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The Knight Vs The Dragon

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Within the skies Nocturna would follow the tussle happening at ground level. The subtle movements of the hand to hand chess match that led to the current situation. She knew what took place in the matter of a few seconds could feel like hours to the well trained soldiers of man and the life or death battles that consisted in nature every day. And as she could see the goliath fall and take his last breath she would silently cheer for him in the skies. She had to win this now or his life would have be forfeited for nothing. Just a few more moments she had to wait as the ball began to grow in size.


Energy  now began to be pulled from the mana around her. A dark pool of mixing energy absorbing all the light and air around her. Nocturna's current form had trouble holding this much power together. She needed to stabilize the energy somehow. Without thinking her body would begin to take over. The small layer of scales began to melt and congeal around her. The mass of black sludge would  begin to envelop the dragon lady and begin to harden. Her wings would begin to fail as she lost control of herself. And she began to plummet to the ground. Air whistles around the massive ooze as it fell. Soft gooey sludge hardening in the hot air as heat rose from the burning grasslands. With a mighty thud like that of a boulder smashing earth it made contact with the earth below. If one had had the ability to search for an energy source one could easily feel the massive magical force growing within the mass. Pulsating with rage and energy.



+Nocturna has surrounded herself in a mysterious ooze.

+Nocturna is ground level.

+level 2 breath attack is still being charged  2/3


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