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Grave Robbing in the Dead of Night

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The revelation that there is a secret room delights Farkis in ways that he can’t express. In fact, for the first time in a long time he cracks a genuine smile. What kind of delightful goodies could be stashed away inside the hospital that required secrecy to keep them safe. Surely this could only lead to the juiciest of gossip.

Wholeheartedly uninterested in Regius, Farkis extends his right hand toward the behemoth’s meaty hand, as if to shake it or perhaps to let him grab it, while walking back into the room. The mass of psionically saturated debris that lay scattered around the room whip up into a spiraling frenzy before converging into a single torrent that homes in on Regius with all the force of enraged housewife violently assaulting a disappointing husband (A lot of force, so much force, all the forces).

Although the numerous impacts would do next to nothing to move or harm such a well built and robust specimen, that wasn’t the point. Farkis’ extended hand closes, his knuckles whitening, as his arm jerks back and then flings out to the side. The motion is the trigger for the psionically charged junk, which responds by collapsing in on Regius. Although Regius isn’t under Farkis command, the force exerted on the debris is likewise exerted on him. And while the titan can’t imagine a situation in which the man is able to resist being ripped from the ground, pulled back into the room, and flung into another wall, there is always the possibility that his will and fortitude alone will allow him to overcome the indirect application of telekinesis.

Regardless, Farkis continues his trek through the room with every intent to walk past Regius and follow Mans into the chamber of secrets.

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One minute he was tending to his wounds, the next he had naked shambling bodies wanting to wrestling with him. Despite how this sounds, this was what standard business brought in Last Chance. He drew his spear and threw a firestone on the ground, heating the end of his spear till it turned a near white color. With a quick swing he removed the legs of the first corpse before driving the spear tip into its brain, the heat instantly cauterizing the wounds. Floki had already taken out two, crushing their skulls with his jaws. One by one the duo took them out, letting the blood lust take over. This wasn't his first battle with the undead, he had plenty of experience thanks to the Forbidding Hills. One by one their heads dropped, their internals lined the floors and brain matter splattered like confetti. However, this was a small place and their numbers were great. He could teleport out, but he didn't want to waste his last resort on small prey.

'Why the actual fuck do they have machines up their assholes? What kind of sick bas...'

He felt a hand firmly grasp his shoulder, with out a second thought he pulled out his bowie and drove it through the corpses neck. He pried it upwards, severing the spinal cord. Its body dropped, an heavy thud as it slapped against the floor. With the rest distracted by Floki running circles round them, Vito drew his crossbow and took the rest out from a distance. As a final measure, he went round and severed the spins in several areas. If there was one thing he'd learned from past experiences, down doesn't mean downed. Once all was done and dusted he looked around, the room looked like a butchers shop ran by a feral goblin. Pieces of bone were scattered everywhere, intestines hanging like party string and there was a lovely smell of seared flesh. He riffled through a box of plastic gloves and promptly put a pair on, with absolute regret and disdain he pulled out the prob from the corpses rectal area.

'This is just plain weird, why do they want zombies? WHY AM I TOUCHING THIS!?'

He threw down the prob and ripped off his gloves before grabbing canisters of compressed air, he lined them up by the door. Flipping over a distant table to give himself cover, he fire a bolt towards the canisters and detonating them. The explosion caused a deafening ringing in his ear, but also gave him freedom. Mounting Floki, he turned right and began flooding the hallways with a mist of venom. With no care in the world for others, he just wanted to regroup. He found himself stood outside a locked door, with one final grasp of his demon fog he crushed it between his hand and teleported to the other side. He found himself outside of the building, feeling both regretful and relieved. Did he return to his comrades or leave the shit show behind? At this point reinforcements had to be on their way, he didn't even know what they were after at this point. He patrolled round the building, pondering what to do next.

'There is nothing to gain from this beyond chaos.'

