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Oljhin Akusao

Grave Robbing in the Dead of Night

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Within the next few moments, Gabriel took notice of many things, and made sure to process it all before leaping into the action himself. First of all, his new cohort revealed his identifier which was Midnight. It was a delightful identifier and it certainly fit his ally quite nicely. A small conversation began to take place between the two of them, if a conversation could consist of only one speaker, which Gabriel supposed that it could. Midnight spoke of his bravery, and lack of fear in revealing his true identifier, but regardless said that Midnight was good enough. He then went on to say that Gabriel's aid would be much appreciated, and that just made Gabriel very reassured in his own abilities. Finishing the sentence with a question about what Gabriel could do to assist, Gabriel logged these thoughts away, noting that this was possibly what it felt like to have a friend. Midnight and Mahogany, traversing the world for interplanetary adventures, a true duo for the ages he thought. But before he could respond, Midnight said that it was time to cut the 'blabber' or 'frabber jabber' as it were. Gabrield interpreted new kinds of slang in Midnight's speech patterns that he made sure to log down as fun language.

Gabriel followed in a casual walk after Midnight, and when the individuals inside were all threatened with force, Gabriel began to process what he thought of this. The people looked truly terrified and in need of aid, but his new possible friend was causing this anguish. Before any action could be taken by Gabe, more of the strike team entered, further complicating the situation with more threatening action. First came the military-type woman, but as she stepped within the building, she went through a seamless transition from a stern demeanor to an unspeakable anguish, similar to that of the innocents in fear. Gabriel looked around, assuming she had seen some sort of aggressor nearby, but saw nothing. After about thirty more seconds Gabriel deduced that she had put on an act, to slip into the crowd. What an ingenious plan! Gabriel would do so as well, but he was part of the strike team, and was still deciding on his course of action. 

Next came the man with the beast upon which he rode. Were they friends? Or was the mount his pet? Their relationship was very unclear at the moment, but nonetheless they seemed to terrify the innocents even further. Firstly, he threatened to exhale gasses upon the masses and give them all slow deaths, seemingly as some sort of ploy to force any guards to give up on defending. The Beastman then suggested that they all find a way to bust the doors open. An answer came immediately in the form of a shielded metal man, who seemed to be partially machine, like Gabe but not the same. If Gabe was correct, then it would seem that whoever integrated the technology with the shield man was not very good at it. It looked like very rushed work, using scraps instead of premium technology and metals. Aside from the shotty workmanship, it seemed to be working well for the Shieldman. He used his great strength to burst through the locked doors, and freeze the innocents into their places. 

Shieldman told Midnight, Beastman, and Mahogany to move on ahead and stop any resistance that might come their way. Before heading off and doing as the Shieldman said, Gabriel's first action was to walk over to all of the absolutely terrified innocents. "I would like to apologize for my allies, they are simply doing their jobs. I will do my best to make sure that no harm comes to you innocent individuals. But we must liberate this hospital." Finishing off his short speech with a charming, and planned smile, Gabe would note some things down in his database. First, that he feels sympathy for the innocents, truly wishing that they remain safe. Gabe believes that killing innocents is bad, because thinking about it makes him feel bad. Second, that sometimes you may need to do things that are bad for a small amount of people, to do what is good for a greater amount of people. A similar idea, of killing one murderer to save the people that they might murder.

With that important development in Gabe's system, he swiftly made his way further into the hospital with a light jog. Upon turning the first corner he came to, he saw around five guardsmen standing in the next hallway, preparing to fire at Gabriel. Though, with a quick check, he realized that they were unsure if Gabriel was an attacker. It was true that Gabe did look rather normal at the moment, so he decided to take the same course of action as the intelligent military woman. Slowly turning his expression from neutral to a state of fear, he looked down the hallway at his allies, and yelled to the guards "They're coming!!! Please, SAVE ME!!!" Gabe shouted this very convincingly, while running to the guards, hoping for safety from them. They stayed wary until they could see the Beastman and Midnight.

Once the slightest view of the Beastman and Midnight was available to the guards, they would start to prepare their weapons for fire. But as Gabriel was accepted into their little barricade of a few tables, he took notice of some sort of canister on a wall. It seemed to be a kind of fire extinguisher, or at least something with pressurized air. Gabe, snatched it off of the wall, and sprayed two of the men in the face with the fire extinguisher. He followed that up by using some of his unnatural strength to smack them both across the heads with the cannister, sending them to the floor, unconscious. Since Gabriel wasn't really a human, or natural creature, he had a better understanding of his physical capabilities, and could tap into any amount of strength he needed at any time. Humans could not do this, as their body mostly controls itself, only allowing for maximum strength in times of distress, fueled by adrenaline.

