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Of Undead Dragons and Wayward Thots

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What was it that always led her to come back to this broken land? Was it the wrongness then? Is it seeking respite? Perhaps a cure to what ails it? She never found any reason but one thing she was always sure of was that the place calls for her. The Whispernight calls for her.

This time around, Kaurilia was her destination. In her search for catching one of the famed magestorms, she had found it prudent to start with the traces of the last recorded storm.


Her only problem is the undead dragon that plagues this land. Its breath is mostly lethal, not to mention its size and bulky strength alone can easily crush a woman such as Linda. She's not one to shy away from a fight though and not even a dragon can stop her from attaining her goal.

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61122695_107168507101409_5561671055213701336_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-msp1-1.cdninstagram.comThe dragon's roar breaks the eerie stillness of the city, leaving the Madame  Linda to wonder on how such a magnificent beast be left to live such a sad life. To be forced to keep on living past one's mortality and with no hopes of ever reaching the final gift that was eternal rest.

A kinship.

Somehow the Madame found kinship with such a beast as she too had experienced the pangs of death and rebirth. Perhaps a bit too much. She could no longer count the numerable times she had died most of which way back when she was still a young man. The cartel's contract has bound her soul to it and even death cannot break such an accord.

The Blackhead's will.

It was only by the grace and will of the Blackhead that one can be free of such shackles but now that she has assumed the position, she can only surrender to the power of the cartel's communion as being the Blackhead forces her to keep on living forever, forced to be revived forever, until someone else takes her place.

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NSBSp9n.jpgShe can see the winged reptile now, high up in the sky. A being of death and decay, only a grim shadow of its former self. The most she could offer to such a depressing life is her pity and compassion but even then she knew that it was not enough.

Never enough.

Perhaps she could offer it the sweet release of death but what right does she have to strip one being of its own life? No matter how grotesque it might be every living being deserves to live its own life.

A pity.

It was a pity but that is the best she can offer for the poor thing. A life for a life. Perhaps, one day, she could bring it back to life. Not as a dead incarnation but in its true magnificent form. As a real dragon. 

If she survives this. She hopes to give the reptile a solemn funeral.

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tumblr_inline_ppb6shw5SH1rjgh1c_250.pngBut she was not alone. Accompanying her was her little sister, Shishi Ravenbush, who had found the trip somewhat uneventful. But that was before the dragon appeared.

Pure unadulterated fear.

Shishi's face was full of fright and terror as it witnessed the massive creature. It was more than a creature, it was the personification of death itself. Unlike the Madame, Shishi had never experienced death herself and this is why she was had feared for her life.

Crows circling in the heavens.

Somehow the dragon had no intention of passing through. Instead, it hovered in the sky, circling above the dying city like crows eyeing a tasty morsel. What was it seeking?

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The dragon is drawn to power. There may have been scores of relics and artifacts scattered within this city that holds immense power but there is one object that shines greatly above all.


The Madame was no longer human as she has transcended past the limits of the mortal man. She was the vessel of a goddess, her body reforged within the rifts of time and space. Her body is better referred to as a conduit and storage of the supernatural as it holds secrets of knowledge from times past.

Baeoi. The sword of both.

The Madame also knew that the dragon could sense the immense power of the blade, perhaps it might even return the dragon to its natural state. The question is, will the Madame do it? Or will she die under the dragon's might?

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It was a monstrous personification of mortality. The beast let loose a bellow, a roar which shook the air within Kaurilia's skies. Was it preparing to attack?

Death from above.

Without a warning, the giant reptile stopped circling and its massive body dipped down from the sky, like puppets when their strings are cut. It's gargantuan body plummeted, a mass of necromancy, and death. Then it glided, swooping low with its jaws bared open, the lethal teeth glistening with finality.

A fitting end.

From its jaws came its breath, a mixture of toxic fumes and corrosive gasses. Like a noxious sea of white, it washed all over the two. Like a blanket, it enveloped the two women in its deathly embrac.

Then there was silence.

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8f59b28aa63f1c9536b56712002ae686-db332kc.pngShe closed her eyes.

Death was inevitable. It was too quick. Too soon. All she remembered was the rushing sea of whiteness. 