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And while all of this chaos had been going on, all of the crap that seemed to cause so much collateral damage and panicked citizens…and Leon was in the bathroom. He probably shouldn’t have taken in so many Root Beer Floats before he had decided to venture. He finally stepped out and gave a smile. It would seem that his partners were already clearing out the area, but he could clearly hear the actions around them. He had to move toward the nearest area, and that would probably be the cafeteria. He would cross the giftshop, before hearing the commotion in the cafeteria.

It would seem to be a rowdy crowd. He could hear gunshots, so he had to be very careful. It would be best to keep distance and assist through long range. He would have to make a good clearance however. He then unlatched his guitar from his back and began to play. The Door nearby would shake, the sounds of an electric guitar blaring toward the hallway and easily peering through the cafeteria. He gave a giant Grin, And whist still playing his Guitar kicked the door in. 


 Whist Yelling this, His guitar suddenly tore itself apart, The seemingly unnotable Electric Guitar now cackled with electricity, Showing it's true form: it was still very much an electric guitar Certainly, but the elongated Fretboard, The body more in the shape of an axe than any instrument, with the glowing blue bit that easily illuminated the room. It was clearly a call for Attention, and that was exactly what He wanted. As a Musician it was his job to take up the stage and give a show.

And he was damn sure ready to do just that.



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The thing about the political implications of law enforcement wasn't so much about the permits and whether or not the hospital was built to spec, or whether it was right in arming a full-bodied defense against a perceived threat, and more to do with a Tellus Mater business and chunk of land operating on Terran soil and subject to Terran law. That the Mausoleum invited LEOs, that they consented, cut through the festoons of red tape and collapsed complicated matters into a linear stream.

With that, Rhen knew to continue her mission, because there was no telling what she might find while the Mausoleum had its pants down and how that would compare and contrast to what the LEOs would find once they pulled those pants back up and buckled them tight.

Now before Administration, Rhen transmogrified her fingers into Novonium. The highly malleable metal was a true boon when it came to picking locks. Having seen the kind of bedlam the assailants as a whole were willing to inflict on the hospital, that she herself was willing to unleash on Security, a subtly picked lock was liable to go unnoticed.

There were a few office workers huddled underneath their desks for shelter.

"Everyone stays right where they are and I won't have to go around decapitating you. I don't want any witnesses. You don't want to be witnesses. Let's play this smart."

So long as no one tried to actively interfere with her progress in surveilling and ranging around the office space, she didn't really care what any of the hostages did. They weren't really hostages. They could stay there and cower. They could get up and run. They could sneak their way to emergency lines and call security – a fat lot of good that'd do with the forces dispersed as they were, dealing with the pandemonium the remainder of the offensive cell generated.

One might have thought that what Rhen was interested in was the juicy stuff. They were right. But she was also interested in the completely quotidian. Any information which she could store and upload was information which would come in handy. In sniffing out where the money flows, or tax evasion, or fraud, or drug trafficking, you never knew where the big break was going to come from so she took out her crystal recording device and took holo-perfect replications of anything she could get her hands on. Even the presumably innocuous information could come in handy later on, from a social engineering perspective – names and company hierarchies, titles and contact information.

She wanted it all, and it was a race against the clock to do it.

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Regius face was fucking upside down. Frankly, this was above even the half-giant’s paygrade. There was, in fact, no more to him than met the eye. While he had a sharp eye and a strong arm, that’s all he had ever been individually meant for. The fact of the matter was, no matter how disfigured he was right now, the amalgam his entirety created would be unaffected.

Regulus was able to slip out of the Morgue while Vito dealt with the naked undead. Remus was able to meet him near Administration before the poison gas exploded out of the Morgue. Plummeting through Administration, blasting desks and employee-filled chairs aside, Regulus opened the door just as Regius was punched bodily through the false wall’s remnants amidst a cloud of splinters, pens, a stapler ,and various officely accoutrements. Regulus came through the door like a freight train, the brothers’ connected consciousness dictating that he moves fast in his sibling’s peril. Just as Farkis went to venture forward he would find the door busted open and the eldest of the trio lowering a shoulder to check him into the wall. Behind him, Remus entered and moved to pull the desk’s splintered remnants out of the way of the hole in the false wall separating them from Regius.