Lastly, Gabe would aim his cannister's nozzle at the three remaining guards, hoping to distract them for a few moments while his team could come in and assist, then move on to presumably more guards on the way.

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On 6/29/2019 at 3:31 PM, amenities said:

"Son trust me, you don't even want this place, but we're still gonna smack the shit outta you while you try to take it!" Meredith reached across the desk aiming to smack Chad in the face with her acrylic purple nails.

While the woman sitting at the desk lectured him, Chad rolled his eyes.  What could she possibly d-

Merideth managed to scratch Chad's cheek with the long nail of her middle finger, before Chad could try and dodge the "attack" fast enough.   

"Hellish woman!  You're lucky I have a mission to take care of at the moment, although....." He shouted, his eyes suddenly igniting mischeviously.  Lifting up the desk that somewhat protected the woman with a great burst of strength, Chad was about to chuck it right into that sly woman's face.  But before he did so, he looked around the room, and saw Mahogany run straight into a barrage of guards, shouting his--innocence?

Dragging the desk alongside him, he walked towards his ally, who now was bashing the enemy with a fire extinguisher.  Three guards were left unscathed by the onslaught, however.  Lifting up the desk even higher than before, he then launched it at the heads of the gaurds.  He managed to eliminate two of them, but the other, quaking at the sight of him, was what now stood in his path.  He unsheathed his blade, which the guard stood no chance against, in such a state.  Chad recalled the map The Doc had neatly organized for them.  According to that map, the security room was down the hallway he was facing and around the corner.  Sadly for he and Mahogany, another few guards came hurtling towards them.  He looked behind himself at his AI counterpart, eyes wild.

"Mahogany.  If you can get behind them, I'll destroy all in my path from the front.  Got it?  These FOOLS can't best me in my element!" 

As Chad spoke, the lighting in the hallway and waiting room grew blinding to the eye as he rose his night-blade to his shoulder.  Flicking his wrist slightly, that blinding light streamed at light speed directly into the core of the sword.  Likely causing confusion all around with the pitch-black darkness, which Chad sought to use to his advantage.  Sneaking towards the unseeing guards with the eyes of a great serpent, he thrusted his blade into the belly of a guard.  Usually, when you wield a sword, you can impale only one enemy at a time.  But for Chad, his weapon had a different effect.  The blade, currently embedded inside a guard, shot high voltage streaks of electric power into the impaled guard's comrades.  He boredly stared at the burnt crisps that resembled bodies.  Chad knew what dead looked like, and these guys seemed pretty dead. 


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“Geez, could’nt the band at least wait for us, I want to put on a show but I don’t want to rush it, It takes time to be this amazing.” He said, stood alongside Nikolai, noting that the front door was locked, but unlike Nicolai he was positive he could get the Automatic door working again. Unless this was specific the lock was probably metallic in structure, possibly moveable without having to break the actual door down. However, it would seem the person he palled around with had a different idea of opening the door. He chuckled at the sight of the front door flying off of his hinges and being sent down the wall. He whistled right after and lifted his wrapped guitar. “Well friend, I didn’t know you were THAT Explosive.” He walked in with him and chuckled at his next thought.

He took a deep breath, whoever decided it would be best to run alongside him were about to be blown away by his performance.


(Just trying to get back into the swing of things with a shorter post.

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Rhenium was surprised by the guards, or rather by their competency. She was surprised at how neatly areas of the facility were secured, and how obstinate posted guards were to patrolling their stations despite mounting violence near the main entrance and waiting room. This discipline was not entirely alien to Rhenium. She had encountered such among keen sellswords, paramilitary types, organized terrorists and the like, unflappable focus on mission objectives with the replete understanding that for the massive machine to churn, the little gears needed to do their part and do it well.

So it wasn't going to be a waltz. So what? Rhen could tango (tangle) with the best of them.

She left the physical map where it was, burning its blocky, utilitarian layout into the wrinkles of her brain, and called upon her hereditary prowess to advance the depth of her play. Tapping into the properties of LRI metal, its manufactured ability blueprinted from a sample she was exposed to back at base, Rhenium twisted the passage of visible and infrared light through and around her, vanishing from sight.

A tactic of only moderate efficacy, but it would suffice.

Thus obscured Rhen made her way past admitting, beyond the gift shop, and breached the cafeteria. Meanwhile the staff trained to handle the fast movement and high pressure of a chaotic situation did precisely that, Rhen focused on the outer circle of the institution's bureaucracy. Every large organization had a few people like this somewhere, people lacking access to anything which could do irrevocable damage but whose value was nonetheless nonzero. Clerks, gift shop attendants, cafeteria workers, janitors; these last three were especially likely to have access to a radio as well as lack the awareness training which came stock with security officers.  

