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Answer The Call (LTSA -Act I Part II - Port Kyros | The Nautilis)

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Following the initial meeting, it seemed there were a few differences in opinion with what was assumed to be the job, and what the job really was. Recruiting for replacements to participate in this thankless task became a focus. Though this proposed team was no larger than the one before it, it was about the best they could hope for. A five man cell. Jinsoku found himself this day, several days after the initial meet to reconvene and pick up where they left off. Both getting the new faces on the same page as those a little more familiar, and getting everyone in mind with some semblance of a plan before simply busting in and trying to strong arm a secured organization with a frontal invasion and assault. A choice that would prove nothing more than fatal.

Before Jinsoku himself, it seemed Bishop had already been here waiting for everyone else to arrive. He sat patiently in the early hours of the morning, enjoying the sunrise as he smoked on his Lho, day drinking before the sun had a full chance to wake up and officially mark the beginning of the day. With Jinsoku's approach, Bishop afforded him a simple nod in silence as a greeting. Together the men sat, peering out at the horizon in silence as they anticipated their comrades, and their inevitable departure for this daunting task. Bishop was less concerned now that Raven had returned. He King might not be in the best of conditions, though found he was. 

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  The initial meeting had gone rough. With some people having to go and others joining late. This expanded the timeline much to the disappointment of the masked merc. 

  Tobais as ever was impeccably on time. Gracefully he slid into the room. He found himself once again with two other of great experience. One who seemed belligerent and the other professional and curt. 

  A great clash of appearance and methods. Raising the question of what exactly was he? He while a merc was a master at fixing. He considered himself the best man for any job. Right ,wrong ,or grey always tot he tune of the highest pay. 

  Here he was again. All the hundreds of voices inside his head as he prepares his body for a brutal assignment yet again. How many times had he participated in huge world changing operations like these? He wished it was more than he actually had. But this one would be truly monumental. 

  “Hello again good to see both of you are still on board for the task at hand. You two think any other familiar faces will join us?”

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“Wine for you, miss?” A sweet mannered lad inquired.

“I will take four cases for the Lord Imperator of Umbra. Box them properly for shipment.” Gold for his trouble.

“Yes, miss! Right away, miss!” It soured her mood to hear that word. Miss. Miss. She was not a miss! Kirena leaned back in her bistro chair and sighed softly. She was immersed in the beauty of the Genesar coast. She had never seen it this way before—relaxed, untroubled.

After all, she wasn’t about to die.

The Nautilus

An old Orisian frigate that had been captured by the Great North and eventually retired and sold to the Rising West. It had the remnants of a museum to it—something quaint and touristy—she found it dull.

Still, the posh cuisine and sight-seeing as the museum was transformed into a traveling restaurant that regularly set sail about Genesaris was something to delight in. Kirena was difficult to please—perhaps she was too ambitious in that regard.

She was nothing more than a common whore who had prominently rose to power five minutes after bedding the Imperator. She loved her Athyon—and he was perhaps the only thing that truly delighted her in that regard. He was a strategist, she was a tactician. They were unrivaled in their power and prestige.

Kirena sighed and stood. It was time.

The Nautilus operated on her own impetus and the fair breeze. It glided over water, seamlessly cutting through the pristine blue and green waters. People came to see the mythical beasts—perhaps remnants of the Whispernight—or to see the famed Nymerians as they skimmed along the boat—seen yet unseen and more mysterious still.

The Mistress of Pleasures calmly and confidently made her way to the group. Would they heed her warning? She leaned more into the idea they would foolishly run to their deaths—confident in all that they do. Didn’t everyone want to be the hero?

She could see them now—and it was a pity. They were all pretty in a way. Pretty in a way that lined a slave driver’s pockets. Grudge fighting. Bedding. Cooking or entertaining. They all had the wholesome faces of one who was suited to be the very thing they sought to liberate.

Her eyes fell on Jinsoku—perhaps the prettiest of them all.