Administration, while its employees fled for Emergency just before Vito’s poison fog filled the hallway,  bore the following fruit for Rhen. If she were to sit at a computer of the head office manager’s desk and see a diversion of funds to the Hospital Administrator that was only sparsely more than average, she might venture as far as to look for the man, Mans Reyder. She might also find a marginally higher loss of inventory. While the efficacy of the doctors made up for use of supplies in most part, a trend of slightly higher unaccounted-for supply usage did in fact exist. 

The shadiest things about this hospital were tucked in an obsidian laptop under Mans’ arm as he tumbled down the stairs into the basement. The laptop slid along the floor, and Mans reached his limp toward the device a good 10 feet away.

Down there was a safe of immense financial proportions, a giant radiator, and a portal; its green light warbling along the walls and grumbling protest with its very unnatural existence.

Even outside, Vito would hear the explosions rocking the Mausoleum. He would hear the loud rock music issuing from Leon’s musical attack on MERIDEATH. As her piston attack pushed Nikolai back, MERI’s auditory sensors had her upperbody pivoting toward the Cafeteria doors as Leon’s sound burst the doors open. His guitar an ax become, his music slicing through the very seams of the hospital, he was a veritable call for attention indeed. Her clawed hand grabbing one of the cafeteria doors sliding away from Leon, MERIDEATH frisbeed the crumpled steel door straight for Leon’s midsection. 

“WHERE’S THE 20’S SYNTH,” MERI’S computerized voice roared through her maw of steel jaws.

Deeper inside the hospital there were dark secrets to learn; in its mid-depths a hint at the latter. From the outside looking in, it would appear there was little more than chaos. From Vito’s standpoint, sitting on a powerful drake, he could just run right back in. Most of the surviving security now just tried to defend the civilians gathered in Emergency. His way into the hospital’s innards were mostly clear. If he was fast, he might realize there was something in the oddly defensive hospital’s guts worth fighting for. After all, who knew the police forces of Last Chance would soon bear down on them?


Last Chance Police Arrive in 3 Posts

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Even from the eye of his hurricane, Farkis hears the door fling open. He turns, lowering a halfmoon gaze, barely interested in the new intrusion, only to find a mountain charging at him. “Oooh…. Shi—!” The exclamation is cut short as Regulus’ shoulder slams into his sternum. There is a brief moment, his body unmoving. His skin like unyielding stone, completely resists the transference of momentum. However, he is more like marble than bedrock.

Although it happens far too quickly to see, a spiderweb of cracks splinter out from the epicenter of impact, the ivory flesh folding at the newly made seams, as his body deforms and conforms around the behemoth’s shoulder. For a second, as Farkis legs break free from the ground, and his arms fling forward, it almost looks like he’s trying to embrace the other man. Of course, before any of his limbs could wrap around Regulus, the titan is launched into the air.

He flies backward, several feet before hitting the ground, his limbs flailing every which way as he tumbles and rolls, only stopping once he slams into a wall. A trail of black viscous ooze is left in his wake, a puddle of the substance forming around him as it leaks through the millions of cracks and fractures that decorate his flesh.

Arms and legs lay scattered around him bent into unnatural angles, suggesting that they are broken, dislocated, or perhaps both. In fact, with his head twisted around and jaw hung slack, everything suggests that he is in fact dead. Of course, before anyone could conceive the idea to shove a probe up his butt, the suspicions are dispelled.

In a single motion, body simultaneously rises from the ground, as his limbs twist and pop back into place, and his head and jaw realign with a few pops. By the time the soles of his dress shoes are on the ground again, the fissures running through his skin have fused closed, leaving him blemish free. Even the dark stains, caused by the leaking of his internal fluids, have vanished – reabsorbed into his body through the same openings that it fled from.

