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Dolor Aeternum

Interest Check - Illyrian Scientific Expedition and Recruitment [OOC]

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Posted. To clarify, the Ancient One has summoned an avatar to communicate a curious desire to the group. Take a Gift, but only one

Due to the nature of the Ancient One, I thought it'd be strange for it to speak Illyrian, so I imagine the conversation is occurring through some vague magic stuff that allows for dialogue. Everyone in the basin can hear it in their heads. Because La'Ruta. 

Uh, the Ancient One is an NPC, so feel free to RP with it as you see fit. The goal here is to look at the items in the lake and decide what Illyria might need, but I left it open ended on what's present in case you guys had any ideas for the next cycle. My assumption is the Ancient One can answer questions if they want to, or the group can use La'Ruta to intuit some information. That's all I've got.  Happy posting!

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