Well, well~” She purred in appreciation. There was an ungodly, inhuman shriek as a loud whump! that made the entire ship teeter. A great shadow was cast over them as a sizable whelp of a wyvern clung to the railings and screeched animatedly at them. Rhylkos, da’hling. You’ll scare the children! Patrol the coast and keep us safe!” Her son—for all intents and purposes, clumsily slipped from the railings and took to the skies, riding on the thermals and gliding through the air.

“Apologies, Master Jinsoku. To the rest of you. I am Lady Kirena Yor. I believe we have a little more to discuss before you sail to your dooms.”

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 “Hello again good to see both of you are still on board for the task at hand. You two think any other familiar faces will join us?”

" 'onestly, I was hopin' none o'ya wou'd come back. Then I cou'da jus' dragged th'kid back home."

"Like I said before, I'm willing to go this alone if I have to."


While it was true that nobody should make the Russian Meta mad, Jinsoku was unwilling to change his mind on this matter without at least trying. He had no death wish, far from such in fact. However, he could not tolerate the business of the Slaver's anymore. After ironically saving Arashi and a few others from a Slaver convoy, Jinsoku found it hard to stop thinking about how many innocent people get roped into that place on a daily basis. To stop thinking about what sort of atrocities accosted them, or how short their life was cut by their attendance in such a place. How any could become accustomed to the life and thrive in such a place was beyond him, though the risk of these sorts was enough to not so easily trust information or help from any party within the area. Slaver or slave. Suddenly, a rather large shadow eclipsed them a brief moment, in which shortly after Wyvern landed nearby, allowing its rider to dismount before being sent back to the skies. A couple years ago, such an occurrence may have terrified him. Though the hardened Knight of the Order of Force Majeure was much more knowledgeable and and accepting these days.

“Apologies, Master Jinsoku. To the rest of you. I am Lady Kirena Yor. I believe we have a little more to discuss before you sail to your dooms.”

"Yo, they migh'die, but I ain't fuckin' dying."

Arguably, Bishop appeared to be the one most likely to fit in at the Alcove from the sounds of it. Once upon a time, he might have went looking for such a place to thrive in himself. Even though his ambitions were much wider now, he was almost curious if there were any slaves that could challenge his authority. He doubted it. Contrary to his words, Bishop was hoping he wouldn't die. If he was only looking out for himself, then perhaps he could mean what he said. Though as long as someone needed protection, and he didn't feel it would be in vain, he was willing to sacrifice himself. 

"I have faith that so long as we all work together, we'll all pull through just fine. Whether the mission succeeds or fails."

"I'm gon' do wha' I gotta'do bruh, skraight up."

Jinsoku had a similar up bringing to Bishop, albeit not as intense. He was willing to wager he could survive just fine in a place like the alcove. Though he refused to do such a thing. He'd die before allowing himself to be enslaved or anything of the likes. 

"My apologies Lady Kirena, I'm expecting two more to appear, Jun, whom we met at the previous meeting, and a new fellow."

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Business was starting to boom, as the summer temperature began to rise, bands were finally coming out of the woodwork, especially for outdoor performances. However, this meant that time for himself was very far and in between. It was why he was on the Nautilus. He would admit that at the end of the day he was a junkie. However, while some of his compatriots would fuel their vice with intoxicants, Leon had a taste for one thing.


And lucky for him, there was more than a bit of that in Valucre.

So when he heard about this job, he thought it merely as another fuel to his vice. The money wasn’t bad either and he could easily get used to having more coin in his pocket, even if it was meager to his normal earnings. So here he stood on board the Nautilus. Well, that and he was not one to interrupt a conversation without a good lead-in. He had actually been listening to the conversation for quite a while, he wasn’t trying to be inconspicuous, not that he could EVER do that. He was quite a loud dresser, the dark black jeans, combat boots, and leather jacket atop of his nude chest stood out from the more purpose attired attendance of the Nautilus.  

He was a musician before all else, and like every good musician, he needed to read his audience. So far things were a bit too tense for his flavor. Everything just seemed so…stuffy, this certainly was not his style. So maybe it was set time to finally let himself be noticed. Maybe get everyone to stop being so gloomy, all this talk about “sailing to your doom.” And

"I have faith that so long as we all work together, we'll all pull through just fine. Whether the mission succeeds or fails."