However, both the trail and puddle of viscous material remains, at least long enough to finish destabilizing. By his first step toward the trio, the amorphous substance ignites. Random pockets of blue and green smokeless flames erupt to life eating away at his remains.

“I’m apparently rusty.” The comment is made as dark vermillion eyes lock onto the trio of brothers. There is a distinct change in the titan’s demeanor. While his prior behavior might have been manic and whimsical, any notion of this being little more than a game to pass the time has been replaced with visible ire that is coupled with a growing sardonic grin. “I’m going to feed you to them.”

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Leon took a gander at Meri who seemingly had taken noticed of him and gave a brief smile. Exactly what he wanted, getting the spotlight on him. While it would be riskier to work his stage presence it would have to be the necessary course. Hopefully his partner would actually pick up the slack and see what was going on, giving ample attention to everyone. His hands now sliding on across the fret of the axe, the electricity that cackled around had expanded, covering at least 10 feet ahead of him. His stage was set, the crowd was all in place, it was now time for him to put on a show. And with the introduction of the Steel door being thrown like a Frisbee across the room, it would seem like he would get his chance. The door would enter the electric field, only to come to a near complete halt. It would stay levitated in the air however, floating above the ground. Suddenly, other items began to float as well, remnants of a damaged chair, the steel light fixtures. These metal pieces around Leon had gathered around him, the electric dome that surrounded him seemingly the only reason for the cause. Leon gave a flip to his hair, and chuckled ready to answer her question.

“Sorry, but wimps and poseurs leave the hall!”

He gave a giant stomp to the ground, and hit a massive power chord, the sound bounced off the walls throughout the cafeteria, a giant reverberated sound, trailing through the room with a discordant and off-putting hiss. Suddenly, the metal items that swarmed him began to glow an electric blue, shaking violently in the air. It should’ve been clear at this point that Leon was controlling them.  He gave a calm grin, but would wait for his next move. Whatever this creature was needed more observation. As a Musician, you have to pick your moments. Only fools rush in, after all. He continued to strum at his axe however, his hands ever so lightly placed on the fret-board as he strummed rapidly. Keeping a steady but rapid fire rhythm as he proceeded. The Sound cutting off every moment, as if he was waiting for something to happen, all at the same time, the field around his continued to grow.


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Vito stared into the building, scanning the interior. He patrolled around and around, seeing distant figures running as they responded to the various explosions and gun shots. The plan had basically been thrown out the window and fallen into a shredder, turning things into a seemingly free for all battle. Regardless of the chaos, the raider had found himself being drawn back in. But rather than walking straight through the front door, he'd instead go about things in a somewhat more 'random' way. Throwing his backpack on the ground, he got to work. Taking out a bowl, he began mixing his remaining demon blood with various herbs and ashes.

'This fucking mission has not been worth the cost, but I'm not leaving empty handed!'

The concoction eventually became a thick paste, which he proceeded to soak various seeds in for a minute before fishing them out. Vito eventually ended up with three crude demon fogs, nowhere near the prior standard but usable none the less. Whilst Vito wasn't happy with the quality, he bit his tongue and got ready for action. With a deep breath he took hold of Floki and squeezed the demon fog, feeling his body being transported. Upon teleporting into the building, he found himself face to face with an all to familiar face mere inches away. It appeared to be the anal probe doctor, whos name Vito still didn't know. 



"Hello there!" Vito drew his spear whilst Floki snarled away. "I believe you're the one who attacked me with robotic butt hole zombies, we have a lot to speak about."

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Illicit activities often formed a spectrum, rather than a binary, and Rhen was interested in all of the variations of gray that she could find between the two poles. She would, naturally, have been most interested in the laptop which just fell from Mans hand to skitter across the basement floor, or the fact that he was even now shouldering his way to a portal so he could finalize his escape.

