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On Far Away Shores (Open)

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Raya had been lost in thought since the mansion. His body moved with the group, but his mind was in far-off places, drawn there like a moth to the flame he felt dancing around him.

He could not explain it. Why did no one else seem to be affected by it? The raw energy, coursing, streaming around, surrounding him like air but not actually there, omnipresent, coming from him yet going through him, the flicker of power within, something that permeated everything, binding everything together, an inferno of untamed... force.

Why could he sense it, he asked. What was it, the thing that tugged and tempted yet tranquilized? What set him apart from everyone else, who did not seem like they felt this at all?

He pondered it, and as Blonde roared for everyone to prepare for battle, his mind, in a far off place, could only produce one answer.


The woman whose body he resided in, the one thing separating him from everyone else. She was his link. And through her, he felt like he could tame the power within. Change it, move it, push it. It felt eerily natural, yet strangely unnatural. He was in her body, and thus he could use her power. Yet, he was not her.

And he did not know, but his guess was right. Raya was one with the Force in death, yet within the body of Syderia he was connected to the Force. The extreme circumstances of his existence made him a Force Projection controlling the body of another, in a world where he shouldn't have existed at all. He was a ghost out of the shell.

His mind returned to reality as the searing pain of a blaster bolt grazing his skin shocked his system, extinguishing the sparks of knowledge like a torch in a hurricane. Ducking down quickly, his eyes darted around the battlefield as he gained his bearings.

Blonde had been shot - he could see that, though not clearly through the maelstrom of blaster fire. Pathogen had a hole in his hand, though he didn't seem too hurt. The dragon was having a great time, Jack had lost a hand, Viera was putting up a barrier, and Khakina was... doing something that was killing a lot of people, he couldn't exactly tell.

Raya made a mental note to never try and get Syderia into relationships with them - they'd kill them.

He could heal them, though, and he clearly wasn't doing his job fast enough.

But as he tapped into the magics needed within to cast the healing magics of Achiel, he felt the fire within fan up. The energy was reacting, it seemed like, and the strange power of this world flowed through him as though it'd always been there. His eyes closed as he drew himself closer to the blaze within.

He didn't understand, but he did, molding it, shaping it, taming the fire into a Force.

Achiel's Beta Heal changed, twisted, and became one with the Force. He felt the people around, and knew what he needed to do.


The Force flowed through Pathogen and Blonde. The wounds of Blonde and Pathogen would begin to suture themselves shut, healing themselves as nature would have it be, fueled by the Force. For Jack, though, his healing required a different approach, one that was unconventional at best.

Steeling himself, Raya cast Achiel's Omega Heal, untouched by the Force.

His right hand would sever itself at the wrist, and Raya bit hard into his own tongue accidentally out of reflex, filling his mouth with blood. Fortunately for him, though, his hand remained where it was, while the power of Omega Heal would rebuild Jack's entire hand from the wrist upwards. It'd be uncomfortably itchy for the man, but at the least, Raya knew he'd get his hand back sooner rather than later.

Healing them both had taken a massive amount of concentration for Raya, but he still had more to give, and he couldn't knock out now, though an errant thought flitting around in the back of the mind reminded him that he looked like a casualty of war in his current position, but one who had died with his head on the ground and his rear in the air so that he looked like he was imitating a snail, or someone preparing for -

He cut his own thought off before it could continue.

He'd have to heal himself later, though. There was one more who needed something, and that was Viera, who was seemingly expending large amounts of energy to protect everyone. There was a little something for that, and he accomplished it by opening his eyes and turning to look straight at Viera.

Achiel's Alpha Heal.

For all of nine seconds, Viera would feel a respite wash over her as her spent energy began to come back, regenerating at such a rate that she'd be gaining more energy than she would be spending from maintaining the barrier. However, Raya couldn't go for that long in the current circumstances, and the energy flow would cut after the nine seconds, with Raya now focusing on the hand he'd lost.

Could this power heal himself?

Time to test it, he thought as he reached out and grabbed his detached hand, pushing it back onto the wrist with a grunt of pain, spitting out the blood accumulating in his mouth onto the ground as he did so.