He unlatched his guitar from his back and swung it around before giving one large sweep across the strings of the six-string instrument. A Large power chord echoed throughout the halls. Hopefully finally getting the attention of the make who had begun to spoke.

“Aye, lighten up there kidda. No reason to put dat negative energy out into de world, yeah?”


Just like his attire, his voice stood out. It was dirty, unrefined. Clearly, he was speaking a language that was not his own, but the slang and the lighthearted tone showcased that he had been speaking it for at least a while. Leon moved a strand of hair from the left side of his face, giving a quick smile and a wave to his fellow adventurers, His features now visible, or at least that specific side. Electric scarring seemed to shroud the side of his light brown skin, The lone visible emerald iris seemed to glow along with the backdrop of the black sclera that surrounded it, all encapsulated with a grin that showed his slightly sharpened canines. “Come on, I know dis ain’t everyone’s first rodeo, Survive one scrap and ya survive em all, no need for the doom and gloom.”



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Not fast enough. She was late, impossibly late when she knew the set meeting time. With so much happening in Port Caelum, the avian yokai left the daiyokai's estate long past her scheduled time. Her wings screamed at her as they beat against the sky taking her soaring through plumes of white clouds. Her tiny heart was thundering in her chest and her round eyes blinked rapidly as she looked for a spot on the ocean where she should be rendezvousing with the others. 

A large shadow streaked past her and Jun chittered nervously quickly maneuvering away from whatever it had been. Then a shriek distracted her for a moment causing her to wobble in the sky as she glanced down again to see a wyvern sailing down towards the ship she was scheduled to be on! 

Jun flapped her wings a few more times before closing them and diving. Just like before, as she was a few feet away from colliding with the deck, there was a loud pop and a cloud of smoke, Jun landed though she appeared different this time. Shoulder length copper hair graced her shoulders and she sported a pair of lips an elegant pointed nose. Her eyes were still large and round; however, they looked distinctly more human. Around her neck there lay a deep crimson pendant that glowed softly. Any that knew her master knew what that pendant was and it was the very reason why she could take a fully human form.

Jun swiftly approached the group as Kirena mentioned their doom. 

That is concerning...

Upon approaching, the hawk-girl waited for Jin and Bishop to finish speaking before she hinged at the waist and bowed in apology. She parted her lips to speak but was immediately interrupted by another. Her eyes glanced over while she was still bent at the middle. A familiar face. Leon, Akako's ... whatever he was. Jun didn't get hung up on the details of it, but she did know that Leon was someone important because of Crystal. 

When he was done, Jun finally spoke.

"Please forgive me for being late." There were no excuses uttered, just an apology. 

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Sorry this may be short! They’re about to start boarding)


Tobias  watched the room and it’s proceedings.  This scene had played out thousands of times before for him.  Talk talk talk, mission briefing, please succeed but you'll more than likely die. 


 It didn’t rattle him. He felt his fears still whirring and clicking inside his body. And even if he did? It surely wouldn’t be the end. Of course he’d yet to lose a body. 


 Thoughts and voices consumed his mind. Taking the information he still remembered and the new updated information.  He began to put together plans, cause and effect, and consequences of this whole operation.


 Most people would think of home and buckle down. He felt no pang or longing for home. Another job, another day.  This was going to be a fun and exciting challenge, would’ve been the way the old him would’ve approached the problem. 

 The only highlight was the yokai girl came back. She had to apologize for being late. He waited before he pulled her to the side. There was still so much chaos happening and he needed to talk to her.


”Alright while we’re waiting I have questions for you.  Since I already know you aren’t very experienced. I’ll need to figure out what, besides scouting, to task you with. But I’m also curious, about your Biology.”

( sorry that it’s short )


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“So many familiar faces, Kirena purred alluringly, "And still some that are new...ish." She smiled at Tobias, "You reek of Mercenary." She said plainly, though she meant no disrespect to it. In many ways, she shared his profession--only she exchanged currency for secrets, and secrets for secrets and much, much more...

