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Lore Dump - Queendom of Hyperion

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The Sovereign City



"Our sun sets to rise again"


Hyperion has been built situated on the southern tip of the Wicker Mountains and sweeping into the Vicarian Highlands.

      Elevation            1,345 metres (4,411 ft)

      Prominence       1,344.527 m (4,411.18 ft) 

      Population         664,046; 99,606 Enlisted

The sun-dappled forests of Hyperion are a four-season wonderland. Rich blooms of springtime wildflowers come in all colors and sizes, while brilliant Emeri flowers light up the high-elevation meadows in summer. Autumn brings its own fiery rewards with quilted hues of orange, burgundy and saffron blanketing the mountain slopes. In winter, snow-covered fields and ice-fringed cascades transform Hyperion into a serene, cold-weather retreat. Hyperion commands an elevation high enough to see the Rising West as a mesmerizing backdrop, harboring more biodiversity than any other forests in west. 4 miles west is a trail that leads to the tranquil Great Lake. The Wicker Mountains offer breathtaking views of the Great Northern Sea, with the Kingdom of Alethea to the west. On a clear day, it's possible to see the Cold Mountains, the highest peaks in Genesaris.


Hyperion sprawls 10 miles in nearly every direction from its high rise plateau. A meshing of Matreyan, Terran and Genesar culture pepper Hyperion, which is officially known as "the Rising Kingdom" supposedly because it sits on a visible ridge. Arcadia hosts all the splendor of the regency and nobility. The newly built Corinthia district proudly hosts the new-found reputation for civic and militaristic domains, while Kastoria is sprinkled with several fine institutes of learning and cultural understanding. Messenia holds its reputation for being a powerhouse in research and development, while the famous Laconia district hosts a colorful array of businesses and merchant guilds. Beyond the walls of the city lay the four quaint villages that are quietly budding to life: Athadas, Vinosea, Imradel, and Brehill.


Hyperion climate features warm summers and cool winters with a narrow annual temperature range. There is no dry season in this section, precipitation ranging from moderate to heavy, and the forests are temperate.

Celebrate-Life-Nameda Cockatrice-RJ-Palmer Sea-Serpent-Simon-Buckroyd


Flora and Fauna

Hyperion is a magical place to reconnect with nature. Days here are spent hiking past shimmering waterfalls and traversing well-worn paths alongside boulder-filled mountain streams, followed by evenings dining in the Atrium of Lights as stars glimmer overhead. The city's abundant plant and animal species create memorable opportunities for wildlife-watching, whether seeing Braix grazing in the early morning light, watching the eerily glowing Chelae skitter down the mountains in the dead of night, hunting wild Calcatrix or perhaps admiring the Imperial Gardens and swooning over the scarlet brilliance of the Red Maple trees, or the various species of the Imperial Lotus bred by Raveena herself.


A marriage of the remnants of Matreyan culture and the Terrenus way of life was at first met with resistance in the west. The Matreyan culture, once regaled for its connection to the elements, the patient understanding of the value of life was marred by decades of slavery and genocide, leaving much of its culture undefined and in ruins.

Many of the holidays, minor religions and customs are predominantly Matreyan, with major Terran influences. Many of these religions, customs and superstitions are celebrated and taught based on varying beliefs and influences. Since its relocation in the west, there are bits of Genesar flavor in Hyperion's culture--giving birth to a new and dominating influence.


By welcoming in and rehabilitating liberated slaves, Raven has formed a system that allows immigrants to gain their citizenship by learning a trade that the city can benefit from. By focusing on supporting local economy, the city has thrived on business while maintaining amicable relationships with neighboring towns and cities as well as abroad. Several forms of currency can be found, brought over from the city's original denizens of Sigil City and Matreya.

Hyperion's main export lies in minerals, gemstones, metals and alloys from the mountain and various types of lumber both mundane and magical from the forests. It's major import is seafood from the coast.

For more information on the Hyperion Economy, see Chapter III of Kingdom, Rising: Concerning the Economy

Fantasy-Crystal-Alok-Kumar              Dragon-Fish-Maureen-Older

Landmarks and Monuments

Kastoria — Academic District

Bravot Library: A vast, public library that was supplied by the late Thomas Bravot, Master Librarian that was better known as the Count Zantara. Housed in an elusive building rumored to be very much alive, all of his books and findings are categorized by various subjects in various languages from across the Multiverse. For those seeking knowledge, one can consult the Articat Mephisto and the Book of Descendants

Messenia — Warehouse District

THRIVE Branch: A branch of the illustrious T.H.R.I.V.E. Initiative in Thraece, these clusters of offices serve as a place of business for Genesar-based THRIVE volunteers who branch out and assist in rehabilitating Terran lands.

