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Used Name: Edelweiss
Age: 25
Lineage: An unimportant one, probably
Occupation: Does various odd jobs. Makes a pretty good bodyguard
Alignment: Neutral Good
Marital Status: Single

Brief History: Edelweiss grew up a farm girl in a small village on Orisia. An only child, she was tasked with helping with the sort of farm work that most fathers reserve for their sons. All the work got her in peak physical condition, which she still strives to maintain, even after leaving her family's farm. Though a complete nobody on a grand scale, she's known for being pretty tough in her little hamlet, and has occasionally been asked to help escort and defend travelers and merchants, usually for a hefty sum.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Handed: Right
Skin Tone: Pale
Physical Condition: Basically pure muscle
Voice: Alto, generally speaks pretty loud
Body Art: Wears war paint on her face and biceps.




 s t a t u s :

Strength: Far above average strength
Primary Discipline(s): Defense of any sort
-- Sub-discipline(s): Cooking, hunting, wilderness survival, still retains a bit of her farming knowledge
Innate Abilities: 

  • Pretty tough. Can take a strong beating and keep on fighting.

Special Abilities:

  • War Cry: When in battle, Edelweiss can belt out a war cry that inspires herself and her allies and intimidates her enemies. (I'll mostly leave this up to player interpretation)
  • Blade Spin: Edelweiss puts her full strength into a spinning attack with her current weapon that knocks back enemies within range, and largely ignores armor. Her next two attacks will be significantly weaker after using this move.


  • Not particularly bright. Isn't too good with solving puzzles or resolving complex issues.
  • Doesn't know the meaning of stealth

w e a p o n r y :

Weaponry : Depth : Wields the blade shown in her picture. It's meant to be a two-handed weapon, but she can one-hand it if needed.

Attire: See picture. 

I will draw attention to the skull, however.

-- Headwear: None
-- Upper body: Leather armor, along with a steel plate over her chest
-- Armaments: Leather wrist guards on both arms
-- Lower body: Has protective plates over her knees.
-- Feet: Leather boots, leather shin guards.

 a c c e s s o r i e s :
Small store of war paint

Canteen of water

A well hidden pouch where she keeps her money.

Edited by Baobhan Sith
Added a bit more background

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