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Genesaris Quest Center

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The Genesaris Quest Center (GQC) is the beating heart of the continent's vast adventure network. Given the sheer size of the continent and the various empires and nations that call it home, the GQC operates independently of these numerous governments, reaching across all borders to find the absolute best talent for any posted request, and also provide the optimal challenge for any adventurer or explorer.

This thread will serve as a universal quest hub, for both major establishments/areas (cities, outposts, etc.) and individuals (players). This original post will serve as a master list while the rest of the thread can be used to form parties and groups.

If you are posting a series of quests for an establishment/area or for an individual player, please be sure to clearly state which at the top of your post. Make sure the requirements, expectations, and rewards for each and every quest are clearly defined, and if the quest is/isn't repeatable. You should only post once [1], and from there you will be able to edit your post to add, remove, or edit quests at your leisure. Contact @King after any modification, and I will post in the updates thread letting people know changes have been made.

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Port Caelum Quests


Quest Rules
Created by Supernal
Minor edits by Akako Akari

  1. PM (Akako Akari) before undertaking a quest so I can update availability.
  2. Include a [QUEST] brack in your thread title for easy visual tracking.
  3. Each post should contain a minimum of 200 words and each quest should be a minimum of 15 posts in order for it to be canonized. 
  4. Rewards include: Influence Points, Prestige Points, IC loot from me and ones that you can determine.
  5. Rewards can include: canon changes to the setting, special materials acquisition, or generic IC spoils.
  6. When complete, go through canonization process and PM (King and Akako Akari) in order for the quest to be canonized and to receive points and IC loot if applicable. 

The following Quest Prompts are designed to further the expansion of Akako’s territory by a variety of means. The details of the quest are open for interpretation by the players or the appointed/selected GM. If you select a quest on your own, you’re encouraged to use the Water Cooler to post an Interest Check to see if there are others that would like to join the quest. 

Important Links

Genesaris Rules of Engagement: https://www.valucre.com/topic/41147-genesaris-rules-of-engagement/

Lore Page - Port Caelum:



Quest Classes

Class D (Very Easy) 
Class C (Easy) 
Class B (Medium) 
Class A (Hard) 
Class S (Crazy)  


Quest Prompts

Class D : An Army Marches on its Stomach [Repeatable] - Logistics is the most important aspect of war and knowing this, Akako has sent out scouts, engineers, and a small contingent of soldiers to capture farms, natural resources, and set up outposts on the way to and near her targets. 

Class D  Renovations and Improvement [Repeatable] - Forcing its way into the geopolitical stage, Port Caelum is on the cusp of greatness. In order to facilitate the physical and political growth, Akako has commissioned a number of engineering firms to make economical, defensive, and cosmetic improvements to the city's infrastructure.

Class D : Crushing the Insurrection [Repeatable] - Not all inhabitants are happy with Akako’s decisions, a small group of objectors are steadily growing louder and more bold. It seems like it is only a matter of time before they turn violent. One way or another, these individuals must be silenced.

@Lacernella Rubra - In Progress 

Class D : Recon [Repeatable] - Tensions are increasing between Taiyōmichi and Datsuzoku. Akako needs more information on any items Datsuzoku may have in their possession and if they are preparing for any attack. Set up outposts near all of their known territories.

Class D : Keeping the Peace [Repeatable] - Acquisition of new territory is the easy part, keeping the new subjects placated is not. Find a way to help the masses accept Akako as their leader, remove those that refuse.

Class D : Recon of Genesaris - Before any good war can be carried out, it is imperative that a kingdom knows what it is fighting against. In order to facilitate the war effort, Akako has ordered that spies be sent to infiltrate the inner workings of the various cities, villages, and towns of the continent.

Class D : Gaining Land [Repeatable] - With Port Caelum officially separated from the Scarlet Empire, Akako is looking to expand. The entire coast along the Cold Mountains is currently unoccupied. Look for usable land to place sentry towers or farms. Survey the land and create a report to return to Akako that details resources gained from the plot claimed. 

Class C : Networking [Repeatable] - The population is growing rapidly in Port Caelum which as led to a need for more resources. Establish relationships outside of Genesaris specifically to trade goods in order to sustain the growing population. 

Class C : Forging Alliances [Repeatable] - With war approaching, Port Caelum will need investors and allies to join in the coming battles. Akako needs an emissary to travel to neighboring continents to track down foreign leaders to obtain additional military and financial support. 

Class C : All Roads Lead to Akako [Repeatable] - Lakes, rivers, and roads are invaluable resources. If Akako is to maintain them, she needs the funding. Establish checkpoints, locks, and roving patrols to collect taxes from those that use the infrastructure. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t hers just yet, it will be.

Class C : Sanctions and Blockades Part I - Umbrige Isle and the Shievar Mountains are excellent staging area for expansion. Establishing a permanent self sufficient military presence will allow Akako to apply pressure to St. Desolates from all sides.

Class C : The Propaganda Machine [Repeatable] - Perception is reality, and a little propaganda can go a long way to strengthen one’s cause while also weakening the opposition. Be it with publications in the Daily Weekly, Protests and Rallies, or any other method, seed the world with doubt about their own leaders, while convincing them that life couldn’t be better in Port Caelum.

Class C : Reopening the Mines Part II - Ore is one of the primary exports for Port Caelum; however, a large part of the caverns have not been explored to identify new resources due to the mysterious deaths of the miners. With the mines safe again to work again, there are many new resources to discover. 

