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Time will tell [UM noble house meeting]

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52 minutes ago, King said:

I've been working a lot and haven't been able to keep up with the flood in this channel. Sorry for pulling this back to the forefront after it already seems to have been discussed. What happens if the identity Oathblade's owner can't be deduced? What happens if Lenore and Crowley come to yoink an Oathblade from someone and they both end up getting killed? I'm asking because I'd like a clear indication of where the IC/OOC begin and end in regards to these items, since you said run things through Wade.

Can he OOCly remove one of the blades from a player because he doesn't like the idea they've come up with? 


Crowley getting killed isn't in the cards. He can be defeated but I don't plan on him dying anytime soon. 

Since I don't have a character with significant political sway in the government, I can't give you a conclusive answer in regards to policy. However, if a character is purposely masking their identity and not complying with the rules, I assume they'd be treated as a criminal/vigilante depending on their actions. Crowley would have a vested interest in learning who they are, so it's very possible he'd go after them, potentially with governmental backing. In the case that a character is associated with a house (e.g. flying house colours / public knowledge that X blade belongs to X house) but keeps their identity a secret, they should be fine as a result of their house being accountable for all their actions.

I can remove blades for that reason, yes. Not without good reason, though. I'd reach out and have a discussion with the player first. 

Reasons for yoinking blades could potentially include:

  • The blade becomes stagnant/irrelevant in the player's hands for an excessive amount of time (e.g. the player ghosts for several months without any form of communication whatsoever)
  • The player abuses their power and makes the game a total crapshoot for other people
  • The player's character leaves UM with the blade (unless you give me a good reason to temporarily allow it) 
  • The player starts doing some really questionable stuff IC with their blade
  • The player's an asshole OOC
  • Not complying with Valucre's rules and guidelines

Ultimately, it's a very gray area I'd rather not tread at all. I'd also make sure to consult with several others before making a final decision. I don't particularly care if an Oathsworn wants to be a villain or somesuch, I actually think that'd be a great idea to spice up the game. I'm simply more concerned with quality of writing, making sure the Oathblade isn't used as some trophy accessory, and that the wielder's narrative doesn't become this weird/directionless/questionable piece of work. 

Moving forward, I'll probably interview people before giving them a blade. The way they were originally handed out was not what I had in mind, if I'm being totally honest. Any questions or concerns can be directed to me at your leisure, but I'm also open to further public discussion concerning the Oathblades. 

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*looks around* So, er, let me just slide this in for everyone to see while the other discussion is going down ?

On 7/13/2019 at 11:05 PM, Csl said:
  • Non-UMain land expansion still follows the page to square mile ratio of regular land expansion threads.
  • The IC process will differ on a case by case basis. There are too many scenarios to make a system for that covers all of them and I'd rather just talk it out OOC > agree on an IC outline and specific requirements > do the thread IC
  • We use the aforementioned requirement list as a loose guideline for IC requirements for non-UMain land expansion (involving a UMain rep in the thread, whether an NPC or PC, for at least one post)

I bow to the authority of our mighty BL and will be following this list above ? so here's a list of IC backstories for my land expansions and possible IC avenues to pave the way for these to occur:

  • Cal Eteris (capital city) = 10sq miles in Corinth (or less, simply adding to Hildebrand's original land area)

Self-explanatory: the Queendom needs a new seat of power! I'm thinking they build around Ravenel Manor and go outwards from there into a new city. Methinks the Queendom approaches UMain for permission to either buy the land needed to build this city or offer up a momentous trade agreement (ex. agricultural trade for a period of 2-3 years, etc.) in exchange for this land.

  • Ilvor and the Fenwyld = 10-15sq miles in Thraece or Corinth

I've discussed these cities beforehand with O Mighty BL and she thinks northern Corinth would be best for this particular territory ?

So! The Fenwyld is basically the hidden territory of the Fair Folk (or the Fae, if you will) and their City of Eternal Twilight, Ilvor. TL;DR, they strike an agreement with the Queendom to get absorbed under its jurisdiction and open its doors to the world at large. Seeing as this is a plot that has minimal involvement concerning UMain, methinks it could be more of the Queendom letting UMain know of Ilvor's addition to its territories? I'm also thinking of the trade agreement again, but y'know, it's another path to take too ? 

Again, I'm not looking to expand after the establishment of these cities, so the above is pretty much all there is to it! ?

On that note, @Fierach is interested in establishing an expansion of Force Majeure's facilities within one of the Queendom's cities ? just an fyi so people are aware!

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1 hour ago, Malintzin said:

What was your organic, original intention with the Oathblades?

I missed this whole thing while I was AFV, but it looks like a p-neat thing.

I mean, I just wanted to create dynamic lore for other people to enjoy. I didn't want to restrict player freedom/creativity, so I don't have a super specific plot lined out for the Oathblades. They originally started out as an idea for a single character, then I expanded the scope to include other players, who could use the blades to further their own agendas in a collaborative setting. 

I was mostly referring to the way the Oathblades were handed out when I posted the lore thread. I’m not going to get into the details, but we’ll say that someone opened them up to the playerbase without consulting me first.

If you're interested in learning more, you can read up here:


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I remember reading this, as I took an interest in Sunscar (Raveena is Hindi for Sun. I collect sun -based/inspired artifacts and follow a sun motif like an obsessive weirdo).

I see some are claimed with a listed character, some are not, and the rest are open. Are the ones not claimed by a character the ones that are in progress?

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Anyway I just need to know if @Aleksei and @Infernal are still posting in the thread, then we can move the discussion of what IC requirements vielle will need for her cities to the neglected UM noble house discussion thread in the club.

Since nobody's gone "nooo" Imma assume everyone's cool with her three new cities.

And the rest of the discussion to the UM OOC because this thread's getting crowded

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Will post the final/closing post tomorrow.

In the meantime Tyler's agreed to art trade with me for a logo for the new UM government. Send your ideas here!


So for now interest shown for minister positions are:

  • Alexandros - Kholin - Defense
  • Dali - Agriculture or commerce or attorney general
  • Karradeen - Transportation, commerce, treasury
  • Mythal - none yet.

Not much intersection aside from Karradeen and Dali both having commerce as a position of interest. Final decisions for Karradeen and Dali (and also Mythal?) I'll need names to put on the lore article.

Honestly I'd be fine with more than one rep each house but the decision's up to you aaand we should move further discussion to the UM OOC and further serious discussion to the UM Noble Houses OOC.


I am also looking forward to this:

On 7/11/2019 at 8:24 AM, Aleksei said:

PAAARTAAAAY! A get-together to let everyone know 'Hey this is what's happened, come meet these new faces.' Could also be a great opportunity for people to talk about what needs to be changed and such for UM.


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okay, posted and canonized.


Thanks to everyone who took part in this thread! Looking forward to what plots spin off from this.

I'm off to edit the main lore article to reflect the IC changes.

I won't be closing/canonizing Soon You'll See so feel free to continue it, but you can consider the twins as having exited.

Edited by Csl

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