of the Hildebrands. He turned back to Thurgood.

"You are more than welcome to remain in the Mil Dot Lunaris for the time being," he said. "At the rate Lunaris is expanding, any assistance you can give in terms of construction would be greatly appreciated. There's a military outpost being constructed up west to help keep the creatures from the dark mountain contained. I've no doubt they'd find firearms useful."


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"I would not discount the possibility." Diric answered Rozharon's suggestion that the assassins had merely been meant to intimidate rather than kill, "However, their conduct suggests a degree of sloppiness. Perhaps it was a kill order, but the leadership did not anticipate its agents as capable of carrying it out."

"Regardless, we'll send them a message in return." Tynes stated.

Both men, as well as Kessler, gave nods and quick farewells to the empress as she left their presence to go speak with Koji. This left them with Pallas, one of the two sons. His question drifted to the state of Norkotia, then immediately to a supposed "new sect" of Gaianism in the north. 

"Do you refer to our own religion, or of the so-called Cothic Church?" Joseph inquired, "In neither case would I consider them to be true sects of Gaianism, our own faith merely attempted to reconcile with the mainstream religion a number of years back. But the reality is that our Goddess and Gaia are not at all the same gal."

He accidentally slipped with that last word, a bit of the rural dialect that his father had passed down to him had come through.

"As for Coth, I cannot speak for them. All I know at this point is they appear to also be independent of Gaian and Terran influence." he added, though he did have a few rumors about what their faith entailed, and it was none-to-encouraging.

More would need to be gleaned about Coth in the coming months, especially given their relative proximity to Norkotia. It wasn't that they were close per-say, but relative to the massive distances one had to travel across the continents of Valucre, they were practically neighbors. And as Tynes hoped to spread the Directivist faith across not only the territories he claimed, but also into ones he allied with, the prospect of a fast-growing, rival religion, was one that had to be investigated and monitored closely. 

"Has Veluriyam attempted to open diplomatic relations with them?" Kessler inquired of Pallas.


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"I didn't mean it like that..."

In some ways it hurt that his mother thought he had written his father off as a lost cause; but in others it made sense. The last time he had seen his father before his sacrifice, they had been on bad terms. He was still angry at Rowan for not being there during the fall of Hyperion City. At the time, it had felt like an abandonment; like the man had left him to indulge in self pity. Combined with the fact that memories of his childhood had reemerged, and his fragile mental state, things had been tense. But seeing his father nearly die had rekindled his love for him, and his mother had been forced to drag him away from the battle. 

"I remembered some things... things from my childhood," he explained, telling Raveena for the first time, "Remembered us as father and son. He was there for fifteen years, and then he just... disappeared. I went to find him and that's when I was recruited by the PROMETHEUS project."

Grant sighed, "Sometimes it feels like I've never really gotten to know him. Like every time we get a chance, it slips away."

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As he waited patiently, he listened intently. Despite his run in with a couple of the culprits of the attack on Tia personally, Koji hadn't managed to learn their identity as an organization. Somewhere inside of himself, he was proud of their work, and perhaps even admired it a little. As the embodiment of chaos, Koji was predisposed to inherently liking it's nature. Though that didn't mean it couldn't be used for a greater purpose. His mind narrowed his memories to a particular moment shared with the small vampire girl that didn't talk. Having masked his presence without a witness to the event of her blowing off one of his arms. he managed to recover without exposing that truth. Still, he hoped to cross paths with her again one day, so that he might invoke his vengeance upon her. He began to clear his thoughts as he heard the conversation between Rhozharon and Tynes. 

“Emperor Koji.” She greeted him with a touch more familiarity. “It’s good to see you here.”

"It is good to see you Empress, though I wish it were under better conditions. My deepest condolences to your grieving family. I wouldn't call myself much of a religious man, though spiritual seems to be something more befitting. The Emperor poured himself into your Empire long before his body failed him. My beliefs lead me to believe that he lives on through the entire Nation. From every citizen to the land they occupy."

He paused, maintaining his facade while second guessing his word choices. He'd never had to publicly had to speak on such matters to another before. Without fumbling too greatly, he rebounded with more emphasis on the survivors of the Emperor.