Achiel's Beta Heal once more, but one with the Force, just a bit different this time, focusing on himself rather than the other injured. This time, it felt... strong, yet fast.

Force Mend.

His wrist snapped itself back on instantly, causing him to jolt in shock and collapse over onto his side as he did so. It had tired him out, and he felt like he couldn't use that again for a while. Now that he thought about it, it had felt like he couldn't use the same healing power he'd used on Pathogen and Blonde either while he was - 

No time to think, he chided himself as he took cover again. Time to heal.

But he quickly found out as he looked over the battlefield that the weird skills he had accomplished with the energy within seemed to have an effective range of 30 meters.

How inconvenient, he thought to himself as he began looking around, finding different injured people within 30 meters and taking one and a half seconds to heal each one of them with a Beta Heal mixed with some Force.


Some didn't get healed all the way, at which time Raya revisited them, but it was a cycle he couldn't keep up forever until he was shot, and he knew it.

"Get it done..." he muttered under his breath as he did his darned best to keep everyone up and fighting against... what in the hell were those things?

Damn, he really hadn't been paying attention.

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@Turquoisie @Trigger2Red @notmuch_23@danzilla3 @Thotification @The North Wind @Djinn&Juice @SteamWarden


Communication moved fast through the empire, while abnormal things happened all the time in a galaxy far far away. It was clear that when it comes to conquering a backwater planet in the far depths of Wild Space, one did not often see combatants of this caliber who completely ran circles around experienced and seasoned troops. What once was a platoons worth of men had been cut down into a few scattered fireteams that were quickly being picked off in the haze of smoke, dirt, and fire. 


”Alpha squad come in! Alpha squad come in!” One of the troopers yelled over the comms.


”We’re getting hammered sir! There’s a kid running through us! Top is down and we have zero vis- AGH!” a blood curdling scream echoed through the comms of the troopers. 


”Shit! This is SE Shock Unit Spear Two Actual, encountering heavy outside resistance. One of my men has reported a possible visual on a Miss Blonde. We need back up down here now bef-“ In the midst of all the chaos a burning red blade stuck out of the man’s chest. Gasping for air he slid down into the dirt and died. But not before sending his message out to the fleet.


This was not good, and Blonde knew it. Blonde had been listening to the comms of the nearby shock infantry, her mask tapping into the comms and her telepathic powers scrying for any possible mention of her name. This little stop had cost them and while it was possible that this was not confirmed yet, it didn’t mean that a bigger problem was now headed towards them fast. The Sith didn’t have any warm and cuddly spots in their hearts. If it came down to the elimination of potentially a wanted criminal and other high risk and dangerous targets, and a few easily replaceable infantry. Well you didn’t have to guess what they would choose. 


”EVERYONE BACK ON THE SKIFFS!! NOC!! GET EVERYONE ELSE TO SAFETY AND MEET ME AT RECLAIMER!” Screaming it out just under the wire, any more words she could say would be drowned out by a singular noise. 


The screaming of fighters and bombers in the air roared closer and closer to them. Right over the horizon with the sun reflecting off their tinted windows and darkened outer shells, they were here to destroy a potential threat. Well over two dozen of them, mostly fighters escorting bombers, began to swoop in and make an attack run. 


So this was the moment Blonde had to make a choice. While she trusted Nocturna to get everyone out of there, she knew that the Dragon would paint a huge target on her back should she transform. And as much as she liked to tout the armor of her scales, she was no match for a turbo laser from a destroyer, and given enough torpedoes fired at her from that range, it could take her down. Blonde wasn’t about to lose another friend. So rather than making the clean getaway that she wanted by fleeting into the safety of the city’s network of buildings. The two skiffs would give the chance for anyone close enough to jump back in. 


