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My Condolences

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The phone calls needed to stop. Hours on hours the phone would ring every few minutes, the joyous song of some Kpop band blaring, from people he never met before. He was becoming annoyed, and it was not good. Phone in hand, Jin stared in the depths of the screen, cigarette smoke swirling around stars that blinked behind the thick curtain and promptly tossed the damn device into the Tokyo bay.

“He was a bastard. A low life bastard who never knew he had a child.”

Sin ‘Kinslayer’ Malkeiri. A legend that became a myth, then died alone in some ditch. He was also his father. Jin did not understand the reason random people called with their condolences, nor did he care. The. Man. Was. A. bastard. He would never forgive him for abandoning his mother on Gaia, no money in their pocket, and told to raise a child. Never.

A final puff of the cigarette and it followed the cellphone into the ocean, landing with a loud splash. He did not know where to go next, or what fate held greedily in her mischief hands, but Jin knew he needed to complete one last task.

Present Day Valucre

Orisia Isle. A wild, untamed country the likes never before seen. Having arrived in Valucre a week past, Jin Malkeiri booked passage on a ship in Terrenus and made his way to the hidden kingdom. Word of mouth spoke of the devil residing somewhere on these shores, and he had a few words to say.


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