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Shalana heard the stretch of her leathers as she got down on bended knee in the dirt. She pulled the hood from her plain brown cloak over her head. She was in the middle of a wooded area, not too far from Kinumo. The tiny cauldron she'd brought with her, with only enough room to hold a cup of liquid, was bubbling over the small fire that was set beside her. The stones around the fire prevented the spread of the flame, and she took a small ladle and stirred the tiny contents. After stirring the pot, she brought out a sharp blade from the sheath at her side. She pricked the end of her finger, and dropped a few drops of blood into the cauldron. She stirred again. On her other side chirping, could be heard. She turned to the cage filled with three birds. She opened the cage and reached in for one of the birds, picking a pale brown one. She cooed to it, and then she spooned out some of the concoction she'd been cooking. She blew on the heated liquid, and when it was cool enough she put a few drops on the bird's head. It was a sticky mess, and she crooned to quiet the excited bird.

“There, there. It feels better already. Now,” she looked straight into the bird's tiny beady eyes, “see for me.” She released the tiny sparrow, and it flew off into the sky.

The bird flew quick and true toward the village of Kinumo. The first thing it saw was the Tree of Memory, which for the bird was interesting only for the branches it offered to rest on. Shalana would have loved to see some of the rare books she'd heard about that rested inside, but to see through the bird's eyes meant that she couldn't read whatever she saw. It was a pity, and she thought about tweaking the spell in the future to allow her to read while in the bird's mind.

The bird flew off the branch of the tree, heading upward toward the village. Shalana could see the lifts that they'd have to use to get to the village, and she could see people milling around in the woods outside the lifts. They looked to be trouble, dressed in masks and hooded capes. Bandits? She was unsure. The bird didn't stay long over them, so she couldn't get a better look. Then the bird circled the village full of people. There looked to be more people there than the village could hold, which told Shalana that they were there for the festivities.

The bird decided to climb higher, and old decrepit temples could be seen. Shalana was leaning forward, wanting to see more, when the bird started to dive down to the ground. Right before it hit the ground, the sight of a male with a rock in his hand could be seen staring intently at the bird.

Shalana pulled away before she was brought into the death throes with the tiny bird. She heard a chuckle and looked around to see her brother, shaving his face with one of his blades.


“I thought you were doing one of your spells. Your eyes were rolled back into your head until only the whites were showing. It wasn't a very becoming look for you, sister,” Zeno's tone was amused as he scraped the blade along the skin of his face once again. He didn't want to admit it to her, but her spells made him uneasy. He was used to being around power, and he respected his sister for using what she could to not only survive, but succeed. Still. Creepy bones, and blood, and weird smells... all made him uneasy.

“I'm scoping out the place for you, brother,” she huffed, standing up off of her knees and dusting off the dirt. “You don't want to go in unprepared, do you?”

“I'm never unprepared,” he scoffed, as he sheathed his blade. “Still, what did you see? Normal townsfolk going about their normal business?” He sneered at her, addressing his belief that she'd wasted her time and blood on the fear that there was danger up ahead.

“I saw bandits in the woods, before you get to the lifts to the village. Smartass,” she huffed. “It's a good thing I came along. You might have been walking into an ambush.” She crossed her arms over her chest, a smug look on her face.

“It is well known that the lifts are guarded by the Assassins' Guild members. They get tribute before anyone can enter the town. So if you want to follow me on this adventure, sister, you can provide your own tribute. I only brought enough for one.” He didn't like the smug look on her face, and he hadn't asked her to come along anyway. She had goaded him, and told him that she wanted to see him fail. Then when she'd seen that wasn't going to get her anywhere she suggested that she could help him win, like he needed her help in the first place. “Maybe you can join the trials? You are so strong and lethal, you could show them what you got.” He raised one eyebrow in doubt, letting her know he was thinking quite the opposite.

“Maybe I shall,” she huffed, getting her ingredients together, and pouring out the liquid from the cauldron. “Someone from the family should at least make it to the finish line.” Honestly, Shalana had all the faith in the world that her brother could become a member of the Assassins' Guild... but she didn't need to let him know that, now did she?