"Are those your children?"

The Heika had no certain idea how many children their family held, only that they had more than one. Likewise, he was unaware even now that the Empress also had a daughter or two sons specifically. Perhaps there were even more he was unaware of. With two of his own and a third on the way, he briefly considered just how many he'd have altogether. Something he'd have to give serious thought to later.


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“The Cothic Church, yes,” Pallas said. He listened patiently to Tynes’ short explanation on Gaia and Directivism’s Goddess.

A few months back, the sun had burned green. Of course, he and Lenore had taken this opportunity to engage in a long, passionate discussion on the topic of Who Would Win: Mom, or the New Green Deity?
Debates had never lasted long with brothers who were two halves of the same mind. It had been fun to speculate, given how little they knew of both the Cothic god and their mother.

“No, we haven’t.” Not as far as he was aware. It was possible his mother had already travelled up north  and visited their little city, and simply didn’t tell them. “The church -- the actual building -- it used to be a Gaian temple, wasn’t it?” And yet, the religion was utterly new. Despite this, it had spread surprisingly fast.

Religion was one of those strange, human things neither he nor his brother cared much for. As little information the Norkotians had provided, it would still be useful.

Which reminded him-- Pallas glanced towards Lenore, still moping over with the Singlances.

A curious condolence it was, what the emperor gave. Rozharon’s expression turned wistful. She nodded in thanks. “That’s a comforting thought.”

At his next words, her face lit up. “Indeed. They’ve only recently joined me in Ursa Madeum.” There was a note of pride in her voice.

In unison, from different sides of the room, the twins turned towards her.

Pallas ignored the sudden urge to return to his mother’s side.

“I must admit,” he told the Norkotians, “It’s interesting how your nation’s evolved with such a notable lack of magic. There’s an advantage to non-magical technology, I suppose, considering your proximity to the Wastelands.” He hesitated, thinking for a moment.

“Taen’s… well, let’s say it’s one of the more unpredictable places on Valucre. We have something of a pest problem here,” he said, grinning at the last sentence. Heh. Pests.

“I think your stock of non-magical weapons would be helpful in dealing with that. I know Norkotia’s already struck deals with several houses in Ursa Madeum. Would you be interested in expanding your services to Taen?”

Lenore found himself standing, his feet carrying him to his mother’s side.

He offered the foreign emperor a polite smile, and a bow.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Emperor Koji. I’m Prince Lenore Paralios.”

Prince. The word left a bad taste in his mouth. It sounds so… ancient.

Another one of the things the brothers didn't particularly care for: titles.

"How is Datsuzoku, Emperor?" Rozharon inquired.

"I heard about a festival near your area. I wished to attend, but there's more than enough to keep me busy in Terrenus," she said.

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The reality was that Joseph Tynes still knew far too little about Coth to comment further, so he merely nodded, then allowed Pallas to change the subject without interruption. He soon found that he almost wished he hadn't, for the question presented to him was a bit of bind. The truth was that the primarily reason for firearm sales to the Houses of Ursa Madeum was to buy influence, in hopes of weakening the magic inclination and creating a greater sense of connection, even dependence, on Norkotia's mundane tech. Taen, on the other hand, was far less politically uncertain, and indeed, far more powerful on the whole. There was little influence to be bought there through weapons, only monetary gain. While there was nothing inherently wrong with that, Joseph did not wish to strengthen a more magically-inclined rival, even if they were an ally at the moment. 

But saying no when he had already approved of the deals with the houses, that raised suspicions. Better to give a noncommittal answer, rather than answer directly. And truthfully, a deal might be able to be arranged in a way that it was used more for equipping adventurers and civilians in Taen, which would maybe influence their opinions, while not strengthening the Veluriyam military itself. He'd have to get an expert diplomat to handle this though.

"I suppose it is possible. Ambassador Kessler could perhaps discuss specifics at a meeting in the embassy at some point."

"I would be happy to host such a meeting." Kessler nodded.

"I take your existing weapons are having difficulty dealing with you... pest problem?" Joseph then added, "What sort of weapons does Taen currently use?"