But she didn't know about the laptop. She knew about Mans in the abstract from the initial briefing with the so-called raiders, and could guess on the basis of stochastics that if there was criminal activity he was likely involved; he was, after all, the administrative head; this didn't guarantee involvement but it certainly biased the formula. Her interest certainly deepened when his name kept coming up on the computer screen. But that was about it.

What she did find, the payments, the inventory on both medical supplies and drugs, would suffice. She pulled personnel records on Mans Ryder as well, and captured all of the information the hospital had on file for him as well as his direct reports; in the interest of time, Rhen allowed herself to be satisfied with just name, title, and length of employment for the remaining hospital personnel.  

Pocketing the crystal device she used to uptake the information, she reached down to her boots and pulled a plastic cylinder from the gap between boot and sock. Unscrewing the cap to the cylinder and upending it dropped a thin bar the size of a pencil and pearlescent in make. She pressed the bar into the computer's side at a rate of an inch every two seconds; the pearlescent substance spread over the computer's chassis and then vanished from sight as it absorbed into the material. With this unmarked bug in place, she'd be able to remotely monitor activity on this terminal and any other devices networked to it, to see what the hospital got up to in the wake of the attack and Mans's retreat.

On a gut instinct, one she listened to only because the stakes were low for her relative even if she got caught by local police, Rhenium made her way back up to Security. She got on the announcement system: "The law is on its way."

And left it at that. After, she doubled back to administration in search of a window. If it was a short enough drop then LRI would allow her to sneak away sight unseen. If they were too high up a few rivers of nth across her back would generate enough lift to float her to ground level and she'd figure it out from there.

(tentative exit of Rhen)

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Their transformation could not occur until Regulus touched Remus’ outstretched hand; but first, the largest brother must take out the threat. Plunge through the swirling debris he had, colliding with the pillar of unsuspecting strength that was Farkis. For an instant, the titan’s inertia demonstrating uncharacteristically low give against his meaty lowered shoulder, Regulus’ eyes began to widen. The porcelain cracking of the creature’s flesh was, while unsettling, a relief to the big brother of the triplets. He turned tail and ran even as Farkis’ gore splattered in the wake of his vessel.

Remus had just finished removing the desk from the doorway that separated him from Regius. The closer the trio grew together, the darker and more purple their skin became. Now their skin tones imitated the same tone as if they had been suffocating. Regulus grabbed one half of the desk that had been split into two major pieces and turned to hurl it at the heap Farkis had become when, in the flickering light of wires sparking from the pocked ceiling, he saw the Titan straighten. He saw, and so the brothers could comprehend, the change in Marisante’s demeanor and for that, Regulus threw the heavy desk at the monster with all his might. It would blast the wall out between Mans’ two windows, leaving shattered glass and a broken hole that connected them.

“I don’t think he ever wanted to be a doctor,” slurred Regius urgently up to Remus, who held him in his arms.

“No shit, dummy!” said Regulus as he dove through the secret doorway away from Farkis to take hold of the two brothers in his massive armspan. As if the three guardians didn’t have enough on their hands, that was when a gash tore itself into the reality before them, and at the top of the staircase appeared a man on a massive komodo.

 "I believe you're the one who attacked me with robotic butt hole zombies, we have a lot to speak about," Vito said as he drew his spear.

But what knelt before him would no longer be the two brothers. As Remus took the disfigured Regius in his arms and Regulus dove in, wrapping his arms around them both, their skin reached such opaque shades of purple it was nearly irreconcilable from black and their forms distorted with the momentum of Regulus’ dive into a swirling pattern. As the smoldering purple settled, a huge crimson-eyed beast filled the ‘L’ shaped hallway separating Mans’ office from the stairway. It was larger than Vito even on his mount, crouching on one knee in order to even fit. Standing, the construct would have been a stout 12 feet tall. It was strong enough that the walls and the doorframe crumpled away, no match for its presence. Opening its mouth to expose large, square, molar-like teeth, its dinosaur-like roar filled the hospital.