The layout of the thread is that first there is the Tree of Memory. It is very large, filled with rooms full of books and maps. The higher level you go up the tree, the more rare the books. The top levels are locked, and only by getting permission from older members of the town can you have access to the upper levels. The older members are retired Assassins' Guild members.


Then past the tree there will be a path with woods on both sides. The woods are teaming with Assassins' Guild members. They dress in scary masks and cloaks to hide their identity. The members stop travelers from reaching the lifts, making sure they are not meaning any harm to the village. They also collect tribute, and the amount depends on the good manners of the traveler. The less belligerent the traveler, the less they'll have to pay. The towns people who live there only have to give food or clothing for tribute.




The lifts will take you up the mountain. It is a long trip up. Then it stops off at the top of a ledge to the village above. The village isn't very large, but it has all that the residents need. It will be bustling with people because of the trials. Vendors will be preparing their wares, and people will be milling about ready to see the sights.








The pubs will be full, especially Snowy's Pub. Most of the drinking, a warm meal, and nighttime entertainment can be found there. There is one tiny brothel located in the back of the village. It is the last building to be seen, before the paths lead up to the mountain tops.

All aspiring assassins, or guests, can begin anywhere in these locations, choosing the place you'd most likely see your character.  The introduction ceremony will be held in the village's center, which can hold the largest amount of people.  The ceremony will be announced by horns to inform of the beginning of the festivities.  




**I claim no rights to the art used in this post.

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"What the fuck are you!?" A bandit screamed and ran from the floating figure that wielded dual blade, a black sword and a smaller black dagger combo. The bandit had already witnessed all of his friends get murdered in just a few minutes by what they thought was a helpless young girl. 

The voice that spoke from the floating figure was calm and collect and it said only a few words. "Get him brother." The figure floated down to stand at the full 5 foot 1 and put on the hood of the robes. With head down a few seconds went by and the eyes of the figure turned glowing and ran full speed at the bandit running away from them. The voice was different sounding almost psychotic in nature. "Chase, chase, chase!" 

The bandit looked back, seeing the figure run him down and fastened his run. It wasn't before long the bandit ran past two elf looking people, screaming for help. "You two! Help! There's a maniac after me!" He grabbed onto the shoulder of the male and hid behind him. The moment the bandit saw the figure stare at him from a distance he stared at the piercing red glow and instantly ran into the woods, not saying a word. 

"Come on toy. Go further. Yes, yes, yes. Further into the woods." The figure ran after the bandit, running past the two elves and upon running past a tree the figure vanished entirely. It watched the bandit and waited for him to look behind before suddenly reappearing in front of him, ramming the sword right through his chest. "Bye-bye toy." With a maniacal laugh the figure suddenly stood still before slowly falling into the bandit both hitting the ground with a soft thud, sword and dagger now gone from existence. The robes of the figure changed from a solid pitch black to an eye hurting white with splashes of red on it. 

Slowly after coming to the figure stood up and slid the hood off revealing a young girl, just barely being in her twenties, human looking and no glowing red eyes. Not knowing if the two elves she saw before were gonna follow or not she decided to walk off before she could find out but nearly collapsed from the first step she took. Turns out when her demon stabbed the bandit he appeared directly in front of the blade he was using. Carefully placing her hand on her side she called back to the two elves, she knew they were far enough away that if she shouted that may or may not hear her but that's a risk she was willing to take. She could heal herself but she had less than two vials left and she couldn't afford to use the last of the second until she could get Aquafina to make more. She needed the last for the village where she was gonna participate and attempt to join the Assassin's Guild. 

"Anyone out there that can hear me I am in need of medical assistance! I am badly injured!" She paused a second and debated and calling the elves out directly, ultimately deciding to do so. "If there's any elves out there with healing magic I'd greatly appreciate it! I'll give you some money if you help!" Luckily for her if the elves helped she wouldn't be robbed seeing as she carried no bag, no backpack, nothing to carry items. Not one they could see. All of her belongings were in pockets enchanted to act similar to bags of holding and they were all on the inside of the robes she wore.

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The screaming and running figure had appeared from behind Shalana and Zeno, disappearing into the trees ahead of them toward the village.  Both Shalana and Zeno had their knives out, and Shalana was prepared to do some dark magic to survive whatever thing they faced.  It floated away from them, after the running male.  