Class B: Capturing New Territory [Repeatable]  - Be it the Cold Mountains, Mt. Fulgur, Cavern of Blades, Velhatien Desert, Abyssal Enclave, Bloodstone Marsh, Bloodmage Mountains, or the Shienvar Mountains, there is land to be had, resources to claim, and taxes to be levied. Expedition parties have been commissioned by Akako to establish a permanent presence in these locations, for future exploitation, as well as a launching point for further expeditions.

Class B: Second Chances [2x Repeatable] - Criminals can be an invaluable resource, and everyone deserves a second chance. Reyer City Prison and Wicker City Prison both have criminals. These are resources to be tapped. 

Class B: Quests throughout Genesaris [Repeatable] - The benefit of seeding goodwill is immeasurable. It is for this reason that any Genesaris quest that is completed, that benefits the empire -- and Akako-- can also be turned in to Akako for fame and recognition.

Class B: Reopening the Mines Part I - For a time, the portion of the Cold Mountains at the back of Port Caelum were being mined for ore; however, upon accidentally breaching a wall leading to the Labyrinth Caves, there was an increase in mysterious casualties which led mining operations to be suspended. Work with one of the Legion’s lieutenants to ensure the mines are safe.  [A DM must be assigned for this quest] 

Class A: Negotiate their Surrender [Repeatable] - Not all lands must be conquered by force. As an envoy of Akako you have been tasked with negotiating the surrender of Union City, Aelindra City, Shrine City, Joran City, Mageside, Coastal Grande, Mezthaluen, Strider City, Raven’s Landing, Dragonsoul Summit, Stormward, and other towns. The only acceptable terms is getting them to fully incorporate into the empire, anything else means war.

Class A: There Can Be Only One - In order to bolster Port Caelum’s economic power, an order has been given for a covert raid to be carried out. The target is Port Kyros. Whatever destruction befalls the port, it must leave them completely incapable of conducting trade.

Class A: Sanctions and Blockades Part II - (Sanctions and Blockades Part I must be completed first) With Umbridge Isle and Shienvar Mountains under the empire controls, access to St. Desolates has been completely cut off. Either negotiate their surrender or take them by force.

Class A: Sanctions and Blockades Part III - (Sanctions and Blockades Part II & There can only be one must be completed first) Capturing St. Desolates has afforded the empire additional resources. With Port Kyros out of commission now is the time to strike at Antigone. One way or another, the island must be taken.

Class A: Gathering Items [Repeatable x1 per OC] - Genesaris is known to host many powerful items. Akako is paying a hefty sum for the acquisition of any of the Legendary Weapons, Genesar Cornerstones, and/or The Beast Flute. Track down the location of the item and take it by any means necessary. [A DM must be assigned for this quest]

@Lacernella Rubra - (The Beast Flute - Completed


Class S: Gathering Items [Repeatable x1 per OC] - Genesaris is known to host many powerful items. Akako is paying a hefty sum for the acquisition of any of the Legendary Weapons, Genesar Cornerstones, and/or The Beast Flute. Track down who is now in possession of the item and take it by any means necessary. [PvP quest]

Edited by Akako Akari
8/27/2019 - Update

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New Union Frontier’s Quests


Quest Rules

  1. DM Twitterpated with interest in any particular quest prior to beginning one. Please title your message with the title of the quest of interest.

  2. Each quest post should contain a minimum of 250 words, and a minimum of 15 posts to be considered for completion. Not that the post requirement might be greater dependent upon the severity of the quest and its rewards.

  3. Rewards vary from agreed upon prior to quest start and/or loot obtained IC from said quest.

  4. When the quest is finished, complete the canonization process by DMing Twitterpated and King.


Quest Log


Class D


Harvesting Elemental Stones (Repeatable): In the wake of the most recent magestorm, which spent most of its landfall in the comfort of the New Union Frontier, the Imperial forces have been tasked with gathering the Elemental Stones left in its wake. Rumor has it that the Emperor has a reward for those willing to donate stones of their own gathering.


Class C


Acquiring Korenia Root: Being that the root is exclusive to the West, the Datsuzoku are eager to acquire Korenia Root in order to research it more closely and perhaps even try and replicate the plant’s growth in the New Union Frontier. Any samples are requested to be delivered directly to Doctor Chiryo over at the Kurama Medical Facility found in the New Union City.


Acquiring Runestones: With unclear relations with the East, the Dynasty is weary of sending it’s forces into the cold mountains to search themselves. As a result, the Datsuzoku are offering rewards for any and all varieties of Runestone in which compensation varies based on the overall haul being considered.


Class B


Stryder Hunting: Stryderian Scales are known for their uncanny ability to blend nigh perfectly into darkness. The Datsuzoku Dynasty is offering compensation for hides of these creatures based on their condition and weight in pounds. Greater rewards are available given that one if gifted enough in trapping to actually find, catch, and deliver a handful of these creatures live.


Class A




Class S


The Genesar Cornerstones: After learning of the Cornerstones, the Emperor has grown eager to get his hands on one. Any information concerning these stones stands to be handsomely rewarded, so long as the information can be deemed as not only valid, but useful. One could only imagine the gratitude the Dragon Emperor might hold for one willing to gift him an actual stone.

The Lost Blades of Power: These sacred blades are said to hold some of the greatest power of all the artifacts in Genesaris. Any information concerning these swords stands to be handsomely rewarded, so long as the information can be deemed as not only valid, but useful. One could only imagine the gratitude the Dragon Emperor might hold for one willing to gift him an actual sword.

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