"Master Jinsoku, a Knight at last. My Lady speaks quite fondly of you, though that is not for the Emperor Consort’s ears to hear.” She winked suggestively at him—as if to say there was quite an exchange of scandalous conversation between women. Truly, Kirena was well within her element to gossip.

“Lord Bishop, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. I understand you are quite important within the Hyperian Empire. Your services here are immeasurable. I see now that your bravery matches the pace of your loyalty.” The Imperatrix had suffered many a cramped hand over the months in her correspondence with Raveena. She held the Queen’s secrets—and knew quite intimately the ins and outs of her complicated relationship with this foreigner.

When a strangely dressed man arrived—with a stranger accent still, Kirena smiled beautifully. A perfectly manicured nail pointed to the approaching musician, “We’ve never met, Leontias—but I have sat in on many adventures you’ve had with my Ladyship. It will warm her heart to know an old friend has come in this time of need.”

“I lost contact with the Web some time ago. During the Kaess Festival in Hyperion, a slaver ship docked—disguised as a merchant ship. The Imperatrix Sabine—having been on the excursion that rescued me from that dreadful place recognized the façade and notified her Imperial Majesty at once.” Kirena twirled a flaxen gold ringlet around her finger thoughtfully, “A cell from the Web was put in place to board the ship along with an unwitting noble family and document its route and its contents…but I fear even they have been compromised.” It was just then when Jun had—quite literally—flown in. Her recovery was graceful enough, and Kirena took her time to appreciate the other woman, taking her in from toe to head—and resting on the pendant.

“Well, well,” The Imperatrix murmured softly. Is it wise to be this far from your Mistress with something so precious? She wondered to herself. “Welcome, dah’ling. I’ve seen you many, many times before. Seeing you in person is far more satisfying.”

Like her husband, Kirena was well informed on the regent of Caelum and the circumstances of her freedom. She found it curious the Yokai Queen would have a hand in this. At least, she decided, her agent was fetching. Tobias was already pulling her aside to speak for her quietly, and Kirena had no interest in waiting.

Slavery, as you all well know—is, to a margin of merit—a foundation of Genesaris. Even the Lord Father looks away because he understands that there is something integral there. Business is business, and all that other rubbish.” Her eyes widened, as she mocked the saying, though the Mistress of Pleasures stared off—recalling some unsung horror from shadows past, “It is by some manner of miracle that I am not here and not rutting under some foul troll. The Queen nearly died just saving the few of us—only a handful, really.” She blinked from her reverie and sighed.

“What lies ahead for you will be devastating.  Which begs the question—what is it that you have planned?” Her dark eyes swept from each face—from Tobias' quiet exchange with Jun back to Jinsoku, to whom her question was actually directed at.



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Perhaps if she had've been this way about him about nearly a year ago, he'd be a blushing mess right now. Though the boy had grown into a man, and was quite comfortable with attention from women after becoming so well acquainted with Her. He managed to write her a letter before dedicating himself to this quest, and if he survived it, the first thing he wanted to do was go see her. Though Rou couldn't quite make him blush anymore, there was one woman still capable of the feat. Thankfully, she wasn't here today, and instead they dealt with Kirena. 

“What lies ahead for you will be devastating.  Which begs the question—what is it that you have planned?”

"Currently I have thoughts on two plans, neither of which is necessarily a good one. If I'm being honest, I don't think there is a good plan for such a small party as ourselves in the first place. The first option I considered was shutting off their natural water source from the great lake, though I'm not sure that's a great idea considering the people we wish to help will suffer with it's loss. Simply put, we have enough on out plate without adding the concern of more crisis to the situation. That's when I started thinking of two approaches. We split into two infiltration teams, one that goes in undercover as slave and slaver respectively, perhaps two slaves. The others infiltrate from the sky, dropping in on the Enclave and rushing straight for the heart.  Of course the later won't enter as soon as the ground team."