"Is that one of the so called 'assassins' guild' that is supposed to guard Kinumo?" she scoffed with amusement, pointing toward the direction of the male that had been crying for help.  "He was running and screaming like a coward.  So this is the mighty band of assassins you plan to join, brother.  Good job."  She began to laugh a warm chuckle.  

Zeno's face was one of definite sour contemplation.  He agreed with his sister that if that was actually a member of the Assassins' Guild then it would be a sad lot indeed to join.  He shook his head.  "That man didn't have the mask and cape that the bandits that are guarding the city did, did he?  I think he was just a normal cowardly thief in the woods."  He sheathed his knife, feeling the imminent danger had passed.  

They were close enough to hear the crazy laugh and then the death gurgle of the one the floating creature was chasing.  Shalana didn't like that laugh, and she didn't sheath her dagger.  Soon after that they heard a innocent voice call out. 

1 hour ago, SteamWarden said:

"Anyone out there that can hear me I am in need of medical assistance! I am badly injured!" She paused a second and debated and calling the elves out directly, ultimately deciding to do so. "If there's any elves out there with healing magic I'd greatly appreciate it! I'll give you some money if you help!"

Shalana looked over to her brother with a raised eyebrow.  "Could be a trap," she insisted.  

"Probably," he agreed.  "Since when has that stopped me before?" he said with a wicked grin.  

"You're stupid, Zeno," she hissed angrily.  "I'm not getting caught in whatever mess you're about to get into."  She pulled open her satchel and placed in the small cauldron, her movements stiff and angry.  

He shrugged.  "I'm not asking you to get involved.  Like I didn't ask you to come with me on this trip."  He picked up his sword that was laying in the nearby grass, and instead of sheathing it into its scabbard, he held it in hand.  He didn't plan to get caught around a floating creature unprotected.  He wasn't that stupid.  

"Idiot!" she whispered.  She knew they could be listened to, right now.  After she'd gathered all of her possessions she stomped off in the opposite direction of the fallen creature.  She went further away from the village, toward where the two had been running from.  The further she got the more carnage she saw.  The poor bastards were strung around like broken dolls.  Blood was decorating the earthen floor.  

"Well, isn't this a sight to see," she grimaced.  They didn't look demon, but human with possibly a few elves.  More than likely they weren't members of the Assassins' Guild, as her brother said earlier.  She sighed and shrugged, digging in the nearest body's pockets.  She found a few coin here and there.  She also found a pocket knife and some peppermint candy.  "Oooooh, goody," she exclaimed at the candy.  It hadn't been tainted by the blood, and was still edible.  She placed it in the pocket of her leathers.  When she was done fleecing the dead bodies of all they might provide her, she went after her brother.  Though she said she wouldn't get involved, she knew she would.  He was her brother, after all.  

Zeno had went in the opposite direction of Shalana, toward the female voice calling in the woods.  He looked for a dark cloaked figure, but instead was faced with a female in white, with splashes of blood upon her person.  She was holding her side and looking in his direction.  He wondered for a moment if this was the same figure that had been floating by, or if it was someone who'd been in the woods for some reason, and caught up by the fighting figures.  The fellow who'd been running away was dead in front of her, so he highly doubted she was an innocent party.  

She was still looking at him, and he remembered that she'd asked for medical assistance.  "Uh, sorry.  I don't have healing skills," he muttered.  


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Slowly Susie struggled to get to a tree to lean on. The pain of standing was quite literally killing the young girl. Upon reaching the tree, she heavily leaned into it and with nothing else to do other than wait she listened to the sounds of nature. 'Ah. The wind blowing through the trees, rustling the leaves. Birds chirping. The blood leaving my body. That last one isn't so fun.' Quietly she chuckled only to end up coughing excessively. 'Ow.' Slowly she slid down the tree eventually ending into her sitting against it. As she looked back at the way she came, the elves still seemingly not there. 'Well. Any last words you guys in case I die?'

