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The Baroness of Black

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Aldorto waited for Priscilla to leave before he dropped his guard. His body language was more comfortable and relaxed. "I appreciate the hospitality Kalmuli." The elf sat over towards the fire and rested easy. Aldorto stretched out his legs and let his body relax even more. Hid blood was still running hot from the adrenaline rush of sneaking around the city defenses. "Where should I start, the formal debrief from our botched mission abroad or what my house has been doing towards making the Ardesian Kingdom?" Both were topics he came here to discus. In truth he came on business dealings and to give a formal appearance now that his body was once again his own. 

Aldorto looked over Kalmuli for the first time with his own eyes, truly taking in her beauty. A smile crept on his face, even though he was an elf, beauty was still something that captivated his attention. "Shall I be the first to say, I am glad to finally meet you and speak openly. I'd been looking forwards to speaking with you for some time now. I'll hold myself to only speaking of my family's journey until tomorrow. However, I must ask, where shall I be sleeping tonight baroness?" 

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Kalmuli curled up more in her chair, tilting her head. "Most likely the botched mission...and then leading up to what your house has been doing."She said as she smiled, watching him stretch out and relax. Priscilla had a bit of an icy exterior but now in private, Aldorto was more himself. 

"Mmm...well our first encounter you almost gave me a concussion. I'd say this is an upgrade."Kalmuli said as she drew the blanket around and settling her legs over the arm of the chair so she was draped over it instead of perched in it. "Granted, getting to know the real you is going to be a whole new experience. I got to know the clumsy younger one pretty well."

Ah right...Kalmuli brought a hand to the side of her neck, her gaze drifting a little as she ran her fingers against some bumps there. She smiled. "You're welcome to share my bed within reason...but there's the floor, the spare rooms, the Pendulum...You've got reign of the Keep as far as places to sleep and stay."She offered. 

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Aldorto nodded towards Kalmuli, "I appreciate the hospitality. Normally I would turn down the offer to rest with another person after just meeting them, however, considering my mental health as of late I will not turn that offer down." 

On the outside, Aldorto was mostly smiles and jokes but inside he was again in disarray, only he was willing to admit it. 

With a long sigh Aldorto closed his eyes for a time, recalling most of the events from memory before he would have to regurgitate the story. "My son...was under possession by a demon lord. The concubine of the lord that possessed me. The operation was simple, retrieve my son without being discovered. As part of the operation a ritual was performed to have my demon taint woken and I possessed the homunculus Grey, the other me. Grey is adept at chameleon, so he appeared as a younger pseudo form of myself, enough to be noticed not enough to be found out." 

Aldorto opened his eyes again, looking over to Kalmuli with a little grin, "Unfortunately, my mama has a tendency to seep out. I am aware of most of what took place but I had no control of myself, like a dream. Even the parts where my essence came through, that was still not me. Demonic possession is..weird, finicky really. Grey wasn't ready to take me on, he lost himself in his own body. So when I say it's a first, I mean that in a lot of ways."

"Let me also take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate you taking care of Grey. Even know you show hospitality only knowing some aspects of me. It doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you Kalmuli, had you not intervened things might have gone different." The elf was rested more, letting his guard finally drop. He would wait before continuing his story to allow the elf woman speak if she needed to.

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