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As maybe possibly promised, here is my third quest that I'm hosting in Yh'mi! And this is the big(ger) one too!

Did I really end up putting the interest check off this long? rip



Quest Description: It has been rumoured that the Saevion, a territorial, stag-like creature, can be calmed by anyone holding the Tempest Vine. Unfortunately, these vines are extremely toxic, and can kill anyone holding them for too long. The Order is seeking adventurers who are willing to verify these rumours. First, they have to locate the vine in the Whitewoods, find a way to harvest them safely, then anger a Saevion in order to test its effect. The Order will provide two pairs of impermeable gloves, which are also water-proof and fire-proof, to protect against the poisons of the vine.

Quest Level: B+

Recommended group number: 3 to 5.

Minimum thread length: 45 posts.

Creature level (refer to Booklet 2 - The Tomes): Level B. You might get attacked while searching for the Tempest Vine, and if it doesn't work to calm the Saevion, you will have 1700 lbs of angered muscle charging at you. Also, be careful not to touch the Tempest Vine with bare skin.

Storyteller: Not required.

Reward: You get to keep the gloves, and if you wish to, you can hunt the Saevion for delicious, good quality meat.

Venture into the Whitewoods, while trying not to die! Locate a particular variety of vine, then figure out how to harvest it without dying! See if it can be used to calm Saevion... without dying!

Is there a trend here? Definitely not! And hey, if this ends up succeeding... Saevion. Riders. ?

So anyways, I'm looking for at least two, and up to four other people to undertake this quest with me.

Also, as promised, @Ghastardly

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I have a plant based character who can virtually do anything with plant magic. What if I said she can make vine based hands, sorta like an extension, that can grab the other vines. It's not skin nor is deadly to her.

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@SteamWarden Logically speaking, that would probably work, but sometimes Yh'mi will throw logic out the window for the sole purpose of screwing you over! Regardless, it looks like you won't need the gloves. Good stuff.

@sheep you memeing at me boi, or are you wanting in on this?

@ticklefarte ?

Presuming that you're all joining in, that makes five (counting me) and we can begin!

The thread is already up, since I actually started it before this and then put this check off... ? Link below!


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