Laconia — Trade District

The Sadira Amar: A tea house by day, a popular Tavern by night. The Sadira Amar sits on top of a forge. Visit to get a feel for the local life. Find companions, build relationships and set off to take the city by storm.

Hyperion-Market Sadira-Amar-Tea-and-Tavern Bravot-Library-2


The Enforcers - Exclusive to Raveena. Many of the original Enforcers from Sigil City followed her to Valucre when she was promoted to their General and later Commander. Enforcers are volunteering Civilians who wished to have basic military training and law enforcement training to keep the streets safe.

The Aralim - The Imperial Military, encompassing the Alethea Air Force and the Genesarian Naval Fleet as well as the Queensguard. This superior force serves as the military strength of the Hyperian Empire.

The Web - A wetworks asset spearheaded by the King Consort himself, Rowan better known as Agent Spider has retained the best agents in the field to work under him in the shadows. A retinue of talent of the highest caliber, these refined individuals mix style, class and lethality with efficiency.


Education is free, though taxation is higher to sustain this balance. Those who focus on their trade or work over their education come off as having more of an empirical mindset about the city's workings. Hyperion boasts the budding vocational institute, the Hyperion Academy. Intent to rehabilitate and have her people thrive, Raveena herself invested in their education, focusing on the written and spoken language, creating a renaissance for the next generation and giving birth to the visual arts that dominate the city to this day.


Roads and Highways: Hyperion sits several miles from major highways, but has constructed several local roads that cascade down the mountain and spread into the Rising West and beyond.

Rails/Subways: None

Riverways: Agris River is the nearest river, eventually leading to the mouth of Ballard Bay.

Cab: Transportation in Hyperion is chaotic and varied. The most common method is by foot, the rik'shaa, as well as spellcycles.

Private: Personal mounts such as Thestrals, Horses, Dire Beasts, and Wyverns are scattered among the population. Upperclass citizens that can afford one have motorized bikes and/or spelled vehicles. On the rarest occasion, outside of the Noble Houses, a personal airship is used as a method of transportation.


Notable Residents


House Senaria - The Imperial Family of Rowan and Raveena, who consider Hyperion their home. Considered small by some standards, the Emperor and Empress are pleased with the diverse directions their children are taken. Though Grant is a step-child to Raveena as Rowan's eldest son, she is known to spend a great deal of time with him as though she were his own--and if you asked her, she'd say he was!

Johari Ponsky - Chief Captain of the Hyperian Enforcers - Johari is a burly, dark-skinned man whose merchant parents saw to his exposure to Sigil from an early. His former Captain died in the assault of Infiltrators from Ertai's second invasion, and Raven promoted him mid-attack. He is what is known as a Negator: Johari specializes in negating magic and disrupting psionic fields of influence within a three foot radius. He joined the Enforcers after Ertai's first invasion that dismantled the Mage's Guild. When he is not on duty, he maintains a jovial personality. Beware: when Johari is on duty, he is a no-nonsense force to be reckoned with.

Vera Dafina - 1st Lieutenant of the Hyperion Enforcers  - A young, frail-looking woman who is native to Sigil hailing from The Guildhall Ward. She rose to take Ponsky's position as Lieutenant, when he took on the late Captain Bernadine's. She is a mage who specializes in Storm magic--with a concentration on electro-static discharge. She can alter the severity of her ability by calculating the amperage to voltage ratio. She joined the Enforcers after discovering corruption among Magi, which Ertai later took advantage of. Do not let her meek appearance fool you; Despite her willowy frame and lack of physical endurance--she very crafty and deadly with her mage skills. Dafina is always the first to volunteer for interrogation and execution duties.

Sabine "Ironstride" Fenvaris - Imperatrix of the Aralim - The fierce battle mage and Imperial Agent of the Ar'el. Born from an Velhatien and Patia bloodline, Lady Sabine is the first Lady Knight of Hyperion that is both colored and openly gay. She has a fierce temper and a foul mouth when provoked, but retains a keen eye and a sharp wit about her. She cares a great deal about her fellow Enforcers and trainees, as she received all her formal combat training from the cross training between the Order of Force Majeure and the Enforcers. She earned the title Ironstride for the conviction with which she walks and the manner of her fortitude, proving to be more than just a pretty face on the battlefield.

