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Time will tell [UM noble house meeting]

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@danzilla3 and @Malintzin have expressed their interest in continuing Senaria's presence in Thraece. Since this meeting was intended to discuss internal UM affairs, and Senaria is linked to Hyperion, I'm considering this a UM-Hyperion plot instead of a House Senaria-Nobility plot.

OOC I don't mind letting them continue THRIVE and developing Thraece, though IC there still needs to be some sort of agreement between the new UM government and Hyperion.

Whatever the outcome, it will be discussed after the meeting itself, when the new UM gov't is established, and won't be brought up with the thread.

Port Moon (Renovatio-owned port) could actually be challenged in the same way since it's a foreign entity setting up shop on UM land. That can be discussed after the meeting too.

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4 minutes ago, Infernal said:

I think we should skip to forming the new government before we make any decisions on the Oathsworn. Godric has severe reservations about the group and wants to enact safeguards in order to prevent another massacre.

I think you've got a super good point here

That said I also think that like w/ Oscar we can make suggestions as to what should happen as a bare minimum and if it's something particularly extreme, then defer to the later government but still keep it as a suggestion. So for example with Ampelos he felt comfortable making suggestions as to what should happen regardless for the Hildebrand restitution and balked only at the application of the death penalty

Something similar can happen here. That said I'm not particularly married to the order being one way or the other

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