So Rhenium scoped the cafeteria for janitors and lunch-people, and if no one presented themselves as an easy mark, intended to infiltrate the gift shop; she knew that she wanted to end her journey of a thousand steps either in Security or Administration, and had to remain open to the many paths which could take her there.

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The injured knelt fearfully as the man on the draug roared for their submission— except a guy with a full cast on one leg. He was unable to bow or kneel because of his affliction, and fear shone in his eye as he looked up at Vito. As Vito shouted for security, Nikolai breached the door from admissions with the very same concussive blow as Merideth’s nails against Chad’s face. 

Now, Chad might not be totally blown away; but he would damn sure be hit a lot harder than he expected from a geriatric smoker. Nonetheless he would pick up the desk, and that’s when everyone in the waiting room would see what they were dealing with. It wasn’t a bird, it wasn’t a plain old lady. Instead of a swivel chair, Merideth from the legs down was composed of a massive chassy riding on two fat tank treads.

Right around when the ground started to freeze, the elderly woman’s eyes illuminated red, her “Merideth” nametag flipping on a mechanical swivel to read “M.E.R.I.DEATH.” Her right acrylics extended with Wolverine intensity into giant pink claws while her right hand flipped back into her wrist to reveal a matte grey double-barreled muzzle dotted with ventilation holes. Her bust puffed out abruptly, the sound of metal setting in beneath her brazier confirming that she would be a hard object on impact. Now it was clear, Merideth’s voice hadn’t been a cigarette cackle— it was much closer to the drone of a robotic growl. Now the voice roared like a demonic machine as her treads wheeled her after Chad, heedless to the ice on the ground. 

“You never scheduled an appointment!!!” Her pink claws became a razorsharp fan that chewed the desk Chad took from her to splinters and went to mow up his arm. The ultimatum one of them had made to kill patients was both laughable and efficient for scheduling to the machine and so went largely unheard. M.E.R.I.DEATH entered the hallway behind Chad, the barrels on her right arm beginning to revolve as the deadly whine of her ammo belt feeder wound up. “I’m gonna have to take you to the ICU!”

Just as Gabe bamboozled the first two guards with a fire extinguisher and turned to face the other three, Chad’s light effect hit the hallway and the corridor went black. Gabe would see that the next three guards had leapt around the corner for cover. Turning back, in the light that flickered like a horror movie (a concept that was likely lost on the vessel, but whose terrific essence would seep through M.E.R.I.DEATH’s every action), Gabe would be just in time to see the metal-jawed M.E.R.I.DEATH light up the hallway with a halestorm of machine gun rounds.

Three or four seconds later, the whoosh of magic power lit up the Mausoleum. Secondary sources had the place reliably lit. When Rhen entered the cafeteria, just as its lights came up, she would find that people could file out the southern entrance and head for Emergency. That hadn’t been disclosed except through radio— speaking of which, there was one cafeteria worker with a paper hairnet on, one hand waving people past her out the entrance, and one hand on a black walkie clipped to her waist. Dotting the sidelines of the fleeing patients, relatives and personnel were guards who had taken up arms. Just outside the cafeteria entrance stood another five guards, freshly made eight by the three who fled around the corner from M.E.R.I.DEATH. The cafeteria worker didn’t have keys, but the guards did.

“MERI’s up?” Asked one of the five.
“Yep,” smirked one of the three.

As if in response, the robotic roar ricocheted down the hallways. While the magic kept things well lit, this light felt noticeably more sterile than the filament bulbs.

Meanwhile the last remaining figure in the dark Security room picked up a communications device and began flitting through a telemetry booklet. Afterall, they were on foreign grounds and the coordinates for Last Chance communications were new to the Mausoleum. Regulus had left this one alone, heading toward Mans Reyder’s office where a specifically unique interview sat in stasis because of the interruption. Only instead of entering, he walked past Mans' office. People ran around him like frightened children, but Regulus' tall hunched form did not seem capable of such trifles.

Farkis would see Regulus pass by through the slatted blinds behind Regius, their resemblance stark even in silhouette. While Farkis had stood, leaned forward, Mans slipped a hand under his desk. He didn’t do anything just yet, he wasn’t sure he even could, but though he may possess an addiction instead of strength, Reyder wasn’t a dumb man. The one hand lingered half-defensively, half-exasperatedly, his head cocked thoughtfully. Ultimately, he looked like someone who was trying to fine tune a wine glass, or a guy who might be having a really good time under that desk. Mans was smart, Mans even thought himself a good man most of the time, but Mans was not above skewing logic to save his skin. After pausing with a face like he was waiting for a particularly melodic fart, the expression broke like wind and he responded to Farkis.

