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Elizabeth Foxworth

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First name: Elizabeth
Surname: Foxworth (She doesn't really use it)
Nicknames: Liz, Blue, Murder Lady, Spider
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Race: Human
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Role: Assassin

Voice: Low, thin, almost nonexistent.
Eyes: Deep, ocean blue.
Complexion: Tanned.
Height: 5'3
Weight: 102lbs
Build: Short, skinny.
Hair: Bald.
Tattoos/markings: No tattoos, a long scar down her arm.

Demeanor: Serious.
Hopes: To be famous after her death.
Fears: The desert, her family.
Likes: Money, luxurious things.
Dislikes: The idea of marriage, optimistic people.

[GEAR]                                                             Deep brown legging type things, a black top, a long black coat. 

4 daggers, a penknife, two knives, a pistol.

[STRENGTHS]                                                  Being in the presence of water, climbing.

Deserts, heavy machinery.

Skilled with knives, can bend water to her will.

Malcolm Foxworth (Father)                    Catrina Foxworth (Mother)                     Victoria Foxworth (Sister)


Liz was born into a life of riches, and she was quite happy: until she turned 18. Her parents had arranged a marriage to Anthony Something-or-other. So she did what you would normally do, she tried to run away. She was foiled the first few times, but made it out, and found out she was rather good at this 'murder' thing. So for the next few years, she did odd jobs for people, making a small name for herself on the streets.

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