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"A worthy proposition. I'll see to it personally that the door be installed at our earliest convenience."

While the task was easy, these things took time. Though he hadn't made it obvious, Koji keyed in on Yoko assessing their clan's potential newest and closest allies. Foxes, always so clever, ever so eager. Though Yoko was nothing like her, Koji was often vaguely reminded on his old mother in law. His notion to forgive her past transgressions being that he'd had the pleasure of delivering karma to her ten fold. He couldn't shake the feeling however, that she still held a sour taste in her mouth. For both of their sakes, he hoped she was wise enough from her long miserable life that she'd leave things as they were. More of less kosher. Could she continue to sit idle as he acquired and murdered his father though? As he murdered his half brother even?

"I believe that's enough business talk for the evening, we gathered here to celebrate after all."

@Etched In Stone

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