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Lore Dump - Queendom of Alethea

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The Labyrinth City




Ruler Regent Lore Quests AMA



Seductively beautiful and perfectly placed, Alethea has been luring passersbys since the time of legends. The land of the Xenos has been praised and prized by the many ancient cultures whose bones lie buried there. From sparkling seas to restless mountains, Alethea's juxtaposition of sea, forest and mountain scenery makes a stunning backdrop for any adventurer. Alethea sits nestled on the northwestern region of the Rising West and 20.50 miles (33 km) east of Port Kyros. Within the Queendom of Alethea is the city Illyrium and the village Tal, with the former fortress known as Himmelsfestung turned memorial as its crowning jewel. Beneath the city, beyond the Labyrinth and stretching under the Wicker Mountains is the elusive underground City Ikaria, run by a mysterious shadow regent. Sublime and seductive, this leyline powered Queendom is sure to draw in and enchant you.


Illyrium City

Illyrium remains the lively hub of administrative, commercial, political and social activity in Alethea. After the Southern Schism and the great Civil War of Alethea, much of the city was left in ruins and countless others dead. Many of the Xenos were driven from the city, but those loyal to the crown remained in good standing. On the bones of the old grew a new, bustling metropolis of color and vibrancy. The newly minted Ilios Palace sits as the gem of the city, proud and unassailable while overlooking the city. The end of the civil war and upheaval saw a unification and rise to a leisure class in Alethea. As such, Illyrium City set its sights on fostering education and culture and ultimately reshaping the city's identity

Tal Village

This thriving city, built on the remains of a revolution, serves as a daily reminder to Alethenians of their heritage and the city's many transformations. The cultural and social life of Alethea plays out amid, around and in landmarks that are centuries old, if not older, many of which are deeply entrenched with magic and blood. The remnants of Himmelsfestung get the most attention, of course as the birthplace of the Kingslayer Revolution. Old Tal Village is a tight-packed warren of winding lanes, some bursting with fine eateries and tavernas. The village is growing as an agricultural power house and its open market for all things magical. Tal Village is beauty, chaos, history and culture in a sprawling, organic setting.

The Ruins of Ikaria City

Alethea's most enthralling archaeological site encompasses the ruined ancient city of Ikaria; an underground city considered holy for the potent leylines that cross here. Healing waters with wondrous properties have been highly sought. The Southern Schism saw an unprecedented pilgrimage of seers and mages to Alethea, drawn to its magic-laden walls. Many of Valucre's magical species who seek to be closer to their magical roots have taken residence here, though they are no stranger to the surface world. As such, Ikaria has become a beacon for the magically gifted and those with whom magic runs in their veins.


Alethea boasts a Mediterranean climate with wet, cold winters and dry, hot summers. Closer to what the natives call the Wicker mountain range, there is heavier snow, making it nigh impossible to pass come winter.




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Flora and Fauna
A lush mosaic of forests, woodlands and shrubs that span to the coasts of Port Kyros. This inspiring landscape of peaceful rolling hills and rounded tree-covered peaks is interspersed with little-disturbed meadows and stretches of virgin woodland, providing a habitat for many species long since vanished from the rest of central Genesaris. Wolves, foxes and hares are plentiful, while rivers traveling down from Wicker bring plenty of fish. 

The flatlands leading from the Tyrean Sea to the Wicker Mountain range. Spring here sees spectacular spreads of wildflowers carpeting the mountain slopes; autumn brings wild mushrooms and richly colored foliage; winter prompts the halt of trading until spring; and June through August offers an escape from the coastal crowds. The underground caverns beyond the walls of the Labyrinth that span underneath the kingdom and into the Wicker mountains. The great Civil War saw many topographical changes; Lake Licaea has blessed the city with a more sustainable water source, imbued by the Queendom's leylines. Subterranean streams and waterfalls, and intricate limestone structures have become its own sustainable underworld for Ikiaria.

Alethea's flatlands are home to the common R’hesh, who are often hunted for their silt and stone pelts, horns and bones. Down in Ikaria caverns, you'll find the luminous pyreflies--who gave birth to Alethea's main export, Coltherstone. Alethea is also home to the antelope-like Braix, which are a common mount throughout the Hyperian Empire.


Alethea was once a city divided, though in many ways, this still rings true. Older generations were raised with prejudice against humans, though the new sovereignty and. Many retain the old ways, while the newer generations are open to the introduction of technology and education.

Prior to the rebellion and revolution, culture was heavily repressed and censored. By the establishment of her rule and formulating the new government policies, the culture of Alethea blossomed under Raveena. Museums showcase artifacts from the rebellion, notable heroes and histories of the city. Festivals, tournaments, and religious practices are rampant. Oratories throughout the cities saw the prospering spread of the Hyperian Pantheon, the leylines serving as a natural hub for the deities. Hyperian music and dance remain popular, while education thrives.


Several types of currency flow from every part of the world that Genesaris trades with, all of which can be converted to the Genesarian coin, though it also accepts the Imperial mint from the Arcane East as well. Jewels, gems, and other valuable metals can also be used and traded among the shops and merchants of Alethea.

Due to inflation, wars, and other variables, the value of currency may heighten or drop to reflect the times.Alethea has an abundance of Fresh water, Rhodium, Gold, and Silver, Phosphorus in supply for trade between varying cities, as well as unique gemstones

Alethea's major export is the valuable Coltherstone. With its unique composition, Coltherstone will neutralize acid on contact. It is one of the most effective acid neutralization materials in the city and is used to neutralize acidity in the water system of the city. On a medical level, Coltherstone has proven to be valuable in taming acid reflux or indigestion and is a common medicinal cure, its luminescent properties also useful as a natural, strong antibiotic..