Hyperion History and Canon;

Arcadia's Foundation - A newly minted Queen with displaced refugees that survived mass genocide has vowed to fulfill a god's wager and make her mark in the Terran world by forging a city that would be the beginning of restoring her people to their former glory.

Kastoria's Foudation - As the foundation is laid for Hyperion, Kastoria moves forward with plans to house the educational district of the city. After a fire rages through the city, threatening to burn all their efforts down, the heroes of Hyperion swoop in to put an end to the terrifying flames, and soldier on to fortify the district anew.

Messenia's Foundation - After a routine inspection goes awry and the forge collapses, Vera, Jed, Orion and crew race against time and danger to find Lumi and Mila, who snuck onto the abandoned construction site and were caught in the collapse. Upon their successful extraction and getting plans underway to cut down on the Chelae threat, Raveena brings Lumi and Mila in for questioning on what they found beneath the surface.

Laconia's Foundation - A sinister group assaults the Laconia district, known for its business and agricultural dominance. In a gruesome fight to protect its citizens, Sabine and Orion team up to lead the group to safety. Despite notable losses on both sides, Laconia makes it safely to their new home and prospers, though the silence over the months from the group is troubling.

Kaess Festival of Lights - As Queen Regent Raveena hosts the Festival of Lights, an unknown fire entity with a personal vendetta attacks to draw out the local Matreyan sun God Arun'daeraa. As chaos erupts in the streets and the city fights to secure itself, Sabine tangles with the Keeper who steals Efrideet's soul, setting her on a dark path of vengeance. As Ifrit takes Arun'daeraa's heart and departs, the city is left to recover from the attack and tragedy, with funerary plans underway.

  • We Honor the Dead - Following the Aftermath of the Parade of Worlds, an impressive funeral is held to honor the dead, and the Exhibition Matches continue as scheduled.
  • Ethic vs Glory Be - The first of the four exhibition matches displays the unyielding force of Glory Be, leaving the audience to wonder how Ethic will respond in kind.
  • Sabine vs ??? - Perhaps the most highly anticipated match showcasing the might of the city's Peacekeeper, it was met with a disappointing end--Sabine's opponent never arrived!
  • Wexley vs Neal - A riveting match between two opposing forces of nature. At the end of the day, Wexley conceded to spare her pet's life.
  • Arashi vs Jinsoku - Dragon versus Knight, Jinsoku prevailed with a single punch!

When It Rains, It Pours - Queen Raveena and her city council officials prepare to receive an alarming number of displaced citizens, who survived the traumatic supernatural event that decimated Ashville to ruins.

The Sowing of The Neverend Plague - Iblis Faust pays a visit to an antique shop where he strikes a deal to start a plague with Claudette Virga Von Ja'Guthra Talia.



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The Garden City of Brehill


The Emerald Heart of the Forest

grey?text=HEADER IMAGE
Deus Ex Aizen
Lore Quests AMA

Considered one of the wonders of the Hyperian Empire, Brehill is a city unique in the fact that it has entirely rejected technology, instead finding ways to compensate with magic. Located at the center of a massive, spell-enhanced forest, Brehill has no man made buildings; Instead, were one to wonder amidst the varied foliage, they would notice that every building in the city looked as if it had been grown as trees. Maintained and grown by the Vine Mages as necessary, Brehill is a constantly evolving city that refuses to damage the forest in exchange for growth. Boasting of dirt roads and an abhorrence for technology, Brehill’s people are surprisingly clever and compassionate, holding their city open for any who would with to enter provided that they respect the laws.


Being that it is located in a forest, Brehill’s weather is surprisingly amicable to any who would come. Once faced with an issue of overwhelming humidity, the Vine Mages found a way to control the amount of water in the air by cultivating certain flowers all across the city, which allows them to control the amount of moisture absorption throughout the city. The typical temperature of the city varies between 70-82 fahrenheit daily, with fairly frequent days of rainfall. At night, however, the weather is found to drop drastically, often between 45-50 fahrenheit.

grey?text=Flora grey?text=Fauna (land) grey?text=Fauna (sea)


Flora and Fauna

Brehill, due to its location in the center of the forest and the careful cultivation of the Vine Mages, has some of the most varied and desirable plants throughout the Hyperian Empire. From the gargantuan trees that surround the forest, to the plant that stand guard against those who would do the city harm, to the precious plants used in poultices and potions, the sheer variety of plants is hard to grasp for those of foreign birth.


