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New Beginnings (TW)

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Ren was unsure how to react to such generosity. Of course he was grateful for the Empresses efforts, only an ingrate of the highest order wouldn't be, but no one had ever gone to such lengths for him or his school. Naturally he was aware of potential political maneuvering on her part. War was a distinct possibility in the Empires future, and having powerful warriors on her side would be a boon. Though technically sworn to neutrality in such matters, Tiandi Wushu would not be able to stand idly by if Port Kyros was invaded. Furthermore, their policy of teaching any who wish to learn meant it was possible that he might train members of the Hyperion military. 

But even taking such things into consideration, the service she was providing for the school and his students was invaluable. He had expected to live in semi-transience for at least a few months while they got back on their feet. That his students would know a bit of material comfort after the hardship they endured during their travels warmed his heart. 

The Shangdi bowed his head, extending both hands clenched in front of him, "Your kindness is greatly appreciated Your Highness."

When he and his students were later left alone, he would turn to his students.

"I suppose we shall regroup for mealtime. Remember that though we have been shown great kindness, we are guests here," A small smile crept over his features, "But do enjoy yourselves. You've earned it."

Bowing slightly to Trey and Kotori, he then had his attendant show him to his room.

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