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Vanora, City of Silver Waves

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Beach by Piotr Krezelewski

Vanora Quests

Author’s Note: I wanted to try out a system where quests listed here would change every month as the city changes through IC events. This way, future quests can build on the events of previous quests or even opportunities borne from IC threads. Let's see how an ever-updating list would work out!

Please read the Veluriyam Canonization Guidelines before taking up quests!

IMPORTANT: If taking on a quest or creating one to be listed below, please send a PM to both me @vielle  and @Csl/@danzilla3 together to let us know and to discuss what the quests entail in detail ❤️


 A World Below — A collapse in the streets of Vanora reveal a hidden underwater grotto with an extensive cave network. City officials are willing to pay for the exploration of the caves after an initial search of the shallow areas has recovered some long lost treasure from the era of the Queendom.

  • Difficulty: Class B
  • Reward: Canon items and/or treasures (ex. bejeweled statuettes of ancient gods, pearl ornaments, swords made from leviathan bones)
  • Status: CLAIMED by @vielle and co.
  • [ part of the A Darkness Beneath multi-quest line ]

Beyond Safe Shores — A strange new ship has anchored within sight of Candleport and all seems normal with the vessel during the day. However, in the moonlight, part of the ship appears decrepit in certain angles and the flag it flies changes from that of Ursa Madeum to a tattered flag of a long lost kingdom.

  • Difficulty: Class A
  • Requirements: 1+ pages (16+ posts); 2+ players 
  • Reward: ??? (to be determined after completion; PM @vielle if you have ideas!)
  • Status: Unclaimed
  • Storyteller: PM @vielle if you need one!


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