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Dolor Aeternum

The Sinking Island Rises Again [Illyria]

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“We are perfectly capable of handling this on our own without any foreign involvement my king.”

“Yes. I know. But if we are going to coexist with any of the people outside of these islands, this is necessary.”

Luz looked visibly concerned about the prospect of introducing something or someone she could not fully control into any endeavor she wished to pursue. She tried to come up with some other sort of counter argument that would sound cooperative to her Light’s cause but she could think of nothing that would not garner some sort of admonishment. So with heavy head and shoulders somewhat slumped in resignation, she responded.

“I will begin preparing now then my Light.”

Luz began barking orders to the group of men and women tasked with preparing the same vessel they had used to confront the Black Queen weeks ago. Many executed their tasks hurriedly as if in fear of the repercussions should their steps falter. The infamy of the leader of the Scientific Division drove them toward perfection and she did nothing to squander this ability she had earned ever since she was gifted her position. She stood upon the crystalline vessel, conveniently docked in a pocket governed by La’Ruta’s presence. Weeks of study had allowed them to modify and innovate to create magical magnets capable of manipulating the magic in the air for use in propulsion and charge some of their weaponry. It was a crude start to their ability to make use all of the new things around them.

The specific spot she chose to begin these preparations was strategic, well on the outskirts of the city on the eastern side of the Ceyana island. Word had been sent to those looking for employment that experienced explorers were requested to chase after what had been presented as a mythical beast though Illyrians knew better thanks to their monitoring equipment and the data provided by some elderly Orisians. She wasn’t expecting this realm to offer much of anything she could use, however, deciding to make sure her people were ready before even entertaining the idea of moving out onto the open area of the docks that those who arrived would be led to and confined to upon arrival.

Guards would scrutinize all weaponry, using analytical scanners that would be attempting to find any magical components as well as identify each weapon and its owner. The excuse presented would be that it would help the leader of the expedition utilize their skills to the fullest but in truth it was simply to keep track of each foreign insertion into an expedition that Luz fully believed she didn’t need any of them for. Luz would be seen in the distance, ensuring that supplies were boarded and yelling at those she felt were dragging their heels.

All non-Illyrian entrants would feel several eyes fall upon them, most with mild curiosity but some with a burning scrutiny that they did not hide at all. The din of the daily events at the docks did not relent though, as several merchants called out to anyone around to look at their wares and others tended to their own private vessels. A salty mist mingled with the sticky humidity around them, visibly annoying the Illyrians around them as several muttered comments about the ‘Orisian remnants’ and how they couldn’t wait to go back home. Several personnel nearby clearly felt the same way which didn’t make their first call for the visitors all that pleasant.

“If anyone is here to join Ms. Yllende on her expedition, raise your hands or get on with your business’

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On 7/22/2019 at 5:24 PM, Dolor Aeternum said:

“If anyone is here to join Ms. Yllende on her expedition, raise your hands or get on with your business’

Silence followed the decree. The hustle and bustle of the dock slowed to a halt at the mention of the face of the Scientific Division, eyes turning to look for raised hands. The effect was very interesting. For a moment, the only noise to be heard was the sloshing water as it slapped against the hull of some bobbing ship. Who would join Luz Yllende? Who would be helping the progression of Illyria?

The sound of boots clopping on wood drew eyes to a striking figure. He walked down the dock slowly, his gaze taking in the environment yet betraying nothing. He bore the common elven features of the Illyrians, and so those like him breathed easy. Indeed their glares softened to familiarity before hardening once more as recognition took hold. Intriguing. Not hated, but he made them uneasy. Rumors followed him like his own shadow, though unlike the man's shadow these rumors truly solidified in the darkness. Tales of the Soldier, both false and true, were whispered throughout the Division. Those stories usually polluted the city's populous eventually. 

"Why is he here?" whispered a crewman. His voice pierced the silence, but the question was not answered. Not immediately, anyway. 

As the question took hold, theories sprung. Perhaps the man named Baiden Oor had been sent to retrieve his superior. Urgent business in the city? The expedition, canceled? He strode with an ease that confused many. Wasn't he a cripple? Ah no, it was the arms not the legs. He could walk fine, but a look at his hands showed they were different, somehow. False.

He'd stopped. The dock fell silent. He was looking directly at Luz Yllende as she stood on her ship, but it took him a moment to speak. When he did, his voice rang clear:

"Hello, Luz," he said. "Reporting for duty." As you commanded. 

And so the people, with their theories dismissed, returned to work. If anyone could cow the Soldier, it would be Luz herself. What had he done to earn this? The rumors would begin as they always did. Baiden was used to it by now. 

