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Quest Description: Inns'th's only blacksmith, Smithy as he is known, fought during the battle against the rogue paladin, and killed several Yh'mi creatures of his own. However, when he returned to his shop, he found that some of his materials and items were missing - including raw leather, a mace, a short sword and a well-made steel shield that he had just completed. He is putting up a reward for the thief's capture.

Quest Level: C

Recommended group number: 1 to 3.

Minimum thread length: 15 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level C.

Storyteller: Not required.

Reward: An extremely sharp dagger that is suitable for hunting and skinning animals.

... No, not that kind of sticky. Probably.

Well, as I promised, here's quest number two that I'm going to be running in Yh'mi! This one, as you can see, will involve tracking down a thief, capturing them, and making them wish we would show mercy and end their miserable li-

I mean, uhh, turn them in to face justice! Yeah.

This will be another small one, so I'm looking for a max of two more people once again. This time, the character I'm bringing will be Acele, who... I haven't actually used before! So more fun to be had there, myes.

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I'm slo  ?

For searching the grounds in Widow's Request, just some signs of a notable impact along the ground below the wall (Reference to this post, lol). There would also be a couple scattered weapons and monster parts about that are kinda buried. No wedding ring in this area tho.

As for Sticky Situation, there's some bits of evidence the thief left behind around the vicinity of the smithy. Up to you what exactly those might be, stuff like small scraps of clothing, footprints... stuff that wouldn't need a dedicated forensics team in order to locate lmao


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