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Time will tell [UM noble house meeting]

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white and black building interior

Things to know

  • This meeting will determine (IC and OOC) the government of Ursa Madeum after the Veluriyam Empire leaves. There will also be some minor concerns brought up (oathsworn, misral incident, should airships be a thing)
  • I'll mostly by facilitating the meeting (both IC and OOC), but it's up to your characters IC to decide the future of Ursa Madeum~
  • Major and Minor nobility is invited, will be welcome to voice their views, and will be allowed to vote. One representative per house.
  • Senaria, now regarded as an embassy of Hyperion, and Singlance (to be reassigned outside Ursa Madeum) will be participating, but not as noble houses
  • Spectator characters who are not the heads of the noble houses are welcome. If there are enough spectators who want to roleplay sipping tea and reacting to what's being discussed, we're having a thread running parallel to the main meeting thread.

Thread mechanics

  • Round-based, no posting order. I'll post for Roz at the beginning of each round and may have her respond within rounds when needed. You may reply multiple times in a round as long as you don't post twice in a row or actively spam replies. Be sure to check in the OOC if anyone wants to post before you post again.
    • One round for arrivals/introductions.
    • One (or more, if needed) rounds for minor concerns/announcements.
  • No set number of rounds for the remainder of the meeting, which will be about the new UM government.
  • Same as with the funeral thread, attempts to break the peace or cause a scene will have IC consequences.
  • No posting order, no rounds for the spectator thread. Assume it's taking place parallel to the main thread.

I went ahead and made an OOC but I'll need to confirm those who are attending.

Thread's going up as soon as I write the first post. Independence is near :) 



  • Abigail Karradeen
  • Thurgood Singlance
  • Grant Knight
  • Godric Uldwar
  • Alexandros Kholin
  • Varda Hildebrand
  • Miloran Mythal
  • Ampelos Dali


  • Holly Sheathe
  • Joseph Tynes
  • Andross Kholin
  • Jasper Hildebrand
  • Merel Hildebrand
  • Illyana Uldwar
  • Delphine Mythal
  • Primera


Topics of discussion

  • Eruption of Mount Egon
    • House Tankred
    • Damages; state of Misral
    • Mia Uldwar
  • Capture of Oscar Uldwar; Leadership of Uldwar
  • The Oathsworn
  • Ursa Madeum Independence


Assembly thread:


Spectators thread:



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Just make sure Abigail's title is Duchess on the invite cards. ?

I might have Tynes spectate from the balcony (if there is one) too or something. Probably won't have him say or do much though.

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Oh, you know Thurgood will be there, and since he can't vote directly, he'll just slap down his and Aveline's first draft of the charter of rights they would have fought tooth-and-nail to establish if they weren't being reassigned.

Fitting that his last political act in Ursa Madeum is to put the rights of the common people front and center.

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If it won't be any issue, Zerand Blacklong, Baron of Aligoria, will be spectating.

He will also be bringing Aligorian tea (the finest in Terrenus, undoubtedly) for his own consumption, and that of anybody else who may want it. ?

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