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The Moon Bog [Artifact]

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Despite the rather embarrassing situation, Erin made sure to be next to Linda so that both of them would get taken by Naherin. Away from the oasis they went, and back out into the desert, the two frogs needing to have spend most of their time on the inside of a half-full canteen to prevent them from drying out and dying in the sun. It wasn't until they were well-out of the desert, when the transformation finally wore off, and Erin and Linda found themselves as women again. Lucky for them, the bandits had taken virtually everything of theirs, including their clothes, so they were able to change back into them promptly.

And yet, after all that trouble, there would be no payment from their client, who was obviously deceased now. Instead, all they had was the artifact, which Erin did not particularly want to keep. But Linda would not take it either, and since nobody in Restop seemed interested in buying it, Erin figured she would at least bring it back to Casper with her.

And so the adventure ended. Neither Erin, nor Linda, were any richer than they were before, but it had been a learning experience for them both, and not one they would soon forget...

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Minor Summary

Erin Hale and Linda Linda join a collector by the name of Rizzio as he sets out into the Zühl desert in pursuit of a lost artifact. Along the way, they fight and beat a group of bandits, and Erin and Linda learn of each-other's pasts. They arrive at the bog where the artifact is located and recover it, but accidentally get turned into frogs and have to get rescued by Linda's former associate, Naherin Weber.


A collector from Casper named Rizzio hires a pair of mercenaries to escort him out into the deserts of Zühl in hopes of acquiring a particular artifact for his collection. The mercenaries he contracts, Erin Hale and Linda Linda, join him at the Norkotian airfield outside of Casper, and fly out to the town of Restop. Here they acquire camels and set out into the desert.

Whilst in the desert, the little expedition is beset by bandits, and Rizzio's assistant is killed. Erin and Linda are able to kill the rest, however; after a brutal battle. Afterward, the two mercenaries take some time to talk to one another, during which time Erin shares her past with another person for the first time since she arrived in Valucre. Linda also shares her own backstory, speaking about the choice she made in becoming leader of the Blackspear Cartel and what it had meant for her. The two become friends as a result.

Eventually they arrive a strange oasis that is overrun with frogs and bugs, made even stranger by the fact that it is in the middle of the desert. Here they locate the artifact, a strange glowing orb of rock located at the bottom of the central pond. Both women strip and dive in, discovering the water has a strange effect on them the longer they are submerged in it. Erin recovers the orb and both surface, only to find that another group of bandits had tracked them, and captured and killed Rizzio while they were underwater. Hoping to defeat them with the orb's apparent power, Erin tries to channel the stone's magic energy, but succeeds only in accidentally transforming herself, and then Linda, into frogs. The bandits don't realize what has happened to the mercenaries, so they steal all their gear and camels, then leave.

While Erin and Linda remained trapped as frogs at the oasis, Naherin Weber, a former associate of Linda's, detects her former boss's presence, and travels out into the desert to find her. She happens to come across the bandits, who try to rob her. Naherin defeats the bandits and takes back the stolen animals and gear, then reaches the oasis. She then rescues Linda and Erin and brings them out of the desert, where the spell eventually wears off and they become human again. Erin reluctantly keeps the Moon Orb, as neither of them are able to be paid now that Rizzio is dead.

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