The main cannons and side gun emplacements turned to face the incoming swarm aerial vehicles and opened fire in a barrage of plasma. With a wildly successful blast of fire, the fighters had not anticipated the skiffs not to run and had come down too fast and steady to take the necessary evasive actions. Catching well over ten of the fighters and bombers in that opening salvo of cannon fire, the skiffs soon after began to move and make their way towards the city. Blonde hoped that Jack and the others had made it aboard, or that Nocturna would protect them if they hadn’t. 


”White! Get us to Reclaimer!” Blonde said as she turned around and watched as the beach turned from a battle into a massive explosion of torpedoes and proton charges erupting into cloud of black smoke and ash. 


Yet there was no time to go back, she just had to trust them. And they were far from out of danger. After delivering their payload, what remained of the fighters chased after the two skiffs. While the bombers retreated back to restock, their fighter escort rained green explosive plasma down on them. Rocketing past Blonde the gunner on the top deck cannon was swept away in a clean shot that left them a mangled and burnt corpse. 


”SOMEONE GET ON THAT FUCKING GUN!” Blonde yelled as the skiffs were in a life or death chase. 


While the safety of the buildings did give them some cover, the experienced fighter pilots still had line of sight on them and made sure to make use of it. They were getting closer to their target, but everything at this moment hinged on getting away or neutralizing these fighters. 



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Jack didn't know who had gone to the trouble of healing his mangled hand, but he wished he could have told them not to waste their energy. His healing factor had already been reforming the appendage, and having it removed actually made things harder. Not that he didn't appreciate the effort. But in this fight there would be others who would need such healing far more than he. As he contemplated all this, he heard Blonde scream at them to return to the skiffs, and he heard the sound of incoming spacecraft. It didn't take a genius to figure out what was coming, but he had no intention of retreating. 

Clipping his newly acquired lightsabers to his belt, he jumped to the top of one small building before jumping to a taller one. He repeated the process once again until he had scaled the tallest building he could reach in the time he had. Sighting the incoming fighters, he did some mental calculations and crouched low to the ground.

"Haven't done anything like this in a while..."

With the fighters now in range, he pushed off the building hard enough to cause the entire top floor to collapse. Flying through the air, he felt a great sense of freedom; of peace. Then smashed into the cockpit of one of the fighters. The pilot looked at him; shock somehow evident even with his face concealed by his flight mask. Jack smiled and waved before pulling one of the lightsabers. igniting it. and thrusting it through the canopy, impaling the man through the chest. Slumping to the side, the pilot steered the craft into a spin, which Jack rode for a moment before using the momentum to fling him at another fighter. He tried to catch himself on the wing of the next craft, but tore it off. and barely caught the wing of the next one.

"Two down!"

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"When are you gonna understand I have to save these people? I'm the reason this fucking mess was started in the first goddamn place. I'm the reason the people before you died and I'm the main reason those rogue androids are out causing havoc on the streets above."

"Dante this isn't your fight. You made us who we are. Just let us do the fighting and you stay in The Last Hope with everyone else. If we fail our job then you make another three volunteers the next fighters."

"Dammit Leona! I will go out in the fucking collapsed world and rescue the people just like you! I may not be damn near indestructible like you and the others with those suits or your powers but I will bring the people back to safety. Now let me do my damn job just like I let you do yours."

The sounds of explosions, the scent of blood filling the air, reminded Dante too much of home. It wasn't until he heard Blonde's shouting for everyone to get back on the skiffs he realized that a fight was still happening. He looked behind them as some sort of aircraft were chasing them and he looked at the Blaster Bomb he held. Without even thinking he threw the makeshift bomb straight upward into the air and turned around. "Hope you like the color blue you fucks. You're about to get a whole face full of it." As the skiffs went by he watched the bomb descend through the sky and as the fighters were shooting through the air to chase they would never think to dodge a seemingly innocent blaster gun. "Boom." With a simple press of a button the bomb blew up and blaster energy shot in all directions directly taking down one fighter and leaving two with smoke coming from them. Soon after one of the fighter caught fire and went ramming downward into the other, causing a massive fiery explosion followed by metal parts flying through the sky. With a sigh he turned back around to face the front and went to fixing the usage of the remote again.