“I accept your offer, Dr. Marisante.” He didn’t extend his hand for a shake, maybe out of some subconscious self-preservation. He just drummed his fingers on the desk and sort of nodded toward the door through which all the bang boom could be heard, where Regius stepped aside. Except not the side farther away from Mans. Regius stepped toward Mans, so that he was basically looming over Reyder. Mans struggled not to look up, a little intimidated by his own man.

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After seeing Chad and Gabriel dart down the hallway and the lights in the hallway dim with the screams of guards Nikolai witnessed the 'receptionist' turn into a machine like mini tank that moved down the hall after Chad. Normally the big guy would be upset with and want to attack the metal machine but seeing as the idiot that goes by Chad initiated a full on assault and murder spree with a sword, he felt it was well deserved he gets his ass kicked by a machine. Quietly walking down the hallway, he looked at the walls and saw the framed paintings and pictures and the artwork.

'I'm gonna have to take you to the ICU!'

After hearing this a short distance away he chuckled and spoke to himself quietly. "If she didn't do it, I would've kicked his ass myself. Arrogant little shit." Slowly he reached the corner and saw M.E.R.I.DEATH shooting at Chad, three guards ducking past a corner. As watched this enfold he heard quiet footsteps of something run past the gift shop, then fade and decided this would be the best bet to get around safely seeing as someone or something else took this path in mind. Picking his pace up to a light jog he quieted as his steps as he neared the south entrance of the cafeteria. Not wanting to head through the double doors, he walked towards the west cafeteria entrance. After looping all the way around he spotted the guards and held his hands up"Hello guys." Instantly the eight guards turned and aimed their weapons at him. "I'd just like to say one thing." With a quick movement he flicked his hands forward and two blasts of ice magic hit two guards, covering them entirely in ice. "Cease and desist." 

Before the guards even realized what happened with their allies they were being charged at by a seven foot goliath holding a full body riot shield. Quickly a few managed to dodge out of the way but one unlucky guard took the full force of the shield and was sent flying past the corner, being shot up by the raging death machine around the corner. As the guards regained their foot they unleashed a hail of bullets into the shield. 

As the bullets rained down on Nikolai he inched to his left, throwing a blast of ice magic onto a guards gun, freezing the gun and his hands in place. Seeing the guard struggle, Nikolai stood over the gun of the guard that was sent flying and picked up it. "Been awhile since I held a gun. Feels refreshing." As he inched forward, now firing a gun back at the guards who were also inching backwards. One guard was unfortunate to be shot through the visor of his helmet, collapsing onto the ground. As the guards were nearing the corner, Nikolai froze the corpse of the guard, picked up the now frozen body and chucked it through the air over the guards heads. While two guards were distracted by this a shield weighing about 150 pounds was launched into the faces of them knocking them down, most likely unconscious. Seeing only two left, they realized they were stuck between the hail of bullets from the death machine and the two raiders and the man who singlehandedly downed six of their men. One out of fear, dropped his weapon and ran while the remaining guard fired more bullets into Nikolai who reacted with a double handed ice blast, locking the man in place. 

After all the guards were defeated he picked up the security keys from the two bodies he could take them from and opened the cafeteria doors from the west entrance and stood beside the door. Now if anyone dangerous were inside he quickly put up an almost entirely transparent shield that encircled his front and sides, allowing for no easy shot to hit him. With a smirk he held up the two keys and locked the door beside him to prevent anyone from exiting this path. Having not seen his female ally he assumed she would either be in this same room he's in or looking for a custodial staff and seeing this was the nearest area the odds were in his favor. Silently he held one hand up, bits of frost and cold air radiated from the air and waited. Either the folks in the cafeteria focused him and if he was right about Rhenium then she would be able to her idea in peace or things got messy.

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Vito watched Nikolai kicked down the doors, followed by Chad quickly charging down the guards and massacring them. Blood splattered, painting the hallway red. The raider would rather have used different non-lethal methods, but he wouldn’t judge how another criminal chooses to perform their craft. It wasn’t long till the kill machine stormed down the hallway, screaming something about appointments. With the robot distracted and civilians under control, Vito jumped behind the desk and began looking for information. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of great interest. Other than one, an appointment sheet. Sneaking his name down, using a name from his forged ID card, Vito gave himself a quick appointment. 

‘There we go, now I have to go and attend my meeting.’

