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Magic complexity ladder

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I read an article about a study which looked at how people rank complexity of magic / spells. With some minor modifications suited more to my taste for Terrenus I thought having something like this would make for a useful and neat reference. Consider this loose canon, meaning more guideline than hard and fast rule, and also subject to modification or being discarded

Keep in mind this is about complexity, not strength

From least to most complex:

  1. Color / aesthetic changes
    1. Think 5e Prestidigitation - harmless sensory affects, small marks, slight chill or warmth
  2. Levitation
  3. Transport
    1. I generally don't allow teleportation but accelerated travel, things like Haste or shadow-porting, would fall within this parameter
  4. Enlarge / shrink
  5. Invisible
    1. This kind of thing will vary with story needs, where invisible might just be to the eyes or it might need to involve other or multiple senses, but the gist is 'removing from perception'
  6. Petrify
  7. Split / duplicate
  8. Transform
  9. Destroy
  10. Create / conjure
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