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On 7/1/2019 at 1:29 PM, Dredge said:


Thurgood didn't waste a second kicking the corpse out of place and leading the next TIE interceptor making a strafing pass with the streams of plasma, really wishing he brought some stinger, javvelin, or even pila missiles and a universal launcher.

Unlike the other squad members that have flashy, over-the-top powers, technology, and weapons, all Thurgood has is mundane weapons, mundane armor, mundane marksmanship, mundane grit, but supercosmic will. Unfortunately, he'll never be able to use that in physical combat, but for now, he's able to watch the heavy blaster's segments of superionized matter pepper the interceptor's fuelage.

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The skiffs. Pretty. Khaks. I need assistance.

Khakina's mental request was answered with tar-like substance oozing out of her skin to pool down her feet like a putrid black goo. It was both liquid and yet solid, like a viscuous specimen.

The goo crawled back to Khakina's body and through protruding multitudes of tendrils, it latched itself to Khaki like a gelatinous pack on her back. Drawing from this realm's version of supernatural energy, Khakina released a blast of wind which knocked the foes surrounding her. Without missing a beat, she then leaped as high as she can towards the nearest building.

As per her instructions, the black goo on her back would then extend a portion of itself like a whip, latching onto the top of the building which Khakina used to help her swing forward and launch herself higher. She would then repeat the swinging process from building to building until the skiffs are close enough.

On her final swing she would pour out all her strength throwing her body high into the air and then use another portion of the goo like whip to latch herself to the ship and the yanked hard, pulling her body towards the skiff and finally entering it in an awkward tumble before it left her all alone. With a sigh of relief, she rolled on her back and giggled.

"That was fun. I want another go."

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Power and rage fueled her fighting spirit against these foes. She struggled to keep her sanity in this battle stupor, as instinct fought tooth and nail to grip her mind. She could hear little over the roar of flame and the ringing of her rage in her ears. But Blondes voice managed to reach her in the chaos.





Chaos that soon revealed itself as danger she attempted to start the transformation just before hearing the screaming TIE fighters enter the area. Their wail reminding her of the damage that manshapes could inflict upon each other. Flashbacks of burning plasma being thrown at her body the scars they left and how she eventually became nearly invulnerable to small plasma weapons through forced metamorphosis. Her transformation stopped midway between a draconic and a human shape. A flight capable armored tank but misshapen into a monstrous form. Her body cried out in pain as bones were caught midway through a shift. Agony pushed her forward with her wings maxing out their capabilities. Into the cover of buildings . Pained hissing as she fell from the skies. Her wings while powerful were nearly locked into a closed position. Barely able to propel her forward. She was slow enough now to be hit by the barrage of blaster fire. Black smoke and half formed scales went flying. The pain bringing her back into the moment. A fire blast loosed from her maw into the side of one of the many buildings blasting a set of double doors from their setting. She would retreat into the building to heal her wounds and drop the transformation. Into the center of the tower into the safety of solitude. The black scales melting from her body and bones realigned into shape. However she could feel the cracked ribs beneath her skin. She tried her best to heal the wounds but further attempts seemed fruitless. She would need to perform a full transformation to correct the damage. And this was no place. Hopefully someone would see her as she tried to move forward on foot. And hopefully soon. If it came down to a wounded fight or putting a potential target on her back to heal....she would choose the transformation.

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Thirty meters was a long distance normally, but in this battle, thirty meters was far too short. Raya simply couldn't keep up with the barrages of... whatever that weird fire thing raining from the guns of the opponents were. And the weird square bubble things that flew with a roar louder than a dragon. And the weird swords that looked like they were made out of light. And the injured dragon...

Oh no, Raya thought, the weird light things can kill dragons!

Or maybe not.

But anyways, it seemed like it was time to - 

Blaster fire erupted all around him like an angry volcano, causing him to duck down under cover again. Whoever had shot at him had terrible aim, Raya noted, but the soldier was doing his job - Raya couldn't see the other people around him, and he remembered all too well the limitations of his healing ability - it required line of sight.

In the maelstrom, it did not cross Raya's mind to use the Force instead of his eyes.

