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I have an idea that would be great for the fairy tale. Seeing as I have a pirate who's 1009 years old, one of her expeditions could've been a fairy tale that happened long ago. She could be the fairy tale herself along with her crew of old.

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I have an idea!

What do you think of a fable of long ago, hundreds if not thousands of years old? Where a man arrived on an old, walled up, coastal kingdom the northern tip of Alterion, soaking wet and nearly frozen to death from swimming southwards (According to witnessing fishermen passing by from the same kingdom).

As the story progresses, as the man gives more information about his being, where he is from, how this world seems to be not of his own; it is revealed (Either by us readers with up to date information on Valucre or by the old kingdom if they know of it) that the man came from the near-mythical Vortex who every month, either gave a blessing to the kingdom, brandishing goods or gifts that sail south due to the winds or a curse, monsters risen from the sea to wreak havoc upon the populace.

Indeed, this kingdom's walls is supposedly all that stands between the threat of the emerging monsters who was never before sighted in Valucre, from the mainland Alterion. A bulwark if you may.

As time passes on and weeks turns to months, months turning to years and years to decades, the man finds out his mortal self is immortal after landing on this strange place. He left to explore, his logs and experiences jotted down on this fable book. Him speaking of things that could not have possibly existed. Giants roaming the earth, heads so high they pierce the clouds. Islands floating on seas by gigantic jellyfishes holding it afloat. The largest of ancient spires so tall the peak is yet to be reached. Tombs so old even bones has turned to dust within. Legends and myths that seems like fiction today, but are very real within the past!

What do you think? ? I was thinking this could bridge the gap, of course to the creation to the VCF. But of course, that won't be disclosed/written within this book ?

What are your thoughts? Something I should change?

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