Strolling down the corridor, he looted a security card off one of the corpses and strolled past the battle with the death machine. Unlocking the gift shop, he entered and was presented with two guards. The first one stood right round the corner, gun raised. Second one shook on the opposite side by the door, clearly new to the job. Vito sent Floki sprinting straight in, heading towards the second guard. The first guards gun followed his mount, in this distracted state Vito threw a knife at his foot. As it penetrated the guard knelt in pain, the raider brought raised the butt of his spear and knocked him unconscious. Floki weaved and zigzagged through the shelving, slamming into the second guard and sending him flying. He lay on the floor, curled up in pain. He followed the same procedure of moving, or dragging, everyone into the center of the room and tying them up.

Okay, that’s this area secure. Time to do some shopping.

Vito presented to walk around the shop, grabbing random niknaks and stowing them in his pouch. He put on a Mausoleum branded cap on, then tied a Mausoleum branded stuffed bear to his belt. Walking to the counter, he tried conversing with the crying cashier but found he was to scared. Placing a stack of gold coins on the counter, Vito left to go meet up with the others. Walking into the cafeteria, he was met with all eyes on Nikolai.

I secured another location.

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Of course the desk lady would turn out to be a death machine.  Fantastic.  Well, he'd have to deal with the thing the same way he always did: fry it to a crisp.  Chad still contained an insane amount of electric power from his previous withdrawal, but stopped short while raising his blade when he finally heard the machine's guns begin to whirr.  

This isn't the sort of fight I signed up for, but it changes things up, I guess.

Diving into a defensive position behind the corpse he previously impaled, Chad quickly started hardening his skin with scales as the bullets continuously threatened him.  The monstrosity was basically a tank!  Behind him, he heard another tussle with what he assumed was with more guards.  Easily handled by his comrades, he knew.  As the mech viciously rolled forward to crush him, Chad stood and pointed the tip of his blade at the head of M.E.R.I.D.E.T.H, letting loose another savage blast of electric power.  A bullet grazed his right shoulder, in a spot his scales happened to miss.  Machine guns were accurate in that sense.  He charged further down the hallway, and was greeted with unconscious guards scattered all around.  Chad chose to move forward rather than stay behind with that thing that might still be alive behind him.  If it even counted as living, that is.  And hey-maybe that bard that had followed him inside the Mausoleum could play a ballad to distract it.  That is, if the bard wasn't among the charred crisps behind him.

Quickly marching around the corner, the Radiology department seemed untouched by the raiders as of yet.  That would soon change.  Kicking the doors open in a similar fashion to before, Chad mindlessly electrocuted the guards while he thought to himself.  Had he forgotten to turn the stove off?  Oh no-or had he left the front door unlocked?  Hopefully this raid wouldn't last much longer.  Coming back to his senses, he gaped at the ashes that were all that remained of the guards.

"Whoops.  I might have gotten a little bit carried away again.  Anyway, hiya all!  There's a raid going on, if you haven't figured that out already, so let's surrender peacefully or else you'll end up like these poor fellows here. P l e a s e ?"  

 Sighing as the remaining people in the department ran away, screaming loudly, Chad wondered if he hadn't been straight forward enough.  He had told those people to surrender, not run away to safety.  Wherever safety was.  He now realized that he'd have to improve his intimidation skills if he were to become a full-fledged assassin.




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The lights flickered on, juiced by a backup generator. In the glare of the safety lights Rhen noticed the coworker, easily spotted because they were directing the flow of traffic rather than a part of it like almost everyone else. She tightened the perimeter of her LRI-induced invisibility field and wove her way through the surging mass of people.

Nikolai's frontal assault could not have been timed any better. Just as he burst onto the scene and primly disposed of a half dozen or so armed guards, Rhenium executed her surgical strike against the cafeteria worker, punching her in the head hard enough to rattle her brainpan and render her unconscious. The panic of the last remaining people rushing out of the cafeteria provided Rhenium the smokescreen she needed to grab the radio, separate from the worker, and dismiss her field.

"Did you hear that gunfire earlier?" Rhenium announces her presence as she comes up to Nikolai and Vito. In her hands is the pilfered radio and her eyes are on it, fingers twisting the dials and scanning every frequency that the radio is capable of listening on, seeing what kind of chatter each had.

"That was automated. Heavy caliber. I didn't see anyone back at the doctor's tent with that kind of weapon. That sound wasn't coming from any of us. This hospital has long sleeves, and a lot of tricks jammed up them. South-west from here is the security office."

And further south was administration, which seemed more and more likely to be the terminus of this mission; not the Doctor's operation, but the mission which led to her infiltrating the Doctor's cell to begin with.

"Let's pop in and see what all we can turn off to make it easier on the rest of them. I'm thinking they also have the placed wired for visuals. If we can put a vampire tap on it, we can figure a way out of anything they want to throw at any of us."

