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Lore Articles - Elements of Culture

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Nifty little lore dump for the five regional cultures that make up the ancestral Matreyan and current Hyperian people.  Each region has their own cultural flavor that have contributed overall the shaping the Empire, which can be capitalized on. Users in the future can use these as a guideline towards creating a character in the Empire, future clan wars, and to better understand historical background surrounding the origins of the Matreyan people and their place in the new empire.


Zeva - Known for their political might, being the region to unify the five nations under Imperial rule.

Bhokuli - Beautiful, spiritual people that have had significant impact on medicine, magic and healing.

Doji - Proud and honorable, the Doji people are very dedicated to their military duties, laws, codes of conduct and honor.

Hului - These mountain people are as treacherous and wild as their homeland, preferring the comfort of their clans to posh imperial palaces.

Binaad - These desert nomads are infamous for their cunning raids and their ruthless ambition. They are perhaps the most lawless of the five.


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