Starlight Tree

Scattered across the Jade Forest, the Starlight Trees are known for their deceptive beauty and the opioid spores they release into the forest. A primary method of defense for the forest itself, the Starlight Trees gather nutrients through its roots and with the energy gathered through photosynthesis to catalyze into extremely mind-altering spores. Created by the Vine Mages in order to scramble the minds of those who’d harm the forest, the trees are a highly effective method to diffuse a threat without violence.

Ironwood Tree

Located in the Easternmost half of the Jade Forest and heavily protected by the Vine Mages, the Ironwood Trees are amongst the most prized possessions of the Garden City. Bespelled to absorb iron and steel elements through their roots, these trees are extremely resilient and used to make the weapons and armor of the Vine Mages and the Daughters of Thaus.

The Early Riser

Adapted by the Vine Mages from Eastern Skunk Cabbages, these plants are found within every domicile in Brehill. Capable of generating temperatures of up to 70 Fahrenheit, these plants are used to compensate for the lack of fire’s heat during the colder days.

Piranha Roses

Planted in concentrated beds throughout the Jade Forest, the Piranha Roses were created to protect the forest against foragers. Sentient creatures and the primary weapons of the Vine Mages, these flowers are known for eating away at flesh, quickly breaking apart those who fall into the rose beds and returning their bodies to the forest as nutrients. Extremely territorial and protective of the Jade Forest and its denizens, the Piranha Roses are known to attack any who would think to take anything from the forest without permission.

Blood Roses

Used primarily by the medicinal sect of the Vine Mages, the Blood Roses were cultivated for situations where the medics need to remove blood from their patients’ bodies. Boasting of extremely sharp needle-like thorns, these white roses change color as they absorb blood from their intended target.

Sun Pearls

Cultivated as a primary export for Brehill on order of the Hyperian Empire, Sun Pearls are roughly the size of a singular grape. Woven with magic from the Vine Mages and cultivated in nutrient-rich soils, these little fruits can serve as emergency rations for those in military forces, or merely as an alternate form of nutrition. It is said that a singular Sun Pearl can satisfy a normal man’s nutritional requirements for a meal. Although no one can quite compare their taste, some have compared these fruits to something akin to a sweeter berry.

Harvester Trees

Created with the purpose of honoring those who are nearing the end of their cycle, the Harvester Trees are located throughout the Jade Forest sparingly. Emitting a scent that calls to those who are dying, whether they are animals or humanoid beings, the Harvester Trees wrap their roots around those drawn to it, draining the blood from their veins and lulling them into a gentle, dreamless sleep. As those who are within the roots pass on, the tree absorbs their carcasses and brings their nutrients back into the earth. Pelts and bones found amidst the roots are reutilized to build things and clothing, and the blood harvested by the trees give life to the Blood Apples.

Blood Apples

Although very similar to their normal counterparts, the Blood Apples boast of a dark, lusterless outer skin due to the high concentration of blood absorbed into each fruit. Although lacking in nutritional value for those whose dietary needs do not primarily consist of blood, these apples have found themselves to be a popular export for the vampire populations of Genesaris. Additionally, the medical sect of the Vine Mages have found that by mashing the fruits into a pulp, they can extract enough clean blood for those in need of transfusions.


The Moving Flytrap




Jade Tiger


Silver Stags



Raised amidst the forest, the elves of the Garden City have a great reverence for nature and its inhabitants. Taught to cherish life around them, the elves that originally founded Brehill are extremely welcoming of those who are seeking to live as one with nature. As a result, the population of Brehill does offer some variety, although they are predominantly elves. As a sign of their fervent devotion towards nature and animal life, the inhabitants of Brehill do not eat meat, although they are not opposed to animal byproducts such as milk and eggs. A primarily matriarchal society, the city is headed by the family that represents Thaus’ (The Matreyan Goddess of Earth and Oaths) will on earth. Flanked by the Silver Huntress (Head of the all female Daughters of Thaus) and the Green Vizier (Head of the Vine Mages), the triumvirate looks after the city’s overall wellbeing.


