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Veluriyam Artifacts

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Artifact Rules

  1. PM board leader (@Csl) to confirm artifact availability
  2. Put "artifact" somewhere in the title to make for easy visual tracking
  3. Threads (or players) that go 30 days or more without a post will have their artifacts listed as available
  4. Threads must be completed within 1 year of their start date 
  5. Threads must use the narrative damage system, or express some equivalent difficulty, at least once
  6. Artifact threads are open to meaningful interruption
    • Respect the fact that these threads often require structure and planning
    • Respect that the item is high value and someone may show up to oppose you. Antagonist beware however, because if you interrupt the thread your contribution to the thread should be significant - either making up a large contribution to the thread or taking place in a separate thread prior to joining the existing thread
    • NDS, MOBS or any other system of board leader choosing will be used to determine end result if another system is not agreed on by players
  7. 3 artifact limit per player
  8. Hunting artifacts one after another is allowed; hunting two or more at the same time isn't
  9. When complete, go through canonization process and PM board leader (@Csl )
    • Omit Opportunities and Consequence

Classification System

Item weighting: Readymade items (pulled out of a magic hat) > Canon backed items (roleplayed out and submitted to canon) > Artifacts (significantly powerful items as approved by a board leader in their list)

For artifact vs artifact, thread content will determine the class of the artifact relative to other artifacts

  1. Class B (Medium - minimum for an artifact): 1 or more players; 2+pages
    • 2+ people to Challenge
  2. Class A (Hard): 1 or more players; 3+ pages
    • 3+ people to Challenge
  3. Class S (Crazy): 2 or more players; 5+ pages
    • 4+ people to Challenge

Challenge system

  1. Owner must not have a relevant IC post in the last 60 days. Use it or lose it. 
  2. If you've been added in error, contest with a link to the relevant post. Relevant posts must be made before included challenge date 
  3. If you believe an artifact isn't available that should be, send board leader a PM
  4. Challenger must complete a "seeking" thread that is 1/2 (or more) of the claim thread in order to challenge for ownership
    1. This thread should be used to justify how challenger heard about or discovered current artifact / location
  5. Once seeking thread is complete, send PM to current owner and board leader to arrange organic conflict thread 
  6. Owner has 2 weeks to reply and make arrangements. Failure to reply forfeits the artifact which the challenge can claim by completing the basic artifact post requirements if not already met
  7. If a challenge thread goes inactive for 30 days, and the player challenged has made at least 1 RP post in that time, the challenge expires and the timer is reset
  8. NDS, MOBS or any other system of my choosing will be used to determine end result if not agreed on by players


Shamelessly lifted from Standardized Artifact Rules


Artifact Availability


  • Saungai's Right Horn
  • Periscara's Amulet

In progress

  • Periscara’s Amulet
  • Trinity Ring
  • Saungai’s Left Horn
  • True Crown of Ursa Madeum


  • Sword of Hydra
  • Soul Speaker
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Hydra Sword

The Sword of Hydra has its origins in a cursed blade carried by Sebastian Heiliger into Taen. Sebastian Heiliger obtained the sword from an ancient cult that was performing a ritual on the weapon. The blade thirsted for the blood of unnatural beings and became stronger every time it killed one.

As one of the defenders of Lunaris, Sebastian Heiliger helped slay a gigantic seven-headed hydra that threatened the first settlement in the early days of Taen. However, the blade grew in strength, threatening to overwhelm its owner. With the help of Marik Cayne, Sebastian uses blood from the offspring of the original Hydra as a conduit to battle the entity within the blade, taking it fully under his control.



The Hydra Sword is a regular longsword with a scale pattern etched into the blade.



The Hydra Sword grants its wielder with enhanced strength, speed, and durability, and a healing. The blade is capable of spawning up to seven spectral hydra heads with a maximum length of fifteen feet. Cutting off a head will cause two more to form

The blade is also capable of firing blasts of spectral energy and projecting armor around the wielder.


Status - owned by Sebastian Heiliger

Edited by Csl

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Saungai’s Horns

Centuries before Taen anchored itself to Valucre, a Mork’Outh mage known as Saungai forged a deep connection to the land of Taen. Legends whisper that he had been chosen by the land Itself, that he could sculpt forests and open hundreds of gateways across the land. Through the course of his life, Saungai protected Taen from the horrors that would slip into the land through the worldrift cracks between realms. Most notable of these threats were the Xer’Orians, which Saungai helped drive into the mountains.

On his deathbed, Saungai granted his tribe permission to remove his horns after he passed away. These, saturated with wildlight and worldrift magic, proved to be formidable weapons used to protect the Mork’Outh.



Saungai’s horns resemble a pair of pearlescent white rams’ horns. Both are hollow.



Saungai’s left horn allows the holder to wield worldrift magic. Within areas subsumed by Taen’s loci, the left horn allows the wielder to create worldrift portals for ease of travel. Outside the Taen loci, the wielder can create two linked worldrift portals. These will remain open for roughly 72 hours and will require the horn to remain near them.

Saungai’s right horn allows the holder to wield wildlight magic. Within areas subsumed by Taen’s loci, the right horn grants the wielder health regeneration and enhanced endurance and durability. The wielder may also manipulate biological tissue(sculpting trees, inducing tissue growth, etc.). Outside the Taen loci, the wielder has access to wildlight magic.



