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Extremis Malis, Extrema Remedia OOC

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Posted! Sorry for the late posting as I was sending off my little sister at the airport. So I came back home late and finished it in a hurry. ?

Anyway, please be reminded that each person has a limit of 3 days and if you need more time or if you cannot make it in time and are alright with skipping your turn, please let us know here so we can accommodate you and keep the pace going. 

Thank so much for your patience guys! ✌️

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Just a FYI for everyone in this thread: 

@The Rabbit Emperor has recovered and is back from the hospital! (Yay!) 

However, he has informed me that he'll put his participation of this thread on hold. So I'll update the posting order to reflect that. I welcome back @The Rabbit Emperor anytime he feels confident to join us again. 

Story continuity-wise we'll move along all characters in the RP. however at a certain point I shall write out @The Rabbit Emperor's character as being reassigned to do something else. That way, it's easier to rejoin the thread. ?

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Hey guys! I've posted. 

From the next round onwards we would have already reached the destination and I suppose @sorainvoked AKA boomstick would have done or is doing whatever she wants to do inside the facility. 

@Hani let me know if you would like to do a makeup post. (Meaning to post once within the next few days then post one more time when it's your turn again for this round.) ? 

I'm sure it's okay to break the posting order for this current round since there's nothing much to do while the characters are travelling besides interacting with one another. 

Edited by Vetanoob

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14 minutes ago, SteamWarden said:

Sorry. Skip me for now. Amy is just following along. I posted a status update saying I'll be AFV for a little.

Thanks! Apologies, I don't have the habit of checking everyone's status updates. ? I'll take note of it in the future. 

In the meantime, @sorainvoked you're up! ?  

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