Exports: Unsurprisingly, the myriad of plants grown around Brehill server as the primary exports of the city. Famously, the Sun Pearls have become a highly sought after good native of the Garden City, along with leaves of the Starlight Tree (used for recreational drug use). Additionally, recent uprisings have seen an increase in demand for various herbs with medicinal applications, and some of the Spellsung Swords created by the Vine Mages.

grey?text=Import grey?text=Import 2

Notable Locations

The Emerald Temple

Located at the very center of the city, the Emerald Temple is perhaps the oldest building in Brehill. Boasting of three different stories within the old tree’s trunk, the first floor of the temple serves as a gathering place for those who worship Thaus. The second floor, which generally remains empty for long periods of time, serves as Housing for the Daughters of Thaus and their leader, the Silver Huntress. The third floor houses the Royal Family, as well as the only entrance to the Heart of the Forest.

The Heart of the Forest

Located above the Emerald Temple and guarded by the Royal Family, the Heart of the Forest is the gem through which the magic that sustains the entire forest is channeled. Whether linked to Thaus, or some other source of Arcane Energy, not even the eldest members of the city seem to know where the Heart came from. A beautiful green stone enshrouded by magical golden vines that surround it, it is said that only those whom it chooses may wield the full might of the forest.

The Jade Tiger Inn

Located inside of one of the biggest trees in the city, the Jade Tiger Inn is a place that has been home to many a weary traveler. Boasting of a fine selection of alcoholic beverages, comfortable rooms with access to animals if they wish to rest, and a wide array of local foods, the Jade Tiger Inn has become an unofficial epicenter of the city where most gossip and gatherings are held.

The Glowing Gardens

Located in the northernmost part of the city, the Glowing Gardens are a popular area for quiet meditation and time spent with families. Littered with naturally occurring glowing mushrooms, the beauty of these gardens has quickly become one of the most famed sites throughout the Hyperian Empire.

The Vine Keep

Primarily built out of stones and old logs, the Vine Keep seems to be a misnomer until one is granted entrance to the building. Seeming to be an extension of the forest itself, the inside of the Vine Keep is covered in moss, vines, and folliage, allowing those who dwell within to live and breathe as a part of the forest. Home of the Vine Mages and their head, the Green Vizier, the Vine Keep has several subterranean floors that allow for experimentations for the betterment of the forest, housing for the Vine Mages, and an entire hospital ward for those whom they are treating.

The Singing Roses

Located near the Vine Keep is a garden that encompasses the equivalent of two trees’ worth of land. Therein, one finds a variety of gigantic roses from natural to supernatural colors. It is said that at the stroke of midnight, if one sits in the center of the garden they can hear the roses sing amongst themselves.

The Lavender Falls

Located at the westernmost corner of the Brehill city limits, the Lavender Falls derive their color from the fallen petals of the lavender plants that have slowly infused themselves in the water over the years. Their purple waters are found to be an extremely calming balm for those whose hearts are in despair, even used to produce some of the local wines.

The Elven Market

Located in the center of Brehill’s merchant quarters, the Elven Market is a place where people can find several magical and foreign baubles. From swords entirely made out of wood, and yet not devoid of edge, to cuttings of plants native to Brehill, to even rare breeds of animals, it is said that anyone who wishes to shop will find what they want… For the right price.


visit here


visit here

grey?text=Popular setting

visit here


Local Government

Matriarchy: Led by the family chosen by Thaus, The Garden City of Brehill is led by the eldest woman in the clan, who relies on advice from the Silver Huntress and the Green Vizier. In charge of the city’s wellbeing, the head of the Royal Family is recognized as Thaus’ living will..


The Enforcers: Exclusive to Raveena. Many of the original Enforcers from Sigil City followed her to Valucre when she was promoted to their General and later Commander. Enforcers are volunteering Civilians who wished to have basic military training and law enforcement training to keep the streets safe.

The Aralim: The Imperial Military, encompassing the Alethea Air Force and the Genesarian Naval Fleet as well as the Queensguard. This superior force serves as the military strength of the Hyperian Empire.

The Web: A wetworks asset spearheaded by the King Consort himself, Rowan—better known as Agent Spider—has retained the best agents in the field to work under him in the shadows. A retinue of talent of the highest caliber, these refined individuals mix style, class and lethality with efficiency.

