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[GS] Nahum.

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・・・】 God: Nahum
・・・】 God Slayer: @Etched In Stone
・・・】 OOC: Thread

Nahum sits quietly in the middle of the large body of water; he watches as people gather on the beach, their backs facing them, their bodies controlled by his will. His pain causes the rocky shore to shift and the waves to rise; the warriors at his demand are armed and ready to protect the weakened and dying God. 



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The Elixir of Life a proclaimed cure-all, was becoming the New World’s last bit of hope when all else failed to perform in success. The Haunted Glen and a few  neighboring cities were on the incline of rising Undead populations, Master Kronos small piece of pie was no longer as it was when he first arrived one year prior. That was back in Terrenus, this afternoon he traversed in discovery of an intriguing embodiment. A source of wisdom and knowledge as word of a weakened god broke loose throughout all the continents.

A barely noticeable rift in the air arched jaggedly down an elevation of 7 feet above the sandy shoreline. Whether it was clear that this tear been a means of portal stepping or not, a series of lurid purples, blacks, and blue miasmic energy soon began seeping into the environment befouling it’s vicinity, beckoning corruption, taint -  and ultimately death. Unlike any monster the face of Valucre has ever seen it was evidence of a supernatural entity that existed unbeknownst to man, even a powerful deity native to the area of this here New World.

The Choisel Patriarch stepped out the otherworldly portal shadows licking beneath him, that even rays from the mighty sun did not disperse! His goldenrod brilliance scanned the surface of surroundings, while steel toe boots weightlessly strolled forth onto the sand the portal then closed and returned from the nothingness it came. Leinhart doned himself rather loosely or comfortable this day, rugged black biker jeans, a medium black v-neck shirt exposing the white flesh of his upper torso slightly, and a long onyx pea coat left unbuttoned. Damaged cascades of ash black hair fell to his shoulders, two imperfectly parted bangs hung the sides of a rather sleek, feminine bone structure. Paled thin lips sealed shut for not a word was said as Leinhart left marching in search of the godly energy emanating the Floating Continent. 

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