He ignored a guard as the woman scanned him. She'd read the magitech arms, but he wondered if she would understand what they could do. He hardly knew their capabilities, and he'd been the one who altered them. He instead kept his eyes on Luz, expressionless. 


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Ceyana. Or rather, Illyria now.

Dan was NOT pleased with the idea of coming back here. His first time here had been.... Less than pleasant. It had started out as a simple heist. Some rich douchebag was lording over everyone, so Dan stole everything he owned that was of any value. But when he exited the house, he found the entire fucking city in Eris levels of chaos. Portals were opening, everyone was dying, and there was some THOT commanding a small army of women going into the woods.
When Dan followed, he had to fight a god. Havoc. While the THOT and her minions just watched. Sure, he'd won, but so many people died, and he still didn't know what happened. For all he knew, this was the result of an invasion.

That was why he came in his 'work' outfit. Mask, coat, gloves, the whole 9 yards. That, and this was the outfit he wore the first time he was here, so there was no sense to be had in donning his civilian clothes. His outfit, of course, did not have shoes. He didn't need them sprouting wings.

He found many of the obviously racist Illyrians looking at him with clear dislike. Not that he gave a shit, of course. These people decimated a village when they arrived and they didn't seem to care in the slightest. To be honest, if Dan had his way, this entire glowing city would be a pile of rocks, just as they left Ceyana.

Well, maybe not.

There was still that bit of doubt though. There always was. They might not have been able to control what was happening. True, they didn't seem to have any mind for anyone but themselves, but to be frank, Dan had no leg to stand on speaking against that. If it meant the other demigods back in his dimension were safe, it didn't much matter to him what happened in this world. So, Dan would be a nice guy and give them the benefit of the doubt.

And yet you repeatedly go out of your way to help people here.

Dan ignored Him. It's not like he did anything for FREE.

The bundle strapped to his back demanded attention. Beside Efiáltis, rested another blade, covered and bound in leather, cloth, and rope save for the hilt. Dan knew full well that he made this look like how a Witcher carried his steel and silver swords, and he was just fine with that. 

This second sword is precisely why he came back here. His boyfriend, Leo, the son of Hepheastus, and the greatest inventor and craftsman the old Forge God had fathered in centuries, could not figure out how to properly encase this sword so that it's magic absorbing effects would be blocked. In fact, a few of the things he'd tried had produced some very nasty results. Dan had drawn the line when Leo had pitched the idea of using Exalta Crystals to try and control it's power. No way in hell. So, Dan had returned to this obvious Breath of the Wild Zora's Domain ripoff without the water to see if the people from the sword's origin dimension would have better luck.

As he approached, he heard,

On 7/22/2019 at 2:24 PM, Dolor Aeternum said:

“If anyone is here to join Ms. Yllende on her expedition, raise your hands or get on with your business"

Wow, how friendly. In fact, he couldn't resist.

Dan took two steps forward, and vanished, turning his body into air. After a few seconds, the one who spoke would feel a hand on his shoulder and hear
"My my, aren't we the rude one?"

If there was any sort of reaction, no one would see anything there, and Dan rematerialized in front of the female that was CLEARLY in charge, with a highly theatrical bow that had the slightest tinge of mockery to it.

"Joker. Present and accounted for."


Related image

When he was scanned for magic and magitech, he grinned in that snide way that only Hermes children can as he knew that his entire body lit up like a fucking Christmas tree.
Ah, Tellus Seeds. Always good for reactions. He also knew that Efiáltis and Pyrkagiá would light up, due to their soul eating properties. Not that these people would have any idea what Stygian Iron was. Then of course, there was his backpack. It had the crystals he picked up after Havoc was defeated, and his thieving and prank supplies, along with several kinds of potions and a few of Leo's handmade gadgets that he assured him only had a 18% chance of exploding. But, the star on the Christmas tree that was his body was probably going to be Godshard. That leather cloth and rope had done nothing whatsoever to keep the thing from leeching mana and magic from everything around it, so it wouldn't surprise Dan in the least if their sensors started malfunctioning from him.

Luz, what does the scouter say about his power level?



What? Sometimes it was fun to go on with Genipperteinga's nonsense. No one could hear it anyway.

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Image result for alternate scp symbol

"Illyrian Expedition Infiltration"

Mission Log: Day [1]
Assessment: Succesful infiltration and identification of possible threats.

3 days before. . . .


"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, please be seated."

The other 15 men and women sit down in unison. The room is dark and ominous, a hexagonal table with the symbol of a yellow hexagon with 3 arrows accommodating the entire council of men.
The man who spoke earlier sat at the northern-most side. 
On his coat, a simple "OS-2" pin.

