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Vehicles and Airships for the Order of Force Majeure:



Single/Dual Seat hover bike for Force Majeure Knights and veteran Custodes. Reverse engineered and designed from a Kadian courier craft, it is rugged, and handles well, with aesthetics tossed away in favor of performance.




A typical airship, the Belisarius class frigate, base model. Fast, and well-armed, and carrying ample shielding. Designed to outgun what it can't outrun and outrun what it can't outgun. Very few of these around, as these ships tend to be commandeered by particular Knights as personal ships, and are thusly modified to suit their needs.




An airship, the Imperator Bellum. Belisarius class frigates that are modified gain the Sinistrum designation. Arguably defacto flagship of the fleet, due to it being the personal vessel of Master Knight James Eredas. It features advanced shielding, a more powerful energy-based main gun, an experimental propulsion system for travel to different planes of existence, and an armored prow. Because nothing is typically more "James Eredas" then ramming an enemy airship so he can board it and punch it in person. 

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