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[Alternative] Agent Boomstick

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Name:                   -REDACTED-

Ethnicity:               Mixed (Asian/African)

Marital Status:       N/A

Orientation:          Unknown

Gender:                Female

Age:                     27

Callsign:               Boomstick

Occupation:         Demolitions Expert

Affiliation:           Strategic Homeland Division -       Disavowed


  • Explosives
  • Assault
  • Wetwork Expert

Voice:                Female, Modulated, Dead

Eyes:                 Black

Complexion:     Creole

Height:             1.74m / 5ft 9in

Weight:            72kg or 159 lbs 

Build:               Medium, Tough

Hair:                 Cornrows, neat, tied up

Tattoos:           Sempre Fi with strikethrough on her left forearm


  • A little of a troublemaker, always been the largest girl in class and knew how to use it.
  • Joined up with the Army after high school, went on to Officer training school but dropped out due to differing views with instructors.
  • Became a non-comm with the -REDACTED-, two tours in -REDACTED- before being dishonorably discharged
  • Was recognised as as a future asset by SHD, recruited after completing mandatory counselling sessions.
  • Went missing not long after second wave of SHD agents were deployed, never seen since
  • DNA Samples found in several areas with dead JTF personnel who were stripped of equipment. Suspected for the murder of said personnel. Disavowed until proven innocent.


Equipment Loadout

1) ACR-E Assault Rifle, 30 round mag, ACOG Sight (3.5x magnification), higher than average rate of fire

2) Benelli M4 Super 90 Pump Action Shotgun, holographic sights

3) H&K P30L Pistol, 15 round magazine, holographic sight, laser pointer

SHD Tech

Seeker Mines and their variants

Tactical Pulse Scanner

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