Uncut wood also serves as one of Alethea's major imports, in an effort to protect the natural forests around it. While Alethea has an over-abundance of minerals and gemstones due to the underground caves, wood is a precious commodity yet still a necessity.



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Landmarks and Monuments

Ilios Palace Before you enter the palace's Imperial Gate, take a look at the ornate structure in the cobbled square just outside, a beautiful fountain that pays homage to the late Empress and her love of gardening, with a carefully manicured garden at its feet. Beyond the Imperial Gate lies the First Court, where opulent events may take place, or where the court may gather for public affairs.

The Second Court is used for the business of running the Kingdom. Only King Rowan and Queen Raveena may proceed on horseback through the second gate. All others must dismount before proceeding. Here are council chambers, offices and the royal kitchens. The treasury lays in the northern section, where arms and armor are stored and displayed.

The palace proper is known as the Harem, as it holds the private living quarters of the courtiers as well as the royal family, and boasts elaborate rooms for the Imperial Family. It is said that the Ilios Palace was once a floating castle in that sky that was grounded and built and expanded upon, resulting in the grandeur that is the royal family's home upon the hill of Illyrium.

Raz-Nogore’s Labyrinth Arena It’s a toss-up as to which is more welcoming here: the cold, bare maze of walls that seem to magically arrange themselves, or the blood-stained arena placed in the center of it all. Navigate this Labyrinth that is drenched in magic reveals the bloody history of the tyrannical Beast King Raz-Nogore. Correctly navigating the Labyrinth brings you to the epicenter, where the true danger lies in wait…

The Ruins of Ikaria City Alethea's most enthralling archaeological site encompasses the ruined ancient city of Ikaria; an underground city once run by criminal factions that existed beneath a shadow regency. Driven away by civil war, many refugees from cities and towns that suffered from the southern schism have flocked to Ikaria to bask in its magical glory.



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Local Government

The Aralim -The Imperial Military, encompassing the Alethea Air Force as well as the Queensguard. This superior force serves as the military strength of the Hyperian Empire. 

The Guardia The military and police corps that safeguard the Queendom. Like the Enforcers, the Guardia forces are grouped with a Profetto (Prefect), Quaestor (Inquisitor), and the Arma Karabin that make up the bulk of kingdom wide peacekeeping. The prefects have political responsibility and coordinate the local quaestor, who has technical responsibility to enforce laws when public safety is threatened. Mages and seers the bulk of the Guardia, 

The Enforcers Exclusive to Raveena. Many of the original Enforcers from Sigil City followed her to Valucre when she was promoted as their General and later Commander. Enforcers are volunteering Civilians with basic military and policing training to keep the streets safe.

According to the census, Alethea with the addition of acquiring House Kaashmii now boasts a population of 125,461.

31,366 belong to the Guardia

18,819 belong to the Enforcers

15,055 belong to the Hyperian Airforce

12,546 retain local government jobs 


The countess has sought to rebuild and enforce the educational institutes of the Port City. As such, she oversaw several naval, technical, religious and academic institutes built to showcase the Rising Queen's importance of a well-rounded education, as well as a nod to the importance of the arcane. The School of the Rising Sun relocated


With the invention of the steam turret and pump, the city's means of transportation increased, namely the use of steam to provide energy to facilitate transportation along the coast from the mountains. This technology is rare and new to Genesaris, and has met with some level of prejudice and resistance, though the city intends to overcome this obstacle to become a highlight of engineering ingenuity and technological advancement.

Notable Residence

Queen Raveena Jhanavi Bartolome Senaria A Terran-born Noble of Imperial ancestry, Raveena has been a long-time ally of the Carmine Empire and the newest member of the Imperial Family as a Princess of the Empire. A rising politician and respected ruler, she is known to rule with a passion tempered by patience and kindness. Firm and fair, she has been well received by the citizens of Alethea as their Queen, earning respect among her appointed city officials. Resourceful and ambitious, she seeks to usher in prosperity for the Kingdom, and for Genesaris overall.

Tyrannical Regime – For decades, Raz-Nogore ran the Kingdom of Himmelsfestung under his rule. Overtaxed and overworked, the Human population was enslaved for their barbaric hunting ritual that eradicated Raz-Nogore’s kind before he took over as King.

Himmelsfestung’s Revolution – Disguised initially as a political envoy seeking trade establishment, Raveena and her convoy sowed the seeds of dissent among Xenos kind, particularly those oppressed by Raz-Nogore’s tyrannical rule. Staging a rebellion, Raveena’s miltant forces successfully neutralized the Kingdom’s military. After the Beast King’s execution and Raveena’s election, Himmelsfestung was renamed Alethea, though the fortress was named Himmeslfestung and memorialized, with the names of the fallen engraved along the walls for remembrance.

The Art of Acquisition – The Fall of House Kaashmii – Determined to expand Alethea, Raveena commissioned the Web to successfully secure a floating isle and its palace. Neutralizing the military and subjugating the citizens into Alethea, the castle was propelled to the Rising West, where it was grounded and expanded upon, becoming the Ilios Palace.

Conflict Arises!  Amidst the violent turmoil within the Kingdom, a beast emerges from the broken body of an insignificant boy.

The Forgotten – A battle with an ancient evil, the two hunters meet. After taking the shape of man once more, the boy is left only with questions.


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