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 Rather than dropping back into his seat, Farkis stands up straight. His left arm reaches up into the air, as if to stretch. However, a series of rolling cracks, like chipped stones grinding into one another, rumbles from his shoulder, up the length of his arm, and out his fingertips.

“Sounds like we have deal then. Most excellent.” His arm drops to his side as he turns from Mans, both of his shoulders rolling backward causing another series of grinding and crunching crackles to echo out from the hollow of his body. He takes a few steps toward the door, seemingly content with the arrangement, but then stops just short of exiting.

“You know, I had a thought just now.” His hand finally falls on the door knob as he twists it and pulls it open. Farkis releases the door knob as he turns to look back at Mans and Regius. The same hand that held the door knob fans out as he waves to the pair. From his fingertips a swelling wave of thought tumbles out like a tidal wave, ripping tiles from the floor and ceiling as it cascades through the room pulverizing the less than comfortable chairs into little more than a pulp. The loose fixtures of the room are all at once torn and smashed, crushed and stretched, deforming them into unrecognizable chimeras of materials and shapes.

Carried upon the shockwave of the psionic blast, the haphazardly formed shrapnel peppers the walls ahead of the blast wave. Although he suspects that Mans will be physically crushed between Regius and a wall, he secretly hopes both survive long enough for him to toy with them a bit longer. Regardless of Mans’ disposition, Regius seems far heartier. As the ground and air crackles from the psionic supersaturation, Farkis waits in the doorway for Regius’ rebuttal.


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M.E.R.I.DEATH’s head proved an excellent conductor for electricity. Her grey curls frizzed straight as the lightning coursed through them and the rest of her body. The ricocheting stream of bullets coming from her arm gatling gun spun off to the side as her arm wriggled with generated excitement. Her rubber treads grounded her just enough not to be fried by design, but her processors were supercharged by the explosive charge. Chad would have enough time to round the corner and enter Radiology, but now M.E.R.I. was empowered and enraged. What’s more, her thermal sensors spotted a concealed assailant heading down the same hallway toward Security and Administration.

Those nearest the blasted bot were Vito and Nikolai, currently residing in the cafeteria. Her scanners moved this way and that as she roved down the hallway, spotting the keeled over bodies of the guards who had allowed the civilians all to enter Emergency. Next, scanning to the left, she noticed the tied up bodies through a thin wall using her thermals. Noting Vito and Nikolai next as she moved near the cafeteria entrance, Merideth opened fire in a controlled spray across the cafeteria, over the fallen guards and workers but around waist level to Nikolai and Vito.

Inside Radiology, Chad would find almost nothing. Abandoned beds, blankets strewn about, open plugs where any portable equipment could be moved— everyone here had already made their way into Emergency. He was, essentially, safe from M.E.R.I.DEATH for the moment, though.

A black silhouette in the locked Security room had finally found his coordinates. After three jingles over his crystal comm device, one grey hand wrapped around the telephone device and the other drumming beside a complex keyboard that ran the hospital’s surveillance systems, an operator answered.

“Last Chance dispatch, how can we help you?”

“The Mausoleum,” said the voice of the black silhouette. Dispatch would know exactly the place. A well-manned hospital that can continue being profitable even after switching continents doesn’t drop out of the sky without the nearest city knowing about it. “It’s under attack. There have been innocent and security casualties. Our main security systems have all been deployed. Requesting backup.”

“Backup is on the way, sir. Don’t worry.”

That was when Remus wheeled around in his chair, grabbing a 4-foot long iron bar that was leaned against the wall and heading for the door. On his way, however, a red light on the corner of the surveillance display alerted him to turn around. It was the M.E.R.I.DEATH cam, showing the heat signature running down the hallway, otherwise undetectable. Remus grimaced, wondering what he should do.

“10 butts, ah-ah-ah” counted Regulus, in the Morgue, imitating an episode of Stonehaven Street his children used to watch. You know, before he was teleported across the world... “11 butts, ah-ah-ah. 12 butts…”

Meanwhile, Mans’ hand relaxed on the hand cannon he held underneath his desk, prepared to blow Farkis away when the man undoubtedly lunged for him in some freakish, alien manner. Mans’ imagination had run wild in the moments since this man had entered the room. At first Farkis had seemed a possible hire, and then a serial lunatic; but now, Dr. Marisante appeared a genuine venue to safety and perhaps, in the future, a step toward normalcy. — But here’s the thing. Mans’ trigger etiquette was awful. His forefinger was still wrapped around the trigger of the darn thing so that, even in his most docile moments he was still, if only accidentally, dangerous. 

