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Boomstick ran hard, lungs burning with effort as she sprinted toward the armoury. She cleared each room with the efficiency of a raging bull in a china shop, gunning down anyone she met, regardless of whomever it was. Her shotgun sang the song of death; with each pull of the trigger, the boomstick shot out enough buckshot to make anyone unlucky enough to meet it look like swiss cheese in a cartoon. She knew she had to hurry; she had to reach the armoury before anyone else did, and she had to cut off power to the building to prevent ISAC from downloading her profile into the system. Taking out one of her AP slugs from the ammo pouch, she placed the slug into the reserved slot, ready to plant it directly into the main powerline when she found it.

Finally reaching the armoury, Boomstick stopped and looked through the peephole. There she found three people trying to open the gate into the reserve armoury. The main armoury was already cleared out, either by the rioters themselves, or the JTF when they were dispatched to placate the problem. Spotting a sling on one of the rioters, she guessed it was the former. Doing a quick calculation in her head, she realised that she could not leave here without killing them all. Carefully getting into position, Boomstick took three quick breaths before kicking the door. 

The shock on their faces was evident, as well as evidence of the amount of training they had. Trained soldiers would have immediately reached for their weapons and looked for cover, but these three just looked dumbfounded. Quickly she planted slugs into the two nearest to her, before pulling out her sidearm and shooting the third in the head. Just for good measure she shot each one once more, to make sure they would not be getting up again. Satisfied, Boomstick turned her attention to the gate. Boomstick knew she had to short circuit the gate into opening, and that she could not just shut down power to the building. The gate was designed to deadbolt in the event of a blackout, which was a smart design choice. Looking in the armoury, she quickly found what she was looking for: Taser guns. Picking one up, she got to work on the gates. 

Running her hand over the top of the gate, she allowed her fingers to be her eyes, looking for a small bump in the railing. Finding it, she took a stool and stood on it, looking at the protrusion her fingers felt. It was a small plastic box that was riveted into the gate. Taking her pistol and holding it by the barrel, Boomstick smashed the plastic casing, revealing a small fuse beneath. Aiming, she fired the taser, delivering 50,000 volts into the circuits. Immediately sparks flew, before the gate swung limply open. "Et Voila," she whistled.

Walking in, she instantly saw what she was looking for. Picking it off the ground and dusting it off, Boomstick opened the case, revealing a M32A1 grenade launcher with several grenades within. "Oh yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about," she cooed happily, gingerly picking ujp the weapon. Slotting the grenades into the cylinders, she snapped them back into place, before holstering it into a slot next to her backpack. Looking back up toward the back of the room, she found the circuit board for the whole building. Smiling slightly, she pulled her shotgun out, slotted the AP slug into the weapon, and fired. Instantly the building went dark.

"Time to get out of here," she thought, smiling to herself at a job well done.

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On high, Specter watched the building which her mates were currently infiltrating, often she would see flashes from the windows that weren’t covered by blinds. With her tac-50 in place, she leaned in close to the butt of the weapon. Fingers caressing down the barrel as she had previously loaded it with the fifty cal rounds, resting her trigger finger over the eye, she waited. 

The sounds of rounds being fired off by assault rifles, and people screaming brought her to scout the windows through the view of her scope. It was easy for her to discern who was a fellow agent and who wasn’t, and this poor fellow wasn’t apart of her ragtag team of professionals. 

Watching through her scope; Specter watched as the man raised his weapon to whoever was in the background. Shifting the massive sniper rifle to aim at the back of the head of the offender, her finger moved the hair to the trigger pulling the moment she breathed out of her nose. The sound of her rifle was muffled by the suppression of the silencer made for her weapon, leaving the bullet to meet her mark. 

With an explosion of the man’s skull, the bullet exited with just grace to find its final resting place in the wall opposite him. 

Through her scope the body slumped to the floor, allowing view of members of her team that were just as equally engaged with the other hostiles that were in the process of over taking the precinct. Taking up a new position to watch the building, Specter awaited another opening to take out the identified enemy. 

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