He paused, letting them all take in the information proposed. He watched their faces for reactions, in case they harbored thoughts they refused to speak. Bishop looked as if he was about to say something, and so Jinsoku continued, even with two of the party standing a bit aside, he was certain they could hear him.

"Based on each of us by my observation, it makes the most sense if Tobias plays slaver, Bishop and or myself as slaves considering out respective histories. In retrospect, both Jun and myself are equipped to enter the city by air, the only one I'm not certain of is you, Mister Leontias. You seem vaguely familiar to myself as well, though I'm not sure where your talents best suit you for this operation. I will say though, regardless, I can fit in either equation of this plan. Know that one team will have one more person than the other."

Looking to Kirena once more, he questioned her more directly now.

"What can you tell me about those collars the slaves wear, as well as the enclave's power grid? Theses details will help mold my final opinion on what to do and how to do it for our best chances of success."

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“We’ve never met, Leontias—but I have sat in on many adventures you’ve had with my Ladyship. It will warm her heart to know an old friend has come in this time of need.”

“Old Friend?” Leon looked on with a scratch of his head tilting his head slightly to the side, which coincidentally revealed the red eye that was formerly obscured by his messy hair. “I was just passing through when I heard about this gig, Thought I’d come and give a performance.” He leaned back on a nearby pillar his guitar being balanced by the neck, with the body pointing to the floor. He wasn’t sure who gave the job and usually he didn’t care. He wanted that adventure and it was best to go on a whim anyway. Besides, A Performance is at it’s best when you don’t know about the venue.

Mister Leontias. You seem vaguely familiar to myself as well, though I'm not sure where your talents best suit you for this operation. I will say though, regardless, I can fit in either equation of this plan. Know that one team will have one more person than the other."

“Aye friend, quit with the formalities, you make me sound old, Leon is fine for me.” He chuckled at the thought. “Well we WERE Talking about Slaver collars correct, and a power grid. If it simply there to generate electricity I think I have a way to deal with that.” He tapped his guitar to the ground again and gave a uplifting grin. “Maybe I can do something about that, Nothing like an impromptu performance to…light things up.”

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 Tobais had pulled Jun over and was intensely staring her down, asking this and that, trying to asses her so the slavers wouldn’t clip her wings. 

  “I’ve noticed you are very bird like.  A yokai correct? Does that mean you share in the sharp sight of a bird? You can probably fly near the top of the Enclave. However lower and it would seem very suspicious.”  

 Tobais was ready to continue when a woman told him he reeled of Mercanry. “You aren’t a mercenary but you definitely Wheel and Deal all the same. You’ve sunk into the low areas of society. Hearing and seeing what others don’t want known. Am I right?”  Tobais was by know means challenging the woman, but if someone wanted to throw darts at his position, he could play that game. She was probably was in charge of their intelligence. 

  He looked at Jun, “you’ll probably end up in a support role. Now I’ve yet more to explain.”

  Tobais Stepped up to Jin and the Mistress of secrets. “First off do you or Bishop rely solely on Magic? The collars nullify magical abilities and powers. If our on a spirt I’m sure they’d cease to be. The generic collars have several different failsafes both magical and non magical to  make sure they aren’t taken off by the slaves. I’ve heard they sometimes explode, and sometimes they do nothing other than not budge. You’d need someone much more gifted in magic for a exploration on that part.”


he stepped back finding his statements sufficient. The only thing he didn’t like was the idea of playing a slaver. Further more a male slaver. Male slaves usually didn’t do well, most of the girls got funneled into the houses and businesses and other unsavory tasks, the men usually put to hard labor. It would be difficult to get the two bought into a house where they could gather intel without being suspicious. 


  Maybe if they were dressed up and changed their looks, they could pass as butlers, men of the soft life and catch the eye of s rich woman. 

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“You talk like one, too.” Kirena commented with a smirk as she slid to sit on the edge of the table. She leaned back to grasp the edges and sighed loudly, “You bore me, talking like that. Do you think I’ve never heard these things before? Whore? Wench? A craven lady of the night?” She rolled her eyes and pressed the heel of her boot against his chest to halt his advance. Tobias did not realize that being a courtesan was one of the highest respectable ranks of a non-noble in Port Kyros and beyond in the Rising West.