But, thankfully, he was on a skiff, and he could see at least some people - those with him on the skiff, which he took in turn to heal whenever he got a chance.

Then he saw Khakina, gracefully soaring through the air like a volcanic ember, landing somewhere - Raya couldn't exactly see, as his attention turned back to the blasters and the about 40 strong allies he had to heal as many as he could, but he assumed it was on the ship.

But something he saw on Khakina's face caused him to take pause. To him, it looked like Khakina was smiling, and for some reason, it struck a weird chord deep in Raya's consciousness, for through his connection to the Force, he had felt her use that same energy earlier as a wind blast, but it had felt to him like she was drawing on some dark power, while Raya had been drawing on some light power.

It caused him to question once more, as the blaster fire rained around and he covered himself as best as he could while still relying on his eyes to heal those who he could see from his crouched position, what in the world this power was within him that caused such duality, and that could make him feel something that he never felt before, almost like a fire had flickered from a strong blaze.

He questioned and he pondered, but in the heat of the moment, he could not think, so he thought with his heart.

What his heart told him was that Khakina's connection to this world's power was not the same as his own, and it also told him that somehow, in some way, their presence in this world had caused a disturbance in the Force. He didn't have to think about it - he knew exactly why the energy was experiencing such anomalies, and that was because they existed here, the beings not born of this world and using powers that should have never been, yet somehow they could access the blazing energy all around them, coming from them and yet going through them. 

For a moment in the chaos of battle, Raya stopped healing people to ask a question that he hoped, deep down, he'd never find the answer to.

What would become of this world if they stayed?

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@danzilla3 @Turquoisie @Djinn&Juice @Thotification @The North Wind @Trigger2Red @notmuch_23 @SteamWarden

Green lines of plasma screamed down towards the skiffs, but highly explosive blaster cannon fire was not their only problem. As they traveled deeper into the city at blazing fast speeds, it became more dense and tougher to navigate, plus the Sith weren’t the only ones here. Relovian Military, Citizen Militias, and civilIans that stayed to fight off their future oppressors. Sith Shock troops around the city also took shots at them as they rode past, and a few from the city militia and military took a few pot shots as well. However most were smart enough to recognize the logo on the sides of the vehicle. A lion head with a cobra within it, one that belonged to the city’s largest company. Reclaimer Arms & Industrial. 


So with what skill the pilots of these skiffs could muster up, they pushed through the narrowing streets and made it over any barricades in their path. This was of course all while fighters rained green death upon them. While both main guns on the skiffs were once again operational and firing, even with those going at full force, the portal dude summoning whatever insane gun to shoot down ships with, and Jack being an absolute madman, the situation was not sustainable for much longer. With eyes on their position from above, they could always send more fighters and worse bombers and gunships that would make short work of them. This was coupled with the news that eyes on Nocturna were lost, while Blonde knew she was out there, she didn’t know what condition she was in. Things had gone south at the beach and now they weren’t improving fast enough. 


”White! You have the helm!” Patrica yelled out to her companion. 


With a rolling crack of her neck and a few deep breaths, Patricia looked up at the remaining fighters in the air. With her mask marking all targets and sparing the one Jack clung to in midair. One last deep breath of air filled her lungs then slowly exhaled as she quieted her mind. This was no simple task that she had set out for herself. With her eyes now closed her psychic powers flowed out of her and scanned over the fighters. Using a technique known as Shatterpoint, the woman found a critical weakness in each of the fighters build. A small manufacturing error, a previously ill-repaired point of damage that had been had glossed over, parts of the machine that were vulnerable and would cause a complete system failure. 


Hanging her blaster rifle from her body by its sling, the woman raised both her hands at the fighters and interceptors. With each point of weakness found she would apply immense amounts of pressure to each point. From there it was an absolute fireworks show. Fighters exploded in midair, windows shattered causing the pilots to veer off into buildings and crash, bright blue chemical fueled flames erupted from the sides and immediate altitude was lost making fighters an easy target for the guns and crew. The fighter Jack was on was not effected as she was more than confident Jack could either destroy it or take it for himself. 


