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In Pursuit of God (Fury)

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Somewhere in the depths of Shi’s mind as Eiji and his mysterious friend establish a mental connection.

Cat loves food, meow meow meow, yeah cat loves food meow meow meoooooooow.

Shi, this is Eiji.

Cat loves foo—

There's a powerful vampire up ahead.

I didn’t consent to this!

It wants to fight me in a duel; don't ask me why. I have no idea if I can win, but we're not going to leave it to luck.

If it doesn’t kill you, I will for invading my personal space.

I want you to go and get Godfury ready to fly, and bring it here. If I haven't settled things with the bloodsucker by then, we'll use its firepower to blast it back to hell. I'm sending you my knowledge of airships. Oh, and you'll still be payed if I die, so complete your mission.

Hold the fuck on, you can’t just upload shit into my mind damnit, I’m not your backup cloud storage!

Good luck.

Fuck yo--!

Before Shi can finish making his eloquently and masterfully worded counterargument, he’s objection is cut short by an overwhelming amount of information being dumped into his mind all at once. A crippling headache drops him to both knees as he grips the sides of his face, his fingers digging into his temples and surrounding facial structures, as if to try to keep his skull from exploding.

With Eiji walking off, the gaggle of civilians turn toward Shi to find him incapacitated. Fear and discontent begin to work through the group, murmurs slowly increasing in volume until they are practical yells and shouts.

“Shut up.” Shi’s voice, laden with exhaustion and ire, cuts through the uproar bringing the group to silence. “I don’t know if you people forgot, but there are monsters everywhere. So maybe… don’t fucking talk.” Any patience the assassin might have had, has completely dried up thanks to the pulsating throbs of the headache.

Standing back up, Shi meanders over toward the old lady that had been leading them. “He’s off to fight vampires, or something equally stupid. We’re to continue heading toward Godfury.”

“Shouldn’t we –” The woman stops talking as she watches Shi’s visage transition into a glare. “Sorry… shouldn’t you go help him?”

“Nope, he has a death wish.”

“But he can’t do it alone.”

“And I can’t keep your gaggle of fucks alive and keep him alive at the same time, I don’t know what you want me to do, shit out a clone? We get Godfury in the air, we’ll perform an airstrike and murder/save him. You want to help him, get me to the stupid airship.”

“Fine, follow me.”

Shi falls inline with the rest of the group as they move from the main street and begin to weave through side streets and alleyways. Admittedly, the watchful eyes never let up on them, and the blood lusting gazes aren’t unnoticed by the group. However, for whatever reason, an attack never comes That of course doesn’t stop Shi from muttering profanities at Eiji, while swiveling his head from side to side as he glares daggers into his surroundings. “Stupid fucker. Fucking going to punch him in the dick.”

Whatever force compels the vampires to stay back has its obvious limits, as a few of the younger blood suckers begin to creep closer and closer to the rooftop edges, rewarding Shi with a rough idea of what he’s dealing with. There’s no doubt that they are surrounded, however, his concern is minimal.

At the end of the day, Eiji never gave him a direct or implied order to save their lives. The only instruction he was given was to retrieve the airship. If vampires decided to swarm, the assassin would absolutely abandon them to be devoured.

Stepping out from the side street, into a large opening, Shi looks past several layers of fence and up to three massive towers with a series of docking arms reaching into the heavens. Situated atop the towers, where three docking arms converge, is the largest of the airships. “I guess that’s the one he wants.”

Dropping his gaze from the airdocks, back to the fences and field, Shi releases an exasperated sigh. “One… two… three…. Thirty…. Sixty… a lot.” Giving up on counting, he walks away from the group to start circumnavigating the fence line. Skeletal remains stumble around, corpses shamble within, and ghouls, wights, and wraiths fight amongst themselves over what looks like a relatively fresh kill.

“I’m not paid enough for this.”

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Eiji chuckled to himself as he severed the mental connection with Shi; taking some juvenile pleasure in ignoring his complaints. The man was a fine assassin, but his personality was somewhat grating. Besides, given what he was about to do, he would take any small bit of fun he could.

Lesser men would have been intimidated as they walked the path to the dock; no doubt frightened of the scores of vampires hissing and scuttling just out of sight. The Clan head was obviously above that kind of fear, but he couldn't deny the palpable tension in the air. It was an effort to keep his hand away from his sword. Even the slightest provocation could set the lesser vampires off, so he just kept his hands at his sides and his eyes forward.

The Vampire Lord was a textbook case of how appearances could deceive. Frail as his the elder looked with his pale skin, sunken eyes, and emaciated build. Eiji knew that the creature in front of him was extraordinarily powerful. Until recently, he would have stood no chance against such a monster. But much had changed, and now he figured he at least had a chance of winning. 

"Why have you come here?" asked the Lord, voice almost a whisper.

"There is a powerful airship here," Eiji replied, "I wish to claim it."

Confusion clouded the vampires expression, "That is all?"

"Why else would I venture here?" 

"You're... shadow," it spat the word like poison, "It is usurper, destroyer. A mere echo of what it once was; but even that is more dangerous than most."

Eiji thought for a moment, then took a chance, "If you allow me to take my prize, there would be no need for us to fight."

Silence reigned for several long minutes before the Lord nodded, and then disappeared. Once it was gone the swarm began to recede back to their lairs; wordlessly commanded by the Elder.

"Can't believe that worked," Eiji muttered.

Then he once more started towards the docks.

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