Blanketing. Enveloping. Embracing.

She kept her eyes shut. She cannot muster the courage to see her final moments. It was her final moment of surrender.

Warm. She could feel the warmth emanating from her body. A softness that held her, supported her weight.

Her legs had given away. She only realized it too late. And yet that was the least of her concerns.

Her eyes opened to a world of snowy whiteness. The sea of death rolled around them, like waves passing around a rock. A rock that was her sister.

She could see it, her older sister holding her with one slender hand, keeping her close and safe. The other hand was splayed forward as if pushing against the deadly torrent.

"Wake up sleepy head. I'm not letting my little sister die. Not when I'm still around."

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157cc13264246ddcc0df7a18e74a90c4eb4d6f5d_00.jpg"I thought I've taught you this last time?" Linda- no Middy spoke, her tone mostly amused.

"But..how" Shishi blurted out, her reasoning lost in the shock of nearly dying and the shock of having survived the supposedly impossible.

The older sister chuckled. "I should take you out more often. You need to learn more if you want to survive against the dangers of this realm."

"This- this is not possible." 

"I've already shown you this last time. In order to protect oneself, one must let everything roll past. Like a gentle wave," Middy (Linda) started. "Do not face everything head-on. Redirect it. Let it flow naturally around you. All you need is a gentle guiding hand."

And so the Madame Linda Linda did guide the noxious breath past around them, taking care nothing to enter their tiny bubble of respite. A simple act of guidance, manipulating the flow of forces to curve around them and harmlessly continue to the world beyond.

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Elias inhaled the cold air swirling around him. It was heavy with moisture. His heart lurched in his chest as a surged of electriciy pricked it painfully. It'd been five long years since he'd returned to this dreadful place. The night that had changed his life was still burned in his mind like the scars left behind a fresh branding on the rump of cattle hopelessly destined for the butcher's blade. He stepped forward with trepidation, listening to the wet crunch of soaked branches resting on sodden earth that housed corpses thousands of years old.


A mechanical piercing squawk rang out from atop his shoulder. His heart raced and his hands trembled, but he shot the cloudy night sky a stare of resolution. Maximilian was right. He returned here for a purpose and that was to gaze upon those fabled dead lilac eyes of the abomination called Kaurilia and study it, to see what made it move and tick and fly and breathe. If Elias could understand what horrifying magic made that conglomeration of rotting flesh and bones live, then maybe he could restore Maximilian to his former feathery self, before it was too late. 


A shock stabbed at Elias's heart again and he fell to one knee grunting. Maximilian cried out as well and Emil cocked his golden feathery head to one side, eyeing his brother. Elias knew it wasn't safe here in the Arcane East, so close to the islands of his father where La'Ruta thrums with a ferocity rarely seen in the world. He risked being struck by lightning from a magical storm...again. 


Elias glanced up to his right shoulder where Maximilian perched. Orange lines pulsated across the bird's obsidian-plated exterior, breathing artificial life into the crow's body. Elias swallowed hard when he saw Maximilian's chest. It was the orange magitech crystal. Its once vibrant hue faded to one far too light for his liking. Elias sighed, realizing that he once again underestimated the Arcane East. The magic in the air was sucking the energy out of Maximilian's magitech crystal. Elias knew this was bound to happen in this land, but he never dreamed it would happen this quickly.


Wasting no time, Elias removed his backpack, both birds leaping up and flapping their wings, giving their master caws of disapproval from being shoved off their respective perches. Elias fumbled through his backpack and found another one of the orange magitech crystals that he created. He moved it to the left and right, watching as the crystal caught the rays of the moon from above. Like always, he frowned in disapproval. No matter how skilled he was at designing and improving magitech crystals, nothing came close to the legends of the Soul Stone his grandfather told him in the Ravenspire. Perhaps the Soul Stone was merely that; a legend. But he must keep trying, for Maximilian's sake. 


"Maximilian," he called out, "to me!" The half-bird-half-machine quickly landed in front of his master, having been through this process hundreds of time. Elias extended his hand and Maximilian backed up slowly, his robotic wings quivering. Elias's countenance fell. He knew fear when he saw it. "I have to, Maximilian. You know that." The bird timidly drew closer to him and Elias yanked the fading crystal out of the crow's chest. Maximilian screamed in pain and the thin orange lights flickered. With hands as swift as a martial artist and precise as a surgeon, Elias inserted the fresh crystal into Maximilian's open chest cavity. Maximilian's cries of pain slowly quieted and the orange lines brightened with a more stable, consistent orange. 


