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Lore Dump - Aeldra

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The City Beneath The Veil



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Endless ice-bound winters, kiln-hot summers, a history of exile and savagery Aeldra is not the first choice for a joyous visit, but its harsh layout possesses a spirit of adventure of the supernatural kind. There's much more to this vast Fae nation than blood-craving Goblins and blizzard-lost heroes of old. Welcome to the nation of the Unseelie Court.


Aeldra is full of expansive geography to explore. To the north are a wide range of snow-capped mountains and cruel tundra. To the west are ice dams, flatlands and plains. Centrally, there is a vast expanse of volcanic structures, igneous in nature where a multitude of ore and minerals are harvested. The south is full of temperate forests and the east remains engulfed with permafrost.

Provinces and Cities

You could spend a fraction of eternity exploring the exotic capital city of Kharankhui, home of King Souji. Explore beautiful temples, old fae villages and forgotten runs of settlements long past. Note that royal home is officially off limits to foreigners as they fall within the border zone. From Kharankui, one can admire vistas across waters of the deepest blue, the soaring mountain ranges on the opposite shore and to the cruel north; marvel at its powder-white surface, frozen steel-hard and scored with ice roads.

The stronghold of the Unseelie Court is the infamous Sayan fortress A towering masterpiece of black ice that reaches high into the grey sky, Sayan Fortress is a testament to the Unseelie King's militant strength. Dark, Unseelie magic empowers this sprawling, imperious architecture casting eerie flickers along the walls. The walls and battlements are lined like the jaws of a hungry beast with deadly, icy stalagmites and stalactites.



The climate of Aeldra varies dramatically, but it typically has short summers and long, brutal and unforgiving winters. To the far north there is a very short spans of month-long summer.

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Flora and Fauna

The realm of Aeldra is full of beasts, mythical plants, imbued minerals and water. From Bodachs to Spriggans, Wolves and Grims, Fodden and Fylgia, Aeldra has a long list of supernatural wonders that prowl the cold terrain, pass through the shadows of realms and venture into Valucre to wreak havoc on humanity in the mischievous way only Fae could. Vegetation in Aeldra is mostly taiga, with a tundra belt on the northern fringe, and lush temperate forests to the south.




Education/Technological Development



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Landmarks and Monuments

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