A dagger popped out and pressed gently to his throat, Dah’ling,” She mused, “I’m the Mistress of Pleasures. It comes with the name! Sit,” She firmly commanded and crossed her legs. A passing server dropped the tray he carried from staring as he walked and brushed against a corner too quickly. Kirena pursed her lips and made a pitying sound as he scurried to recover himself, beet-red with embarrassment.

“Now!” She twisted long enough to tap her heel against the edge of the table, the dagger retracting into its hidey hole. She had begun to answer Jin’s question when Tobias interrupted and spoke instead. Only when he was half way through speaking did her patience wear thin and she cut him off, “I ask—if slaves knew the inner workings of those wretched things, would there be slaves? We knew only what we saw—which was death. I was fortunate enough to be liberated but I am not my Queen—I don’t do technology, and I certainly know very little about magitech beyond certain basics. Such things are beyond me—my skill is in people and the information they give and the magic I use to retrieve this knowledge.”

She laced her fingers together and cupped the knee of the crossed leg, “That’s not to say I rely on magic over technology. I had no interest in how the damned things worked—I only wanted it off me as soon as possible. You’d have better luck reaching out to the Imperial Artificer for that. She can dissect magic in real time, but she’s in Crystallo Stella leading an expedition into the mines for my Ladyship. You’ll be hard-pressed to reach her underground. Not even my little rats like it down there.”

She sighed softly, turning thoughts over in her head. Tobias was not wrong, technically. Magic was a factor in controlling slaves—but to that end, so too was the technology itself. “Genesaris is a magical land. A land that is brimming with it and the various species that rely on it. It is precisely why magic will not work on the collars…it will affect the slaves.”  She had seen what happened to disobedient pleasure slaves who refused their customers. Self preservation was their demise--which is precisely why she embraced her Venusian craft. She frowned for a moment, another thought crossing her mind.

“Be careful to pick and choose your battles. Slaver’s Enclave is a vast network—vaster than even I can comprehend—and I lived there most of my life. There are political consequences to your actions—your very presence there. I have dirt on a few—but only a few and I am lucky enough to have even that. It’s still paltry in comparison, dah’ling—you must understand. You will make enemies of other governments. That is why I cannot do much more than give you guidance. Athyon will eradicate for his people, and so too will I.” You may bring war to the entirety of Genesaris.

“Aah, miss? Miss—you can’t be on the table like that, ma’am. This is a public restaurant, if my higher ups hear--,” Kirena had been distracted in speaking to the others that she didn’t realize the manager himself had appeared, clearly disapproving of her perched on their table as casually as she was. He was also nervous to speak to her.

Kirena uncrossed her legs and stretched her right out. She extended a leg and lifted the man’s chin with the tip of her boot, careful not to trigger the dagger—she giggled at his nervousness and when he stepped away from her, she dropped her leg, “You’re a silly, nervous thing, aren't you? Still, just the man I want to see. I’d like to discuss buying out your winery for my husband. I will inform the Queen personally we’d like to exclusively import your Kyrosian wine to Umbra.”

His eyes bulged at out this random news, but he was not yet swayed, “Th-that’s very kind of you miss--,” “Missus.” Kirena sharply corrected. “Missues,” He corrected, “But I must still insist you not sit on the table. P-please.” Kirena tilted her head, her vibrant red lips pursed thoughtfully before she slid from the table’s edge. In her heeled boots, she was nearly the same height.

“You’ve had a long day, I’m sure. Come, let me make this right and we can talk business.” She swept fingers under his chin and crooned softly before turning him away, an arm around his shoulder, “I’ll be back, pretties. Tell me more of your ideas when I return, yes? Ciao, dah’lings~!”

Business and pleasure were two things Kirena enjoyed.


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Jinsoku considered all the information he'd just been given before preparing to continue, in which their temporary hostess took an intermission to allow them to discuss some of their options in her absence concerning the collars.

