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Breath of Fresh Air [OOC]

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Oh yeah, everything’s fine! Just a combination of being tired from work and juggling responsibilities / hobbies. I’m also a really slow writer, so RPing often ends up eating a lot of my free time when all I wanna do is relax. But I appreciate your concern!

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I am so so sorry. This week was just crap. I work independently as an artist and art instructor, and my schedule just fluctuates a lot. Doing my own work, applying to teach for summer again and hopefully next semester. And I started working as an assistant to a more established artist on the side; I spent the majority of this week organizing a year’s worth of receipts and bank statements for this guy’s taxes, but I finally finally finished that last night, and then slept for 12 hours.

I really don’t want to take a whole week to post next time 

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