From Farkis’ hand came as fluid an attack as possible. Even with Mans’ heightened awareness of the situation, his (probably) inebriated senses had scarcely even comprehended something was re-amiss before he was flung wholesale into the wall with a map of Elandaron on it. Regius was neither as slow nor as lucky. Farkis would see something resembling duty flash blatantly on Regius’ face before he made to dive between Mans and the oncoming psionic onslaught.

Farkis’ estimation was almost right. As Mans and the black laptop were blown into the wall, the flying body of broad Regius sandwiched them both between him and the wall. Except they wouldn’t be crushed, they would plow right through the wood veneer into a secret brick hallway. Regius had absorbed most of the blow and Mans was spared by the cushion the false wall had provided him. The laptop, however, shattered very unlike a laptop would. It shattered between Mans and Regius like glass, a green USB-like device clattering to the ground before Mans’ somewhat dazed form.

Regius stood not quite unerringly to the impact, bloodied and bruised, but his greater faculties largely unaffected. He was unlike Mans, unlike the patients here, in the most Unnatural of ways. Behind the hulking shadow, eyes clenched shut to hold back a suddenly roaring migraine, Mans uncrumpled his beer gut to reach along the cold ground. The tassels of his shirt pulled against his neckline, stretching the fabric taut against his throat, but the choking was now the least of pains he had felt today. Sliding his hairy, fat hand through the black glass, Mans wrapped his fingers around the familiar object.

Don't forget to move your markers! https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1ikccFj4WlAja6S9Mife8K0Wlnwfuuk_DaZUljsj8eRk/edit

Last Chance police arrive in 5 posts (from me)!

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Vito stood in the secured cafeteria, happy with his newly acquired toys. But his moment of happiness was quickly ruined by a rain of bullets, he dropped to the ground in pain as two bullets struck left his arm. His vision went blurry for a few second as he gripped to bullet wounds, the civilians screaming in terror as the bullets sprayed around the room. With a painful push, he reached down into his pocket and pulled out a demon fog seed. Crushing it in his palms, he teleported himself and Floki to another room in the building. He found himself surrounded by dead bodies, an omen to his future. He scavenged around the morgue, eventually finding a first aid box and patching himself up. 

'Fucking robots, I really want a gatling gun now.'

He took a deep breath and stood up, scanning his surroundings. It appeared he was alone, other than the dead. The various freezers and stretchers seemed to have been quickly abandoned, apparently not wanting to be locked inside with the finished patients. Reaching into his pocket, he found he only had one more teleport left. He began scavenging around, looking for items of use. Feeling the walls and roof for soft spots, anything he could break through to escape.

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Looking at Rhenium Nikolai saw her fiddling with the radio until he heard a noise from behind him. Knowing the gunfire went silent he assumed the new noise from behind was the death machine cyborg from earlier. With a quick turn, him and the shield faced the cafeteria doors as a hail of bullets fired through. Making sure the bullets didn't hit Rhenium, he extended the shield to cover her as well and shouted to her as Merideath showed herself. "There's your answer for the gunfire!"

Quickly he moved his hands up, frost filled them heavily and he stared at the robotic woman. "Hello." Smirking he let the frost on his hands, extend up to his elbows allowing for a more heavy ice based punch. With a steady pace he walked over to Merideath, keeping the shield up in front him for any bullets heading toward him. As he reared back a punch he let his fist loose as he stood a few feet from the cyborg and aimed straight for the shoulder of her arm but instead of a fist connecting it was an open hand gripping and leaving finger sized dents on the metal shoulder. "I'd like to schedule an appointment." With a grunt he positioned himself and threw the cyborg into the cafeteria, dropping the shield when she would land. With a look towards Rhenium, he pointed to the exit. "Leave now or help."

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Had Rhen known a little smoke would convinced the Mausoleum of fire, she would have hitched a ride with one of the squads and poked through their files under the guise of law enforcement. The political implications of enforcing local law on an entity which had been made elsewhere and dropped into their laps through no fault or planning of either party, without contracts and zoning approvals and taxes . . . a sticky situation, to say the least.

But now that the officials invited the law into their home, now that they had given their consent, things simplified radically. Having anticipated murky business practices it hadn't even occurred to Rhen they would involve local dispatch. But on review, much later on, she'd realize how much sense it made – in order for a front to remain effective, it had to be maintained.

She didn't know that now though, and so the only option before her was to remain on track and follow through on her mission.

The crash of gunfire punctuated her thoughts; the clatter of metal doors made porous, the whine of Merideath's gun barrels rotating so fast they blurred, so fast they burned red after the abuse of hundreds of rounds, came with their own grammar. Honed instinct caused Rhen to drop her invisible shell. LRI was as strong as steel but steel wasn't all that strong when pitted against high caliber, high velocity projectiles. She became visible with an inaudible, visual pop, now covered with the brown-red luster of tooled Uru. What few bullets made it past the shield of Nikolai's body to touch Rhen fell to the ground, whole, robbed of kinetic energy on impact, said energy stored throughout her metallic structure for discretionary use.