"I am a Knight of the Order of Force Majeure, One cannot become such by relying solely on magic. I'll also say that while my Master has been known to dabble in some magics, I am less experienced. While I do exhibit powers of some sort, I'm not so sure they can be classified as "magic"."

"I don' rely on shit, jus' me an' wha' I got in th'moment. Sum o'my skills migh'be considered magic, though most o'my ability lies in m'genetics."

While Jinsoku was technically possessed by a Yokai, Bishop was what some referred to as a Mutant, or as he preferred, Metahuman. While he had received gifts that were likely more akin to magic given the source of the power, he still had his natural traits that he was born with; Namely his status as a Hyperkinetic, and the endowment of superhuman physique courtesy of the illustrious Compound V. As far as he was concerned, he was perhaps the heaviest hitter the team held.

"Wha's mo'e is y'all gon' hav'ta convince me t'put a fuckin' collar 'round my neck. When I say I'm down t' risk m'neck, tha's not quite wha' I'm gettin' at."

"But it sound like you might be the one of if not the only one's to end up in one that can perhaps get out of it. It's not equipped to deal with things outside of magic right? So then perhaps between my circumstances and your's we can figure something out."

"An' wha'happens if w' cain't take th'shit off?"

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Tobias made the avian yokai incredibly uncomfortable. While she was inconspicuous to most everyone else, he'd taken keen notice of her, and she wasn't sure that was a good thing. A smile forced to her lips as Jun allowed the stranger to pull her aside to ask about her biology. He inquired about her sight and observed her with intend eyes. It made her shiver, and she found she didn't like it one bit. She was blessedly interrupted before she could utter a single syllable, and she looked at the woman and gave her a thankful smile.  

Jun remained quiet as everyone chattered. Akako's familiar recognized Leon and wondered if Akako knew that Crystal's husband was involved in this. She would have to take extra care in making sure he lived; otherwise, her lady would be livid. There was a sense of comfort knowing at least one person here. Everyone else she had met once and hadn't talked. The night of the Hanami Festival, Jun had stayed with Leon and Crystal a long while, holding the baby while the unpacked things and scrambled getting the room ready for the infant. After the babe had been put to bed, she remained to chat idly with the couple. 

Akako's familiar disengaged from Tobias and inched her way over to Leon before stopping just short of his side. Her wide owlish eyes blinked at she looked to each person as they spoke. Her lips pressed into a thin line, concern blossoming across her sharp-angled features. She wasn't thrilled about Leon being brought in as a male slave while she was left to scout. 

Her hand raised and she smiled ruefully. "I can go in as a slave." There was a mirthless laugh that bubbled out of her, and she continued, "I certainly look the part." 

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It was at that moment that he noticed Jun. This was actually quite the surprise, usually when he went off “For a Walk.” As he called it, he tried to not let anyone else know. Jun being here was not something he was prepared for. His eyes went wide for only a second, it wasn’t going to help anyone if things were awkward now, so instead he relaxed and leaned on a nearby pillar. “Are we sure of the racial and species profile of these slaves, I don’t think we can get away with someone sticking out like a sore thumb.” He spoke pointing at himself. He sighed and turned toward who seemed to be a leader of the group Jinsoku talking to someone else.

“Wait…is it possible ay can pass?” He asked.

It was a weird question to ask one you looked at Leon, His Iris Shrouded in dark black pools illuminated the Red and Green iris that surrounded him, he was tattered in scars both tribal and otherwise. “Like I said, I am pretty sure I can get it off and even if I can’t it prolly can’t do anything to shut me down, I aint a magical bein', at least last time I checked…” He paused however, as he thought about it. Was it really worth the risk, he promised Crystal more than anything he would find a way back to her, And while this seemed worth the risk for the greater good…


Crystal and Kyna is the greatest good he has, there was no choice in that regard.

With Jun’s insistence he took a more relaxed approach though he still worried. “Are you sure that would be best, lass, especially if your abilities are shut off by the collar, you will be defenseless until we can find a way to get you out.”


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