'I fell into into the burning ring of fire
I fell down down down down into the deepest fire
And it burns burns burns burns the ring of fire the ring of fire
The ring of fire'

'I see a pebble. Collect the pebble so I can add it to my collection.' 'Just pour the contents of the second vial. It should be enough to help you with this.' 'Ya know kid. It's a beautiful day outside, the birds are singing, the sun is shining. Such a shame you'll be burning in hell on a day like this.' 'I see a shadow moving. It's coming closer. Brother do you see it?' 'Mother always said to bring a pail meal... that pointy eared man looks pale enough to me.'

With a slow turn of her head she saw the male elf and stared at him, her look and expression screaming 'help me I am dying'. The second she heard the male elf doesn't have any healing skills, she sighed loudly and threw her hands up. "I guess I die now."

'Did you know you've been poisoned Host?' 'Why didn't you say something sooner?' 'I was telling the Host to collect the pebble.' 'Salvon take over!'

After a few seconds go by Susie changes, her robes turning dirt brown, her hair getting longer and looking like sand, and her skin grows slightly darker. Slowly getting up, she walks over to the pebble but stops halfway and stares back at the male elf before quickly plucking the pebble and running towards the direction of the city. The entire scene seemed odd and to some it could probably be described as slightly comedic.

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Liz was sitting high up in one of the trees, biding her time until she actually went into Kinumo. She'd never been there before. The Tree of Memory rose up over the forest, and she averted her eyes, looking back down to the floor. 

Apparently there were bandits in these woods, and one could never be too careful. Liz sighed and stood herself up, climbing down the tree and jumping the last few meters to the forest floor. Pulling out one of her daggers, she continued to walk. 

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Chad had been pacing back and forth in his lift for around an hour.  So what if the guild had taken all of his rations as tribute, it wasn't like he couldn't afford more.  But currently, he was starving!  How much longer would this journey take?  The lift was going at such an achingly slow pace that it might as well have not been moving at all.  Kinumo nowhere in sight, Chad decided to take his current situation into his own hands....or rather, wings.

Two jet black wings viciously sprouted from the large rips along the back of his trenchcoat, with such a speed that Chad immediatly took off into the air.  Unluckily for him, he was still inside the roofed lift, which he smashed head-on into.  Swearing profusely, Chad sank back down to the lift floor and then proceeded to leap out of a nearby window.  He stretched out his wings while gliding in the direction the lift cable snaked towards, wondering if his decision to join the Assassin's Guild was best.

The benefits of joining the guild greatly outweigh the downsides.  Although, from what I know, members can kill anyone except the more important members of a goverment or children.  The rule has reason to exist, but there may be an instance where breaking that rule would be the best and only option.  There isn't much point dwelling on the topic at the moment.  I should first focus on joining the guild.

After another few minutes, the village came into Chad's view.  "About time." he muttered, retruding his wings back into his shoulder blades as he landed.  Kinomu was quite busy, for obvious reasons.  Many people milled about, and the thought that many of the people here were capable of cold murder excited him.  For now, he would hide the fact that he had connections to a dragon, knowing that surprise is one of the most effective weapons to have in his arsenal.  It seemed that his entrance had gone unnoticed, thankfully.  He then casually walked up the path.  Stopping to look at the wares of a few vendors along the way, Chad's stomach suddenly decided to remind him that it required sustinance.  At Kinomu's outskirts, he noticed a pub busy with a large variety of people within.  The large sign hanging outside read Snowy's Pub.

"Finally, a place to rest up.  I'm hungry, and my feet are killing me." 

Chad entered the pub, and found the place busier than he had thought it would be.  Sitting down at one of the only chairs left, he ordered an appetizer and drink.  He had the feeling he would be waiting for quite some time.         

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In the pub, besides the usual rabble, sat a muscular woman wearing blue war paint. Having already entered the city, she figured it was best to relax at the local tavern, and possibly see about finding a place to stay. At the moment, however, she was enjoying a glass of ale along with some bread and cheese which she had bought at the market and offered to share with the guests around the table she was sitting at.

The newcomer to the pub did catch her eye as he entered. Based on the trench coat, she figured he wasn't a regular, or one of the assassins. One of the first things they taught newcomer assassins was probably something like, "don't wear a trench coat. It will have the opposite effect you want it to have," as noted by the warrior woman, and most likely many others, taking notice of the guest's suspicious choice of attire. She soon noticed the rips in the back, as well. 