Case in point, to expedite her retreat; she was already on her way out by the time Nikolai turned to address her shrinking shadow. In seconds, Rhen was in front of Security. Rather than kick the door off its hinges, she made a rod of her metallic index and middle fingers and jammed them into the keyhole; the locking mechanism popped out and clattered to the ground on the other side. She pushed the door open with her shoulder, segueing into a bull rush, laying hands on the security guard even as, wide-eyed, he reached for the weapon holstered at his side. Rhen put hands on him and expended the last of her stored energy into catapulting him into the ceiling with concussive force; if that didn't knock him out, the fall back to the ground would do it.

She saw the blinking light of the guard's still-active transmission. She recognized the call codes. It clicked – they had drawn a thin blue line in the sand. Attempting to cancel the call wouldn't work, too suspicious. But she could direct them to the far side of the hospital, give the crew more time to escape. She could get on the radio and broadcast all over the hospital that the cops were on their way, to start making plans to skedaddle.

She did neither of these things. Instead, merely to maintain the pretense of her cover, Rhen wrecked the security console, lifted the guard's keys (or access card, etc) and uniform after tying him up, and made her way to Administration.

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MERIDEATH shattered lights, screens for X-ray viewing, monitors, and skulls with her hail of bullets. She was even lucky enough to impact one of the assailants before they were able to escape. Venturing next into the cafeteria, MERI found Nikolai defending an open doorway. Instead of waiting in the entrance of the cafeteria for Nikolai to walk up as her bullets did nothing, MERI moved down the hallway outside the cafeteria so Nikolai would have to follow her into the hall to engage.

"I'd like to schedule an appointment."

If and when he did reach her and extend his hand, she extended her hand in turn, palm facing Nikolai.

“Sorry, all booked until next week,” came the robot’s voice. “Rain check!”

Suddenly the pudgy bottom of her palm flipped up, cyborg fingers pressing against the top of her wrist as they bent back to allow a 4-inch x 4-inch steel bar to pummel outward into Nikolai’s shield. No matter how powerful he was, Nikolai would be assailed by the sudden force in such a way that he was driven about 5 feet back. Not before ripping off her battering ram arm, though. Jagged pipes extended from the wound which sparked with arcane energy and a black ooze.

Now, instead of engaging, MERI’s waist swiveled to face away from Nikolai and her treads blasted her down the hallway unerring to the bodies and debris that fell in the flickering light. Behind her were several small black balls that looked kind of like little poops.

Meanwhile, her original targets who had teleported away found themselves in the Morgue. Oh, how lucky they must feel in the cool silent midst of the dead. How lucky, until the sound of heavy breathing alerted them to the darkest corners of the room. There stood Regulus, black hair matted to his face. He was throwing a surgical glove away, smelling his fingers disgustedly. Behind him stood a dozen lurching, jittering, naked bodies with control nodes shoved up their buttholes. Back in the control room, Remus fingered a console with three buttons on it.

Vito looked at Regulus. Regulus looked at Remus. They both looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Then the naked bodies ambled toward the sudden teleportees. Not fast, but very zombielike.

The thing about the Mausoleum was that, while Last Chance had not expected their coming, they somewhat welcomed it. The Mausoleum came shortly after an unprecidented attack on Last Chance, so the Chance had overlooked its lack of permits or what-have-you so far for the benefits they could reap from its medical expertise. While a wave of bad-meaning
guys might not launch many places into full lockdown and defense mode, the Mausoleum was no such place. Riding in the front doors on a draug, freezing the lobby and shouting threats at its patients hadn’t been a good first move if the assailants wanted to avoid something of a full response. However, that was not to say the chaos was not opportune. Especially with Farkis in his face, Mans had been effectively neutralized from helping with the overall hospital situation.

In fact, as Rhen left security and headed for Administration, Mans was already crawling his way to the basement. Regius’ face had been altered so that his face was literally upside down. Looking at Farkis, unable to express anything but inane confusion in the sudden reality shift, Regius extended his meaty hands into the daze him and Marisante.

“Flagellll—” said Regius, flapping his tongue in an attempt to make it work right. He wasn’t stupid, but he was about done for the second his world got flipped upside down.

Meanwhile, in the secret control room, Remus had alerted the authorities to a dire situation at the hospital with multiple casualties and major damage reported. With that, he left and headed for Administration to meet up with Regulus and Regius.

Last Chance Police Arrive in 4 Posts

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