Elias smiled and nodded, but he knew he must hurry. The magic of the east was draining every crystal, even the ones in his backpack. Then he heard it; it was a dull, distant roar that brought him and his two birds to attention. It was Kaurilia, he knew. His heart was racing once more, but this time out of excitement rather than nervousness as his curiosity stamped out his fear. The creature that he came all this way to observe was almost here. He and his birds listened eagerly as the dull roars became more and more pronounced until finally, the definite thump of dragon wings came into earshot. Elias curled up his right hand like one of Emil's mighty yellow talons, focused, and watched as tiny sparks of blue formed a small, but growing ball of electricity in his palm. "Ready boys? Let's see what we can learn from this dragon." 


Kaurilia flew into view, casting a visage twice as ominous as the stories described. A mix of purple and blue flames swirled around in the dragon's eye sockets and its massive chest. Ripped black flesh barely held together its mangled skeleton and an ancient energy radiated from the hulking being. Elias gazed upon it, mouth agape like an astonished child. Kaurilia bellowed out a deafening roar and then eyed something just underneath it. Elias followed the flames serving as eyes and he noticed two young women with white hair adorning their heads, shimmering beautifully in the moonlight. He looked back up at the undead dragon and gasped as it opened its mouth and launched a massive stream of foul white gas that looked deadly to the touch.


Elias reached out and ran forward calling, "No!" But his concerns were misplaced as one of the women stepped in front of the other, extended an arm and parted the gas as if it were made of a material more flimsy than silk. 


Elias slowed to a stop, grinned and chuckled lightly at the unexpected display from the woman. However, his pleasure was short lived. His face dropped when he realized the gas was barreling toward him. Elias growled and cursed and swiftly struck the ground beneath him with his right arm. Lightning discharged and buckled the earth beneath him, forming a tall and wide wall mixed with earth and stone. The birds returned to his shoulders and ducked as low as they could. Their master did the same as he hit the ground and covered the back of his head with his hands. He hoped the rocky wall would hold. 


Hissing rang through Elias's ears as the gas breath collided with his hasty defense and the dirt bubbled and melted away. The gas stream caught the tip of Elias's black cloak and seared away a three-inch triangle from the corner. Then, the gas dissipated after several seconds. Elias looked up and examined his and his bird's bodies. Then he looked at what was left at the rocky dirt wall. The top of the wall was gone, reduced to a mere three feet. Any lower and the birds and I would've been scorched, he thought. Elias peeked around it and saw the outside of the dirt wall was chard black. 


He rose to his feet and exhaled slowly. "That was close, guys," he said to his birds. 

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157cc13264246ddcc0df7a18e74a90c4eb4d6f5d_00.jpgThe Madame Linda Linda puckered her lips in deep consternation. The dragon's breath may be gone but the blasted beast is already circling back and this time it is no longer interested in toying with them.

"Shishi," Linda started, "This might get a little bit dangerous."

Her eyes tracked the behemoth as it made a graceful arc in the air. Then it plummeted swooping down on the duo, it's body planning to ram into them.

The Madame Linda Linda sighed. "As much as I love to make innuendos regarding our current situation, unfortunately, I can't. I might be outmatched here."

With the undead dragon closing in, the Madame had to kick Shishi away, a bit more forcefully than necessary. She could not take her eyes off the damned beast but she knew that her little sister was well out of harm's way now. 

"Time to end-"

Linda Linda never got to finish her words as the dragon slammed into her.

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Shishi could not help but scream in desperation when she .was suddenly sent away with a forceful kick then the dragon slammed into her older sister with such force that the ground shook.

Is there no hope then?

The little sister cried out as she tried to crawl towards the crater the dragon’s descent has caused but her body would not listen to her. She just knelt there, trembling in fear and uselessness.

Middy, where are you?

Her eyes searched for the wreckage, looking, hoping there was something, just a small sign that her sister survived that collision.