Pulling herself out of the trance she was in, she took a few deep breaths and hunched over a guard rail. While they weren’t dealing with explosive blaster cannons from above, they weren’t out of the woods. Reclaimer Arms and Industrial was about five minutes away in these conditions, and some of that distance would need to be traveled by foot as the skiffs were far to large to squeeze between the buildings. 


”Everyone prepare to land and proceed to the target on foot! Expect heavy door to door and urban combat. We don’t know how many shock troops are in the deeper reaches of the city.” Patricia lifted herself up and reloaded her rifle. 


She was ready to keep moving. Hopefully Jack and Nocturna could get back to them soon. The drop off point was rapidly approaching.

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Jack was preparing to thrust a lightsaber down into the pilot of the ship he was riding on, when the adjacent fighters abruptly exploded or fell out of the sky. Momentarily startled, he looked below to see Blonde, hanging out a skiff with her hand outstretched to the sky, and everything made sense. She had told him before about, "The Force," the strange power that she and others could tap into to achieve extraordinary feats. Until now, he had rarely seen her use it to such devastating effect. The sight greatly impressed him... and turned him on quite a bit.

"That's my woman!" he cackled.

Igniting the saber, he impaled the pilot through the skull, and the man fell forward; sending the fighter into a nose dive. Jack rode it until the last possible second before leaping off at the last second; landing on the top of a building. He followed the skiffs along the rooftops until he hopped onto the roof of one, and leaned down to address Blonde.

"You have no idea how attractive you are to me right now," he said, casually deflecting blaster fire with one of his lightsabers, "But now is not the time. Let's go get our kids!"

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This is why Thurgood brought the shotguns instead of the rifles. In the street-to-street, building-to-building, room-to-room slog of urban warfare, where gunfights don't get much further than 25 feet, shotguns are devastating.

"If ya don't have one yet, get a shotgun and as many shells as you can carry," Thurgood says, "it'll save your ass in these confines."

Shotguns would also be great for boarding spacecraft. But once he's fully stocked on double-aught and slug, he waits for Miss Blonde's order to advance.

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Dante heard the skiffs would be useless and that they'd be travelling on foot and with the most devilish smirk he picked up a rifle and a shotgun provided by Thurgood and slung them over himself. "It might as be like I'm back home." The second the skiffs landed, he walked towards the edge of the skiff and hopped off lightly landing on the ground. Immediately taking a stance one would see highly trained use when entering combat. As he walked ahead, some of the remaining crew with him, he fired at anyone enemies he saw, placing well shot rounds directly into the chest and the head. The experience and training he's endured and been through was all he needed for combat exactly like this. With a quiet hand signal directed to his companion only him and his wardens would understand he ventured off towards the buildings all the while keeping an eye for flanking enemies and his allies on his other side of the buildings.


Sasha immediately summoned two different rifles and slung one over her back and followed suit with Dante. Not bothering to worry with any enemy soldiers as she knows Dante has been dying to kill something other than aircraft. Upon seeing the hand signal she instantly moved through the buildings and held her sniper rifle in hand. She's seen him focused before but she's never seen him this focused except for a few times. She hid behind the corner of a building and peeked around, watching Dante scout the sides. Quickly she saw an armored figure creep behind him and without hesitation, aimed through her scope, aimed and fired directly through the helmet of the figure. Seeing the figure drop, red blaster fire, soared through the sky all the way down. Quietly and quickly she would make her way through the streets, defending her and any ally that decided to follow.

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@danzilla3 @SteamWarden @notmuch_23 @The North Wind



The words “our kids.” filled Patricia with a new sense of hope and determination. From the get go this was a suicide mission without little to no hope of success. She had been shot multiple times, drained of her energy and strength, and was starting to reach the limits of her power. That nagging feeling in the back of her mind where those dark thoughts rest had been pushed back by her lover’s words. Thoughts that said this was just her way of ending herself and being done with her loneliness and self hatred. That she was too far gone to be any semblance of a mother or good person. In an instant they were expelled and the fleeting sensation of hope for the future retuned. Hope for a family and a life where she could give back everything she had taken. Patricia wasn’t about to let that slip away from her. 


