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Eridianus Canonization and Opportunities Index

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Eridianus Canonization Guidelines

Hello, friend. Do you want to carve your mark on the history of this growing empire? Your deeds written out in our lore? Build a city? Discover a new species? Assassinate a governor? Unearth a buried alien civilization?

You’ve come to the right place.

The Eridianus board follows the Valucre Guide to Canonization, with some modifications.

Requirements for Canonization
  1. Posts in the thread should be no less than 80 words
  2. The last post of the thread should include a thread summary containing the following:

    Full summary: A full summary (1-3 paragraphs) must include all important details. Anything not included in the full summary is not considered approved.

    Minor summary: A minor summary (2-5 sentences). This is what will be included in the Timeline articles. The board leaders may edit these in the Timeline forfor brevity and clarity.

    Consequences and Opportunities:  A list of the consequences of your thread, or the changes caused by the events of the thread. Include at least one opportunity so everyone who contributes gives others a chance to contribute as well.

    Examples: Digging to China and Not just area, but distance

After completing a thread for canonization, send a PM to @Csl and the respective board leader with a link to the completed thread.

Note that canonization requests may be rejected for a variety of reasons listed in the Guide to Canonization. It’s best to consult with the board leaders (especially Csl) when planning to introduce dramatic changes in Eridianus lore, either through PM or the Eridianus AMA


In some cases, backdating a thread may be necessary. Threads are listed on the Eridianus Timelines according to the date they were first created, regardless of how long they take to complete. A backdated thread takes place earlier in the timeline than the OOC thread start date.

Backdating is allowed if:

  • It has been discussed and approved with the board leaders.
  • It does not impact other users’ lore/threads without their permission and creates no inconsistencies in canon.
  • It does not provide anyone an unfair IC advantage for other threads.

Include the date you wish to backdate your thread to in the canonization post.discretion) town or village. 

Feel free to post any questions or concerns in the Eridianus AMA

Edited by Csl

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