"This meeting is brought forth under the circumstances that have elapsed over the past decades. Illyria is now a functioning monarchy, some may even call it a Theocracy. As of now, we have little intel due to the recent events that have unfolded, namely the Beta-4 incident. Agent-2309 is still recovering from the said incident and is also unsuited for this recon mission due to the discrimination reported towards foreigners."

As soon as he finished speaking, right on cue, a paper-masked man in a pale-red suit walked in.

"I propose the deployment of Agent-6566 for the reconnaissance and infiltration of their expedition and if possible, sabotage said expedition. All in favour?"

Murmur follows the question. The 15 remaining council members discussed with each other. As the minute passes, the room fell silent once more. Slips of paper from each man and woman was passed until it has reached from the southern end to the northern end of the table.

"We have reached a unanimous decision. Agent-6566 you will be deployed to Illyria under the guise of "Richard Maxwell", a scientist who volunteered for said expedition. Speak to your administrator for more information. Meeting adjourned."

Present-day. . .

A dishevelled, lab-coated scientist who looks like a strong gust of wind could blow him away arrives at the port, the smell of seawater and the smell of fish hitting him instantly. G never liked the smell of the ocean, then again the only people who would like the smell of the ocean would be fishermen and other sea-related labourers. The smell sickened him to the stomach, but he cannot afford to allow his dislikes to jeopardize the mission.

G walks through the crowds, paying close attention to his posture and eyes. His eyes would dart back and forth, left and right seemingly afraid of the world around him. His posture was of a slouched one, his hands shaking and clutching his briefcase that seemed to be one with his chest, paranoid that it'll be stolen by anyone. Indeed, G has perfected the art of acting. 

As the crowd fell silent, a man shouted an invitation for those who would be joining the expedition to raise their hands. Exactly his call. He trembled his hands, making them look of a terrified man. 
It worked.
The officials gave the man no second thought and allowed him on board, after all, he already looked the part of a scientist from the scientific division, it is only a matter of time until he has to explain that he's a volunteer.

He slipped in easily, passing guard through guard as if he was a mere insect. His aura makes it feel as if condescending him a natural thing, a perfect fit for this situation.

He starts to look around as he "scribbles" on his notepad, seemingly random garble of information. 
Assessing the situation is essential for a spy on the field, and his unique way of assessing threats has come in handy more than a dozen times. On his notepad, it seems to be a simple garble of information. Formulas, codes, written in paragraphs with words unseen of in any language. In reality, it's a specific cypher all VCF agents are taught to remember to communicate with each other in the field and to keep secrecy with their knowledge.
It makes the information they collect indecipherable by the enemy, incredibly useful indeed.

He looks around. He knew of this man too well as he announced his entry, his mere presence alone invoking a sense of fear and a demand for respect. He is nicknamed "The Soldier", specifically of Illyria. His reputation precedes him, as G writes down a ciphered message with a simple directive; "Avoid or eliminate".

Then another came. A child. A prodigy he seems, as cocky as ever and a threat nonetheless. Intel showed this teenager was and still is a skilled thief, wanted posters all over the isles. A thief would be incredibly threatening, thieves have a gut feeling that would expose him the moment he slipped and made a mistake. He must be wary of this child, as he writes "Decommission or eliminate.". 

These expedition attendees seem overqualified for this job, but the newly formed Illyrian nation would, of course, want the best protection for their famed leader in their scientific division; Luz Yllendel, who needs no further introductions.
She was his main target.
If he was to succeed, she must be removed from the picture, lest he be exposed.

His hands now are jotting down notes, writing in symbols and formulas. Perhaps if anyone here knew a lick of magi-tech science, they would know the formulas he writes are incomplete or totally false; a clear giveaway sign that this scientist is not what he seems to be.

Please read-


I am thinking of a dice system to determine how quickly my spy can be exposed or how slowly he can start picking people off one by one. 

I propose that the more riskier I choose my actions to be, the higher the chances he has of getting caught. I'm thinking that after 3 mistakes and at least 2 "dissapearances", people will start getting suspicious, especially of why the seemingly frail scientist of no importance keeps dissapearing in each incident.

Since this is the beginning, I believe that someone should have a fairly good chance of finding out the scribbles are suspicious, which will count as one mistake. If you're interested in the scientist jotting down notes and have an interest of exposing this secondary antagonist, click this link. You should have a 30% chance of catching on. Good luck!


If you get the number "6", "5" or "2", you will be able to cast suspicion on this scientist. You may share this intrigue (If found) to other characters, wether they believe it or not is up to them.

Directed: @Dolor Aeternum @ticklefarte @HollowCipher

Mentioned: -


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Illyrian personnel regarded the man with the moniker of Soldier with a mixture of incredulity and hesitation. Were they not already aware that Luz had asked the man to come on this expedition there may have been more of an exchange but instead they just let Baiden through after a minor scan that only sought to confirm the man’s identity but none of the man’s equipment. Luz, meanwhile, just finished giving very specific orders to a young girl who practically glowed with an earnest anticipation and nodded profusely before shuffling away.