She knew he had something to hide, but for the moment, she took another swig of her ale and tossed another hunk of cheese into her mouth. Every once in a while she looked back over to him, but focused on the table she was at, and continued telling the story she had begun before she got in, about the great lengths she once went to in order to catch a fleeing bandit.

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Some time later, a bartender finally brought Chad his food and drink.  With a gruff "thanks", he scarfed down most of his fried potato bites.  Taking a swig of some ale that had appealed to him earlier, Chad suddenly noticed a rather large woman seated not too far from himself.  He saw her glance at him.  Not thinking much of it, he listened in on her story that had drawn the attention of a few others.  Wait-she had looked at him again!  Chad chuckled.  What was this warrior woman trying to prove?

He put his hands behind his head, beginning to relax.  There was time to kill before the Assassin's guild began its recruitment.  Yawning, he figured that he should probably scope out the competition.  With his eyes open just a crack, he stared with inquisition at the woman who continued to talk about her bandit troubles.  Someone of her musculature normally wouldn't be able to sneak around very well, which would in turn make assassin work more difficult.  Without much care, he decided to see if she actually planned to join the Assassin's Guild.  A conversation would ease his boredom, and possibly give him some insight on a possible foe.

"You.  Woman with the big weapon and face paint.  What brings you here?  Are you some lone warrior who arrived at Kinomu to observe the gloriously violent festivities, or do you plan on joining the Assassin's Guild?"

@Baobhan Sith


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Already reaching the lift, Salvon looked as sad as she could be for an Earth demon. "I had to give away my shiny crystals all to make the Host stay alive." 'You know it was worth it right?' With a long silence between all of the demon, the lift reached the very top and they walked off towards a vendor stand being set up. To them it was weird to see a 'baby' store to be empty but more odd to see it be set up. Staring at the vendor stand for a little longer they quickly grew bored and walked off again however as they walked off their body became normal as they walked and the robes became the traditional eye hurting white,

As Susie walked around for a little she saw a pub and decided to walk in. If anyone was watching they'd see a hooded white robe wearing figure standing just one inch over five feet tall. Quietly she walked over to a table that stood off in the far corner with no one sitting at it until now. Remaining silent until she ordered anything sweet to drink from a staff member walking over to her which also led her to pay for the drink. She looked at the pubs patrons and saw only two that stood out, neither of which looking fully intimidating. The male in the ripped coat looking less scary than the woman with the face paint. 

Upon getting her drink, she picked it up and right before the bottle touched her lips she smelled something unfamiliar. It was alcohol, she figured that much but the sweet smell wasn't something she recognized. With a slight shrug she sipped it slowly the liquid surprisingly tasting surprisingly like berries. Despite not knowing what berries were used in the drink she knew exactly that they were berries.

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Liz leant against the edge of the lift, praying the damned thing would go the slightest bit faster. She was sure the list wasn't broken, but it still pissed her off. Why the hell would you build a lift that goes this slowly?

It felt like a day before she got out of the lift. (Redacted) useless. But she was here, anyway. Liz stepped out of the lift, pulling her hood up and hugging her coat more tightly to her. She hadn't anticipated it would be this cold. 

The streets were full. Completely full. Everyone was outside, probably getting ready. Liz wondered how they were so used to the temperature. She glanced around the street, before stopping someone she hoped to be a citizen of Kinumo.

"Where's a good place to warm up over here?"


She sighed, and repeated herself.

"That would be the Snowy's Pub, love. Just up the hill."

Liz nodded her thanks, continuing upwards. 

The temperature was steadily dropping, and she cursed herself for coming up here. Still, she had to join the Assassins Guild. It would be a lot better for trade. Soon enough, she reached a building with a sign saying 'Snowy's Pub' hanging from the side. 

She almost ran inside, greatful for the warmth. It was absolutely packed, but she managed to get through to the bar, slipping through breaks in the crowd. Liz quickly ordered an ale, sipping at it as she made her way to a table in the corner.

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Shalana came across Zeno looking after the strange floating female that was running ahead into the woods.  "What was that all about?"  Zeno shrugged in response, clearly not knowing or caring.  "Hey, let's go back to the campsite.  I forgot my birds."  

