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Do you RP just for love of RPing, or do you have a love for writing?

Do you RP on Val mostly because you love roleplay, or mostly because you love writing?  

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  1. 1. Do you RP on Val mostly because you love roleplay, or mostly because you love writing?

    • I write out RP mostly because I love RP!
    • I write out RP mostly because I love writing!

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I'm kinda torn on this question and I no longer roleplay/write on Val but for me the two are inseparable.

At one point in my roleplaying lifetime one person came along to help me think beyond "roleplay is writing". Off Topic crafted images and videos in his posts and it kinda clicked with me: roleplay isn't just writing and doesn't have to be.

Yet, I'm predominantly a writer-roleplayer, one who listens to music just about always and tries to incorporate that 'not just writing' music element into my IC posts, but it's still mostly text. Valucre is no different than any other rp site I've been to when it comes to roleplay-writing. I love writing, I love roleplaying, and fusing the two is so insanely wonderful that I wish novel authors knew about it and tried it. Imagine King or GRRM or who-have-you roleplaying. It's just...it's its own beast, it really is.

All in all, Valucre has been a stellar outlet for my roleplaying/writing urges. It has provided me time and again with awesome people to write with, ideas for new characters and stories, suggestions for improvement, and so as I loved to write, loved to roleplay I also came to love Valucre.

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