Right Horn - Available

Left Horn - In progress

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True Crown of Ursa Madeum

The True Crown of Ursa Madeum is an heirloom of the royal bloodline, passed down through countless generations of kings and queens.



The True Crown is a simple, nine-pointed golden crown. It resists blemish and disfiguration and changes its size to fit the head of whoever wears it.



Whoever wears the True Crown emits an aura of peace and serenity renders all within it incapable of any hostile action against the wearer. The aura affects all within twenty feet of the wearer. The more powerful monarchs were capable of mild compulsion, compelling those within the Crown’s area of effect to obey their orders.


Status - In Progress

Edited by Csl

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Trinity Ring

Before life and thought, in times immemorial, there were Three.
Their omnipotence was such that the universe as we know it would spring from Them. 
Space was the first of the three. Ambiguous, neutral in thought and action, driven to exist merely so as to be existed in.
The second was Time. A father with indisputable power and reign, and whose only gift to the world was a touch that rendered all things ash and dust at one Time or another, without regard for intellect, talent, prestige or capability. 
The third, a gentler spirit. Less expansive than the other two - Time and Space could be found in all Wheres and all Whens, but Gaia, Life itself, was scarcer. As subtle as a spring breeze through an endless meadow but by far the most important of the Three for our purposes. For it is from here that all life is brought into being, from whence all thought and all feeling flows, from whom all hearts find their rhythm. 

The Church of Three, a small splinter group of Gaianism, revere Time and Space above Gaia. The Trinity Ring is one of their holy relics, believed to be forged by the first of mankind with the guidance of the three deities. 

Prior to the Tyrant King’s rule, a small group from the Church of Three was rumored to have settled in Ursa Madeum. While all traces of the secretive Church have disappeared from the islands, there are whispers that the Trinity Ring remains hidden here, somewhere.



The Trinity Ring is a triangular band of metal. It changes color depending on which of its three powers are used.


Note: Only two of the ring’s three powers may be used in each thread.

  • Space - the wielder may transport himself to any location within eyesight. The ring turns black when this power is used.
  • Time - the wielder may reverse time for up to one hour for objects in contact with the ring. This power has a ten-foot range of effect. The ring turns silver when this power is used.
  • Gaia - the wielder is granted a strong aura of holy magic that harms Unnaturals. The wielder is capable of healing fatal injuries.

Status - In progress

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Soul Speaker

Among the beasts brought to Taen by the tides of space and time, one came pursued by a red-eyed woman. She spoke of the great beast as her quarry, and fought it with naught but her bare hands and a strange black chain wound tight around her neck. Those who witnessed the fight were stricken with an indescribable terror. Those who remained sane enough to speak described the woman’s words as terrible, garbled noises that resembled no known language.

For nearly a year their battle raged, and at last the woman returned through the portals, the beast’s severed head in hand. As the legend goes, the chain around the woman’s neck was absent when she left Taen.


The Soul Speaker is a black choker streaked with ghostly white slivers. 



The Soul Speaker grants wearers the ability to manipulate others’ mental states through their speech. When worn, the Soul Speaker translates the wearer’s words into an ancient, long-forgotten language that induces primal terror in all within earshot. Exposure to speech using the Soul Speaker for more than six hours eventually turns one insane, forever in a state of terror.


Status - owned by Duchess Abigail Karradeen

Edited by Csl

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Persicaria's Amulet

Artifact created by @vielle

In the days of the Queen, long before the rise of the Tyrant King and the Taen conquest, there once lived a woman who could control the very life-web of the earth, the green veins that ran through every blade of leaf, every root, every living green thing. Hailing from the Hildebrand family, Lady Persicaria was the youngest daughter of Lord Alder Hildebrand, then the patriarch of the family, who loved his family, his lands, and Persicaria most of all. The Lady was adored throughout the realm for her beauty and her kindness, but it was on her twenty-first birthday that the ancient power awakened in the young woman: that secret, glorious spark. 

The spark shone brightly in Persicaria, ultimately leading her to leave her noble trappings for the life of a servant, a healer, a hermit traveling far and wide to be of service to her people, until the terrible drought came, and the Lady of Spring offered her own life-force up as a sacrifice to the dying lands in order to save the lives of her people. With the last of her strength, Persicaria vanished into the wildlands, never to be heard from again, but her legacy lives on in the whispers of a slender figure dancing among the trees, the echoes of laughter like trickling water, the appearance of the spark wherever it makes itself known in her bloodline. 

It is said that her prized possession, the ancestral amulet given as a gift by her father, had trapped the last wisps of Persicaria's spirit into its form during the great restoration of the dying lands, but it is lost to the current day and age.



A vibrantly colorful, almost otherworldly stone encased within silver-woven branches, forming a twisted tree at the forefront of the amulet that is attached to a silver chain. When using the amulet's powers, the stone glows faintly, emitting light that looks as if it is shining through stained glass windows. 



Persicaria's Amulet has taken upon itself the spark that had shone so brightly in its original owner, the ability to control the life-web of the earth and bend it to the user's will. When worn, the amulet allows the user to accelerate the growth of living things, may it be flora or fauna, to the point of reaching their full life-cycle and then beyond, withering away into the earth—from dust we come, and to dust we return.


  • The distance from which the user can manipulate life force as well as the speed of the growth-to-disintegration is entirely dependent on the artifact's rank.
  • Using the amulet can, over time, exact a toll on the user's own life-web, causing them to age faster the longer they make use of the amulet.


Status - Available

Edited by Csl

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