Zeno rolled his eyes.  "I don't give two shits about your birds." He paused for a moment, and then shrugged.  "But I do care about my scabbard.  I think I left it somewhere beside your useless birds."  

"They're not useless!  I'm going to be using them for future spying," she hissed angrily.  He rolled his eyes again.

They retrieved their possessions without further incident, and made their way to the lifts.  They were stopped before arriving, as they both knew they would be, and after giving up the coins and some other things they were on their way to the village of Kinumo.  

Shalana rode the lift with a pout on her face.  She was missing a certain birdcage, due to the fact that she hadn't gotten enough coin off of the dead bandits in the woods.  She had to give up the birds as tribute, and she wasn't happy about it.  They were on the lift with a crowd of others.  There was a shivering woman with a bald head, looking bored.  Zeno understood her boredom, for he was bored too.  He wasn't chilled, though he wasn't human either.  This female looked to be human.  

If the Bellfine siblings had been on the lift earlier, they would have seen the floating female departing it.  If they had been on the lift earlier than that, they would have seen a male with wings, become bored with the slow pace of the lifts and fly up to the village the rest of the way.  There were many sights to see here, and many more sights to come.  

They departed the lift after the female with no hair left it.  The first sight of Kinumo wouldn't actually be much to look at, if it weren't for all the bustle of the crowd.  The village was located against the side of a mountain, and there wasn't much room in the streets around the buildings for residents and tourists alike to be milling about.  The middle of the town had a wider expanse of streets, and this was where most of the crowd gathered.  There were vendors lined up against the buildings, fighting for space to sell their wares.  Some of it had baubles and trinkets, others had food and drink.  And then there were the booths with magical items for sale, rare herbs, silks and clothing, orbs and gems, as well as booths with fortune tellers.  The siblings walked past all of this, glancing at one thing or another quickly before moving forward.  

On down the village path they came to Snowy's Pub, which seemed to be the most popular place in the village at the moment, besides the village's center streets.  The noise of the inside could be heard far before you got to the tavern, and Shalana and Zeno looked at each other, before they both moved forward toward the building.  There were no words spoken, as if they both knew where to go without discussion.  

When first entering the building the noise was almost deafening.  It didn't take long to get used to the sounds though, and Zeno took a look around to find a table for them to sit at.  All the back tables against the walls had been taken already, which is the position that he most preferred to be in.  He'd rather not have someone he couldn't see at his back.  But a middle table was left with a couple of chairs vacant, and he quickly snatched them up.  Shalana brought two beer from the bar, and sat down at the table with both of them.  When Zeno went to take one of them, she pulled it out of his grasp.  "They're waiting to be paid," she indicated the bartender.  Zeno growled, but he knew she didn't have any coin when she had to give her last bird to get to ride the lift.  He went to pay, and when he came back she slid the beer over to him without another word.  

They heard a voice a little bit louder than the rest, and their interest was piqued when the male voice said,

22 hours ago, Monoxide said:

"You.  Woman with the big weapon and face paint.  What brings you here?  Are you some lone warrior who arrived at Kinomu to observe the gloriously violent festivities, or do you plan on joining the Assassin's Guild?"

"Did you hear that, Shalana?  Looks like I'm not the only one who's going to be joining the Assassins' Guild," Zeno said with a wicked smile.  

"MIGHT be joining, if you pass the trials, Zeno," she quickly corrected him.  "But yes, it looks like you might have some competition.... and did I hear him right?  Did he call this village Kinomu, instead of Kinumo?"  She snickered a little into her beer, and took a mighty swallow for someone of her small stature.  

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"So anyway, the bastard thinks that he can get away from me by climbing up a tree. Now I'm not really the tree climbing type, but if you remember, I had the hatchet with me. I did grab it to scare him but you know the thing you're meant to use it for is..." She stopped talking when the stranger addressed her.  

At this point she was able to get a better look at him as he drew the attention of the people at the table who had actually been listening to her story, since she was no longer telling it. She looked over at the man in the trench coat and smiled as she tried to get a clean view of his face, now that he actually facing her.

"I don't know. Currently I'm just having a drink here." She took a swig of her ale. "Do you want some cheese? I've got more than enough to share." In the middle of the table he could see that there was still half a wheel of cheese left and several slices of bread.