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An air of solemnity and bittersweetness hung in the air. Sweet that Titus was surrounded by people whose lives he had touched, and bitter that he was no longer with them. Titus was a good man, and that much was obvious by the touching eulogies delivered by those who had gathered to see the Emperor to his final resting place. Videntia had not had the privilege to meet the man when he was alive. It would have been a pleasure. 

Presently, she entered the refreshments room, having taken a short stroll in the gardens. The greenery and the smells of fresh food were nostalgic to her. She had given up daily comforts ever since she took up the mantle of a paladin of the White Hand in Yh’mi. The barren, decayed land did not lend well to the growing of crops or green plants. A slight pang of guilt assaulted her as she thought of her brothers and sisters back in Inns’th, who were either fighting for the fort at the Furthest Point, or organizing logistics for the newcomers. However, she was glad to be reminded of the lives that people lived outside of her battle zone; a testament that what they were fighting for was worth it.

Videntia’s white armour clearly marked her as a representative of the White Hand, though her appearance differed greatly from Chastity’s. Where he was tall and sturdy beyond his age, she was lithe and agile, and where he was stern and serious, she carried a gentle strength.

It was only proper that the White Hand came to pay their respects. Titus had founded the A.N.T. Nations, which provided much-needed resources and contributions for their ongoing efforts in Yh’mi. Some of the leaders here had sent forces to aid. She supposed that they would appreciate a firsthand update of the happenings, but it was difficult to recognize the leaders based on her memory of their descriptions alone. She knew Roen as he stood on the podium, and suspected that Gabriela would not be far away, but she had not met any of the rest before. The leaders were free to approach her, but her stay would be brief. She planned to leave soon after she had a chance to offer her condolences to Empress Rozharon. It was a long way back to Inns’th.

Inevitably, her eyes fell upon the petite form of Raveena, even though the paladin did not recognize her. The Gift.The Empath’s power resonated with her own, for although they were ultimately different, they were similar in many ways. Videntia’s Farsight compressed space and time, and allowed her a window to events happening far off. Unfortunately, she did not have full control over it - most of the time, the visions happened unsolicited. The gift was also a curse, and she knew instinctively that Raveena felt the same way.

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“That’s a comforting thought.”

He felt as if she truly understood what he was trying to say, and that she genuinely accepted it. From his experience, she was a straight forward person. Unless given direct reason to doubt as much, he'd simply take her word for it. As fluid as their first conversation it seemed, the two began to enjoy a bit of banter. Under different circumstances within his own home, perhaps he would have brought his family along too. Alas, he was a bit weary to do such things considering the history of his children. Sure, he was far from home right now. Though the Imperial City was arguably a safer option for his children, including the heir himself. The faults that took place in Nehalen will not be repeated in the New Union Frontier. As easily as he asked, she answered. With certain pride, though without a sense of arrogance.

 “Indeed. They’ve only recently joined me in Ursa Madeum.”

As if on queue, the twins moved in his peripheral vision, obviously looking to their mother as if they immediately knew she was talking about them whether they actually heard her or not. One of them remained preoccupied, though the other returned to his mother's side without hesitation. He wondered if it was a decision the twins made separate or together. Perhaps they simply made their own choices, or perhaps they had some weird connection that allowed them to think and communicate together. Based on his experience, either was possible. Regardless, when the Prince, bowed, the Emperor gave a slight bow in a returned show of respect. Though he dare not bow lower than the Prince had for him.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Emperor Koji. I’m Prince Lenore Paralios.”

"The pleasure is mine Master Lenore."

"How is Datsuzoku, Emperor?"

"Both dynasty and clan are thriving."

"I heard about a festival near your area. I wished to attend, but there's more than enough to keep me busy in Terrenus,"

"Ah yes, you must be talking about the new Empress' coronation. Though we would have loved to have you, I understand completely the burden of leading. Do not worry though, I'm quite certain we will have another celebration soon. I've been allowing my citizens to figure out their own culture, together. Some bring foreign cultural influence, though they all contribute to one of their very own."

brief pause found him as he realized they were moving away from the topic she was most importantly needed to discuss with her. 

"Before I forget, and forgive me if I'm being a forward, but I believe you may have heard about the attack on Tia?"


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