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[GS] Aestus.

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・・・】 God: Aestus
・・・】 God Slayer: @Alexei
・・・】 OOC: Thread

People run as the fires chase them. The small city is nothing but ruins, leaving behind memories and a group of Zodiac Knights working against the destructive God. Aestus flies above the fighters, throwing shots of fire at them before having to regain her strength. 



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xxEA2D6.jpg“Another fine mess you mother has started, boy.” Conner said from the command throne of his ship, the Divine Right. His words stung the young Zodiac Knight deeply, causing the red headed young man to wince visibly. Since he had requested for aid from the young Kadian Emperor, the youngest of his uncles; he had come to quickly realize that Connor was a being of extreme confidence and pride, bordering on arrogance and easily looking down on others. Though his words stung, Asher could find no flaw in them, he would simply shoulder them for the deal that had been made.

Green eyes watched his nephew, a small smile touching the corners of his lips. His nephew showed restraint, despite his jabs towards his sister-in-law. Wise on his part, after all; their deal hinged on him not angering the young Kadian Emperor. Asher was a faithful one, perhaps the only one of the Knights of his order to remain such to their old gods, driven mad by the nullifier the Grand Kommandant had employed to remove them. This was a great concern to Connor, as there were enough mad gods in the Immaterium, and he had little desire to see it influenced further by the insanity of other powerful beings.

“Tell me, Asher.” He said, getting the boy’s attention as Aestus laid waste to the small and ultimately unimportant city. “Are you prepared for the possible consequences of my actions here today? What I will do to save your Goddess’ life, and keep her in this world; will hold heavy repercussions. Those knights down there will serve as fodder to make it happen.” He said, green eyes looking down at the boy who stood at the foot of his throne. Asher hesitated, his face ale and openly showing the conflict on his face. Connor couldn’t help but smile at the sight of it. How many times had he worn that expression when he sacrifices were necessary for his ambitions?

When the were necessary for Kadia?

“I am.” Asher said finally, setting opal eyes on the Emperor, a man who he both disliked, feared, respected and admired. “Good.” Connor said with a nod, standing from his throne to address the fleet. “Good. Set up formation around the city in all Cardinal and Ordinal directions.” He commanded with a clear voice across private vox channels. Prepare my obelisks for drop, we have a Goddess to save, gentlemen.” Ships broke from formation moving as ordered from the right and left, various support craft followed them, should the need arise they would serve as the line of defense. Connor could only hope that the Zodiac Knights would live long enough to keep Aestus’ attention.


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