Military Forces

Daughters of Thaus: The Garden City’s elite force, the Daughters of Thaus can easily be identified by their silver armor and the ever-present silver-wrought bows they carry on their persons at all times. Comprised solely of the elite females of Brehill, the Daughters of Thaus are trained from the age of four to protect the forest and its denizens. Trained in the art of archery, stealth combat, tracking, and rudimentary vine magic, these women are a force to be reckoned with. Traditionally led by the youngest daughter of the Royal House, these forces are numbered at about 200 Daughters that serve at the pleasure of the Silver Huntress.

Vine Mages: Devoted to the upkeep and betterment of the Garden City, the Vine Mages serve a multitude of roles throughout the community. From architects that sing the trees into shape, to medics that seek to improve the quality of life of those leading therein, and ultimately as the front lines in battle, the Vine Mages serve as foot soldiers to the specialized daughters of Thaus. Easily identified by their wooden armors (enchanted to have the resilience of steel) and their Spellsung Swords, the Vine Mages serve at the pleasure of the Green Vizier and bring the wrath of the forest to those seeking to defile it. Numbering at nearly 400 units, 200 of those are specialized in battle whereas the other half serves as jack-of-all-trades for their community.


Taught primarily by their own families and brought to the tutelage of the Vine Mages at the age of 8, children with affinities for magic are taken into the Vine Keep and taught until they become full mages. Those chosen to become Daughters of Thaus, however, start their education earlier on. Without a single formalized school of education, imparting of knowledge falls within every family’s purview. Boasting of a civilization where most people can read, write, and do rudimentary magic, the citizens of Brehill are no lesser for their lack of knowledge of technology.


Although predominantly a city of foot traffic, it is not uncommon to see carts pulled by jade tigers, or the Daughters of Thaus riding silver stags. Most of the main buildings are connected via an intricate system of vine bridges, keeping foot traffic not only on the ground but far above.

Local Items

Food and Drinks

Sunwine: Brewed from a mix of Sun Pearls and the water from the Lavender Falls, the Sunwine is an extremely potent liquor recognized from its’ light purple color and its’ berry-like flavor. An extremely potent alcohol, it is often served by the thimble or small glass for those of more seasoned drinking experiences. Tasty and filling, this wine is a local delicacy hardly ever exported beyond the borders.

Bloodwine: Much like its cousin, the Sunwine, bloodwine is distilled from a combination of the water from the Lavender Falls and the Blood Apples. An acquired taste, and often sought out by those whose dietary needs fall more in line with a blood diet, Bloodwine is an extremely potent bright red liquid that is often exported to the Arlesian Empire.

Starlight Bark Stew: Often used by the Vine Mages to go on spirit journeys and to commune with their ancestor spirits, the Starlight Bark Stew is comprised of bark from the Starlight Tree boiled over for four days, mushrooms, and seasoned spices found in Brehill. Although a highly regulated substance, the stew has been finding its way to the hands of other citizens and has been sold as a delicacy of the land. Allowing people to commune with ancestors, it is a rather rare and prized contraband found in the seedier areas of the Elven Market.

Other Items

Spellsung Swords: Shaped from the branches of Ironwood Trees and enchanted by the Vine Mages, these one handed swords are rather peculiar. Made entirely out of wood and boasting of an edge that does not dull, the Spellsung Swords are the choice weapons of the Vine Mages and the few who are selected to have the honor of carrying them.

Ironwood Shield: A counterpart to the Spellsung Swords, the ironwood shields are created from the deepest roots of the ironwood trees. Light, yet extremely durable, these shields are capable of deflecting most non-magic projectiles and blades with nary a scratch.

Ironwood Armor: Notably worn exclusively by the Vine Mages, the Ironwood Armor is a symbol of honor among the Garden City. Resistant to heat, extremely light, and extremely durable, very few of these armors have seen their way outside of the Garden City. A variant coated in pearl color is worn by the Daughters of Thaus.

Brehill Bangles: The most honorable gift to receive by those non-native to Brehill, the Brehill Bangles are made from the same tree that houses the Emerald Temple, and enameled with shards of the Heart of the Forest. Those who wear it are able to pass through the Jade Forest unscathed by its’ numerous hazards and are acknowledged as Jade Friends.

Notable Residents & Groups

Daughters of Thaus

Vine Mages

Royal Family


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