”Let’s.” She said as the rifle in her arms primed with an electronic hum. 


Racing forward through ever cramping city streets, Patricia and her merry band of mercenaries rode the skiffs until the time had come. Roads and airways that could only fit two lanes of speeders had taken over and it was time to bail. With the exodus of the skiffs came a problem though. One had carried the wounded and this trip had caused a number of them to join them. To get to Reclaimer they’d need to move fast, and taking the fallen would only slow them down. The Empire controlled the skies so an airlift was out of the question. But she had to make a choice and she had promised them that no one was being left behind. Even if it cost her, she wasn’t abandoning anyone. 


”Get the stretchers and the bikes!” With a swift hand the woman reached to her wrist devise and from underneath the the skiff, their cargo doors opened. 


Inside each bay there lay five speeder bikes per skiff. The bikes were of the highest quality and could outrun even the fastest cop speeders on Coruscant. Blonde had them made for a job that never came to pass due to her being transported to Val. So now was as good a time as ever to test them out. Standing at the top of the skiff they had a few moments to talk as the war raged on in the distance. 


”Most of you have probably never rode one of these before and I don’t have time to give you a lesson! Myself and nine others are going to push ahead on the bikes and clear the way for the droids to move the wounded to Reclaimer Headquarters! Good luck and don’t die!” Speaking out to her men Patricia grabbed her rifle and slung it around her back. 


When the bikes were rolled out as Blonde finished speaking, she ran out from the back end of the skiff and swan dived off the edge to perfectly land in the saddle of the speeder bike. Without so much as a word the Bike roared to life and she took off down the road like a bat out of hell. There wasn’t time to sit around and discuss the best plan and formation. At this point this was a smash and grab operation that had to keep moving forward or perish under the weight and danger of their environment. 


With the rifle back in her hand, Blonde was out headhunting. Any and all Shock Trooper squads that were in the path of herself and Reclaimer needed to be dealt with before proceeding into the building. Without a doubt they were sending recon squads to the location. As one of the Galaxy’s premier weapon and vehicle distributors, it would be on the list of high priority targets. 


Anyone who had decided to follow Blonde on the bikes would find a trail of sizzling and blaster riddled bodies of Sith Troopers. There were more out there and they needed to ended as quickly as possible.

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When Patricia hops on a speeder bike, Thurgood steps off the skiffs and starts slogging forward, wielding his shotgun, until he engages a squad of Sith shock troopers.

Thurgood finds and takes the nearest cover to fire, aiming for joints in their armor, guessing that it's hard enough to even prevent blunt trauma from double-aught buck, before cooking a grenade for two seconds and tossing it towards the squad and popping back behind cover.

Fortunately, all his weapons, including the grenade, are analog, so any technology they have to nullify and/or deactivate blasters and/or thermal detonators will have absolutely no effect.

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The Sith troops were no fools. They were not content to stand in the way of an oncoming force of death and destruction heading right for them, or at least not all of them were. Some of the more clever ones had taken to the rooftops to gain a better vantage point from which to pick off the raiding party. Jack knew which way he was going to go as soon as he saw blaster fire arcing down from the rooftops. He took one massive leap onto the roof of the nearest building, and then sighted enemies on the adjacent buildings. Grin spreading wide, he ran to the edge of his building and jumped.

As he landed on the adjacent roof, one of the troopers turned just in time to see his sabers hiss to life before Jack took his head off. The remaining five soldiers went down just as easily, caught off guard and unable to defend themselves. Once the energy blade sliced through the last of them, he looked to see more troops on rooftops on both sides of the street. Now that his work had been laid out for him, he jumped to the next building and made quick work of those men as well. He repeated the process; jumping back and forth across the street as he did so. 

Once he ran out of buildings, he jumped into the path of Blondes speeder, flipping through the air to land behind her.

"Hey stranger! Going my way?"


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