There was none.

All she saw was the looming shadow of the dragon as it roared in sheer ecstasy of its most recent kill.

A time to mourn.

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Or is it?

When all hope is lost, there came the voice. The voice of someone Shishis was greatly familiar with. The voice of her late older sister.

“My, my, what a naughty little dragon!”

Shishi’s eyes shot towards the source of the voice. Multiple emotions well inside her, and filled her body so much that it exploded within her making her burst into tears of relief and disbelief.

“Alas, my poor undead dragon, it is time to leave this mortal plane of existence. I shall now end your torment.”

Filled with shock and awe, Shishi stared blankly at the lone figure of her older sister standing atop the bewildered dragon. She watched as the dragon roared in anger and tried to shake the Madame off it but to no avail.

“Now, now. Behave little dragon.”

The dragon tried to soar into the skies but what happened next was something else.

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The Madame Linda Linda did not expect she would survive the dragon’s onslaught. To face such a large bulk was something unprecedented, especially when it is plummeting at a dangerous speed.

She had no plans of dying yet or letting her little sister be the last surviving member of their family. It was only through sheer force of will and determination that she managed to cheat death.

She was no stranger to dying and escaping her demise was something she was always good at.

It was at the last moment before the dragon forcefully rammed into her that Linda Linda threw herself upward, high enough to stay clear of the undead monster but somehow her leg go clipped with one of its scales. If that did not happen, she would have escaped scot-free.

With a mostly useless left leg, the Madame Linda Linda stood tall on one limb atop the rampaging dragon and bluffed away.


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The white-haired woman stood tall and proud atop the frenzied dragon. Her dominance was unmistakable as she viewed the reptile’s efforts as mere childish tantrums. One can say she is a role model worth emulating.

“You poor tormented soul.”

The woman spoke as power blossomed within her. It was a power that scared even the dragon itself. It doubled its efforts in shaking the blasted insect of a female off but to no avail.

“Allow me to give you a proper burial.”

The dragon bellowed in rage as the woman’s body began to grow brighter, the radiance slowly enveloping the dragon’s body.

“Let my light give you peace.”

Anyone near the vicinity could now feel the warm and gentle power that radiated from the white-haired woman. Her glowing form seemed to embrace the belligerent reptile in its radiant glow.

“May you find joy in your next life.”

With her last words, the blinding light finally covered the dragon’s whole body. It briefly illuminated the dark and misty ruins of Kaurilia.

Then it was gone.

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The Madame Linda Linda stood alone, atop a pile of rotting meat and dragon bones. Even in death, the oversized reptile is still hard to manage. Thankfully, Linda Linda was just fortunate this time.

Her existence was anathema for the darker side of necromancy, with her specialty in purification and letting the dead pass on peacefully. The unknown goddess has given her these damnable abilities but for what purpose? Perhaps she'll never find out.

The dragon's soul had thanked her with its passing and even let the Madame absorb portions of its essence. With this, the Madame may call upon the power of a high dragon and even summon one if given enough time.

There was one thing left to do now.

She fished through the muck of flesh and gore until her hands grasped something black and shiny. The rare Exalta Vlack Prism. This she kept in her pocket-


-then her sister appeared out of nowhere hugging her and crying. "I thought you died!"

Linda Linda breathed a sigh of relief. With her sister's safety secured, there not much to do except loot the city of its valuables.

They had found numerous exalta weapons and even a full set of exalta armor. There's too much to carry so the Madame had to summon her magical penguin which turned into a make-shift cart.

Together, the two piled all the things they can find.

Linda Linda shrugged. "Let me borrow your restoration ability. This is how one should use it."

Power blossomed from within Linda and she channeled it all on the dead dragon's remains. Making full use of her vast reservoir of energy, she cast restoration on the dragon's body, returning it to a point when it was whole. This was the same magic she used when she restored the Tower to its former glory.

But she cannot bring back the dragon's soul. She can however, let the dragon's essence temporarily reside within the hollowed body and together, the two hopped on their ride and they sailed off into the morning all happy with the loot they manage to gather.


Recovered items:
-One Black Exalta Prism
-Various weapons and armors made from exalta shards
-Dragon bones and Dragon essence


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