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The Pub was filled to capacity, and the assassin was trying to draw as much attention as possible.  

As a performer, however, this was perfectly normal, with many bringing their strange arts to earn their next destination. Although the combination seemed rediculous, he prided himself on the unexpected harmony of each of his professions.  They required much of the same skills, in fact:  Scoping locations, improvisation, disguise, and, silence, above all else.  The extra pay didn't hurt much either, and of course, there was the benefit of an easy excuse for travel, but that was ever second to the skewed poetry of it all.  

At the moment, he scoped out his potential upcoming competitors, perhaps soon to be rivals or allies, from his carefully constructed invisible box he was now trapped in, while under the cloak of a dozen smiles.

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Roxanne stood out a little more than she expected. But then again: red hair, red eyes, red lips so cherry-flavored you'd wanna ask to kiss them, why wouldn't she stand out? It didn't hurt to be a little bold, especially when you're surrounded by people you've never met before. Besides, the old hide-your-face-behind-a-hood thing was getting old. If assassins are so good at their job, then why even bother hiding your face?

There was a flicker in her eyes, like the innocent thrill of finding some newfound prey to eat. She's dropped herself in sea full of fish, and Roxanne started hunting. 

There was a good view of the pub from upstairs, a perfect spot to watch the drunks clink glasses and break them. She guised herself as a sleeping wanderer from the way she leaned dangerously far into her chair, a pair of leather legs stacked ontop her table, a white cattleman hat laying flat on her face. She blew a raspberry and focused on the noise to stay awake.

The whole scouting-for-some-fun sounds pretty boring, sure, and running around to buy people drinks sounded like a good idea, but in Roxanne's case: pubs are pretty much a red flag. As much as she'd like to head over to the bar to go flirt with the bartender, there was always a high chance of Roxanne being the flirt-tee. 

Then—it caught her eye. She landed on a target, maybe two, depending if they wanted to merge their tables. 

"Hey, stranger." 

She was seated across a dragoon. Her presence appeared out of thin air and she gave him a tip of a hat—maybe even a dangerous look as leaned back into her chair after putting her leg up.

"Or should I say, strangers?"

There was a piece of cheese in her hand, and a portion from his warrior friend's table was gone. Roxanne glanced at the woman, gave her a wink, and took a bite of the cheese.

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" She leaned forward, "good," and didn't let them answer, "so like,"

Roxanne squinted at the dragoon man. "What's up with the coat? You an exhibitionist or something?

"I'm kidding. That's what I heard from the other tables. You look a little sketchy, mystery man." A piece of bread materialized in her other hand like a magic trick. "I heard you guys were talking about the assassin guild. Any chance one of you guys are thinkin' bout' getting in?"

She spiraled an index finger towards the mystery man. "I'm guessin' you. Ready for cheerleader tryouts?" 
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Chad silently nabbed a hunk of cheese, and took a merciless bite out of it with his deadly jaws.  He supposed he might look a bit odd with such sharp teeth, but the plebeians surrounding him appear tough to crack.  All must fear his presence, and he'd make that happen with whatever means necessary.

The newcomer popped into existence, catching Chad off guard.  He didn't flinch.  Instead, he emptily stared her down, looking away only when she began to speak to him.

On 7/3/2019 at 12:16 AM, SweetCyanide said:

"What's up with the coat? You an exhibitionist or something?

He glanced down at her leg, and then shook his head.  Every move she made seemed to try and make him show weakness.  She asked too many questions, and left no room for answers.  Well, except for now.

He snorted.  "As if you aren't some seductive vigilante yourself.  I appreciate the humour you have, however. I happen to like my coat, thank-you-very-much.  I'll be taking part in whatever grand charade the guild plans to set us on, as it so happens."

 Realizing he had complimented the mysterious woman rather than insult her, Chad wanted his position to be clear.  His face turned solemn, speaking as if he were talking to the entire population of the pub.

 "And if you get in my way, any of you lot, I give my word. 

Your death will be slow, and oh-so painful."

Chad grinned sinisterly, and clasped his hands together upon the bar counter.  His threat was most definitely not an empty one.   "Kinomu is bringing the beast out of me, so no hard feelings if I DO end up killing any of you, though."  


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