Reaching its giant arm out to wrap his hand around Floki’s neck, it aimed to fling both drake and rider through the wall and into Mans’ office. All of this would take about ten seconds, so Farkis would have plenty of time to deal with the desk and, possibly, the amalgam that the brothers created before Vito and Floki crashed through the wall, but when they careened into the office they would be a veritable projectile if Marisante were anywhere in his original vicinity. 

Downstairs, a whimpering Mans wrapped his fingers around the laptop and clutched it to his chest. The terrible things that kept him up at night were in there. What ever would he do without those? He could feel the blood on his elbow soaking through his sullied white coat. The normally cool surface of the mobile PC was lukewarm from constant touch, a pale comfort from the heat that filled Reyder’s nervous body. His eyes flinched shut as smoke and stray rocks pummeled down the stairwell behind him. The bubbling green of the portal painting his face made him open his eyes and look upward. He started scooting toward it, holding the laptop with one hand and crawling forward with the other, nearing the large safe along the way.

Upstairs, Mans’ office had become a whirlwind of violence and grotesque bloodshed. The hallways now surged with, in addition to the original raiders, about a dozen undead butt zombies on attack mode whom Remus had forgotten to un-buttplug. Rock music streamed from the cafeteria where Leon duelt with MERI. Objects suspended in the air as Meri punched one guy away and threw a metal door at Leon. Just when she finished swiveling her body his way, when the objects took on a blue glow, an alarm went off in her head alerting her to the unauthorized copying of hospital files somewhere in Administration. MERI-D.E.A.T.H. wasn’t a fully developed AI. She wasn’t trained well in things like emotion and mercy, but she was ingrained with priorities. Administrative files were amongst the greatest of those priorities, and so midbattle, as soon as Rhen withdrew the crystal she had copied her information on, MERI suddenly took off out the cafeteria door headed for Administration. By happenstance of the location of the information breach, she would intercept Rhen who was on her way back to Security.

Conceivably, Rhen was still cloaked, but her heat signature was distinct to MERI over the cooling bodies in the flickering light. The barrels of the hospital AI rotated once to chamber a round in each one so that, on its next rotation, she would let loose a hail of bullets on the agent.

“You’ve been a sneaky one, haven’t you?” clicked her metallic voice, sparks and a gentle stream of smoke issuing from the finger holes Nikolai had left in his attack on her shoulder.

Then the stream of bullets chopped in a diagonal horizontal line across the corridor aiming to cut Rhen in half, pelting into two butt zombies rounding the corner behind her.

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(OOC: Asked to be interrupted leaving Security rather than going to Security so other characters could still react to my announcement. Whatever the case I will treat the placement the same; with MERI and Rhen in the hallway between Security and Admin, Meri north and Rhen south.)

The moment Rhenium saw the clattering monstrosity square off against her and draw a bead on her person, she switched her body away from LRI shielding and towards a primarily uru construction.

MERI was full of one-liners but had more than just her own timing to consider when it came to cracking jokes. She managed to fire off her witticism and to do it in tandem with a parade of bullets aimed towards Rhen, but no sooner did she open fire and pepper the hallway, than Nikolai came upon her from behind and grabbed her by the chassis. He flexed mightily on the bot, no doubt delighted at the prospect of a clean, unhampered shot, and pitted behemoth metal against behemoth metal. He wanted to put enough finger holes in MERI that he could use her as a bowling ball.

Who would win?

A question for another person, because Rhenium was too busy hauling ass; she turned at near the same moment that MERI flooded the air with bullets and appeared, all told, unchecked by the numerous projectiles striking her in the back. It was hard to pick up the clatter of intact bullets falling to the ground over the melodic cadence of spent shells doing the same, but sharp eyes and keen hearing were likely to make the distinction. The uru with which Rhen transmogrified captured the bullets' kinetic force, internalized it, made it available for Rhenium on command.

No doubt Leon was right behind Nikolai, seeing as all MERI did to remove him as a threat was throw him to one side and then throw a door after him.

Dealing with the butt-zombies was simplicity itself, in part because Rhenium was aided by MERI's attack. She didn't even have to take on the overhead of regulating the amount of force she ejected on demand, bullet-strength dispersions would serve just fine. She ran between, then past, the butt-zombies with the focus and form of an Olympic sprinter. Should one of the zombies lay a hand on her, or place a foot in her path, their respective limb would find a hole blown through it and the offending limb tossed back by hydrostatic shock. Touching Rhen was like triggering a miniature landmine – contact with her metallic 'flesh' felt like getting a high-caliber machine-gun round shot through whatever surface area was unfortunate enough to do the contacting.

It was then only a matter of finding a window, breaking through it, and finding her way to the ground floor.

(tentative exit of Rhen)

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One second he was stood in front of some odd looking men, the next he was being thrown around by a giant purple demon. Vito found himself flung through a wall, Floki's body quickly following. His body landed upon a stall wall, his mount thrown onto a desk. Looking over it was clear Floki had taken a beating, as he stood up the scales on his neck had been chipped off. The drake snarled at the giant, ready for round two. But Vito blocked him, ordering him to sit. The raider threw down his cloak and rolled up his sleeves, taking a fighting stance. 

"I was actually just hoping to have a conversation with you guys, not engage in anything violent." Vito draw his swordstaff, the blade igniting with cosmic fire. "I came here with the intent off causing as little causalities as possible, but that's been thrown out the window." The scarring on his arms began glowing. Floki retreated to the corner of the room, ready for action. "Show me courage, demon. For you'll need it." 

Vito placed his hand on the ground, causing it to shake violently. Several enormous rock spears emerged from the ground, skewering the demon. Floki began flooding the area in venomous smoke. It filled the room, blocking all vision. Vito then summoned a second wave of rock spikes, creating a maze of sorts. The spikes broke a hole in the wall, allowing the duo to retreated out the room, back into the corridors. As he charged down the hallway he barged his way past the robotic butt zombies and past the morgue, splicing them down as he see fit. As he stood at the end of the corridor, he called out.

"Here, demon demon demon!" Vito crouched down. The fire on his swordstaff flickered, his adrenaline pumping.


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Farkis has only taken a single step when a desk is hurled at him, and although the magnitude of power put behind it isn’t lost on him, thanks to its destructive wake, the projectile is seen as little more than a trifle. There is no gesture to accompany his rebuttal, only a gouge that carves through the ground, compelled into existence by unseen forces. A surge of thoughts, concentrated into a single vertical line, meets the desk mid flight, cleaving it in two and sending each half pivoting inward to crash into one another. The explosion of wood sends splinters raining down as a plume of pulverized wood billows out.

Walking to the left of the newly formed ravine sees Vito and Floki flung past the titan’s right shoulder. Momentarily pausing, to assess this new turn of events, his expression becomes increasingly vapid. His pause ends as Vito’s mount starts spewing a noxious miasma. “No.” Farkis’ right arm extends out, palm facing toward the creature.

A pulse of psionic energy rolls out, sweeping through the poison cloud, causing it to coalesce into a quivering orb. The orb, carrying all the weight of the poison cloud, shoots straight toward the mount’s chest with enough force to lift it up and launch it out the window.  Some dozen feet outside the window the orb explodes into a caustic rain.

The still extended hand lashes through the air, moving across his chest, sending another wave of thought through the room. The wave cleaves through the spikes, bisecting them, before a vacuum pulls the crumbling structures into a its wake. The amalgamation of materials composing the former spikes circles around the titan as he begins his trek toward the purple ogre.

By the point that the behemoth has probably wiggled its way from the tiny corridor into the room, numerous buttplug zombies have started to shamble in. Exercising a level of awareness that is preternatural, Farkis’ motions behind him with his left hand.  Two of the cadavers are ripped from the ground and crumpled into a single marble that launches at Remgulius’ hopefully agape maw so that it can embed somewhere in the back of his throat before the psionic forces compressing the goreball dissipate.

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