The Illyrian soldiers that had called for the volunteers looked at Dan, barely acknowledging the first question. The more reasonable of the soldiers was about to welcome him until the kid decided to shift into an airy form. Everyone was suddenly on high alert, but most looked unsurprised at the kid’s abilities and more concerned with what he was trying to do. Dan would find they were able to follow his movements rather well though their reaction times varied.

As Baiden sought to let Luz know of his arrival, the sudden mass energy caused by Dan’s decision to circumvent the others to face her caused the woman to eye Dan’s approach with narrowed eyes. Figures that there would be children of Dan’s ilk that just couldn’t respect process.

“Joker. Present and accounted for.”

“How quaint…”

Luz looked at the approaching men that were chasing Dan to where he ended up with a searing silver gaze before she continued.

“Scan him and any others that feel the need to be outliers.”

Luz would motion for the Soldier to follow her while telling the guards to take their time on scanning Dan. The Illyrian men searched Dan’s things, storing whatever energy signatures or readings they could get off of the kid who clearly came prepared. One of them caught sight of Godshard, arched a brow, but then went on with the full scan before just stepping away without any verbal acknowledgment. They would do the same for the disheveled scientist who was regarded with equal suspicion no matter how weak or disoriented he seemed. He would manage to get by without as much scrutiny as was given to Dan earlier but he would still have several eyes upon him for they knew he was no Illyrian.

Eventually everyone would be gathered on to the amphibious vessel that would be their means to successfully complete this expedition. In the center of the deck, Luz would start to speak.

“You are all on an Illyrian A.R.U., modified specifically for the limiting waters of the Ild Pass and to engage a beast of immense size and strength. You have been asked to come here simply as supplements with the notion that you will be assets…”

It was also because she had been forced by her Light into even entertaining the idea but she decidedly omitted that.

“Should you become liabilities then feel free to close yourself in any of the guest quarters on the lower decks so you do not waste anyone’s time.”

Luz lifted her hand and then motioned out toward the vast sea which was enough of a signal for the crew to begin actually distancing themselves from the docks.

“Let me establish some ground rules so that we can come to a consensus. I am in charge. You follow my orders. This is not a hunting expedition so once we encounter the creature do not attempt to kill it. That being said, defend yourselves should your lives depend on it. You will all be rewarded according to what you contribute. We are not here to coddle any of you. Questions?”

Silver hair whipped back and forth as she cycled through all of the volunteers, her piercing gaze silently gauging the worth of everyone while she waited for the annoying gauntlet of questions to come.

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"Wow. No welcome, no applause, not even a shocked face. Friendly, aren't ya? Come on, it's no fun if you don't react."

Well, it looks like you DID make them a bit paranoid...
That's not the same thing.

They proceeded to scan him VERY thoroughly. So naturally, he had commentary.

"Mmm, make sure you get my good side, boys. Oh PLEASE tell me there's gonna be a cavity search too."

Wow, you are fucked right up, kid.
Huh.... It's hard to tell if the immense force keeping everything pulled toward the ground is gravity or hypocrisy...

Dan was mildly disappointed when none of their scanners started sparking. STILL no reactions. The most he sensed was the slight air disturbance of an eyebrow raising. What the hell did he hafta do to make these people loosen up?
They finished, and began scanning a scientist that Dan barely registered arriving. The minute Dan saw him, his thief and demigod instincts flared. And Dan had learned to NEVER doubt those.
As they scanned the scientist man, Dan yanked the notepad from his hands, and floated in the air well out of his reach. He started to read what was written, and found SEVERAL problems. True, he was no scientist, but his boyfriend Leo was the foremost expert on magitech that he knew, and regularly showed Dan his new formulae. And he knew enough to know that what this dude had written down was garbled nonsense.

"Hey, wait a sec-"
Dan manipulated the air makeup around the area to amplify his voice, to make sure that EVERYONE heard him.
"- None of these formulae make any sense! You're just scribbling down random bullshit!"

Dan floated downward until his face was inches in front of the scientist's face, albeit Dan was upside down.
"Are you even a scientist? Be honest now. I know a rat when I see one, and I'll be able to TELL if you lie."

Being the son of the god of trickery, Dan was well versed in lying, and could weave them expertly. He also know how to tell if someone was; Quickening pulse, breathing acceleration, sometimes they give off sweat with no scent, ect. And his Air/Wind seed powers enhanced his ability to sense several of those. Regardless of how the man reacted, he was now VERY much on Dan's radar, and he would be monitoring this guy VERY closely.

Dan would wait until the "scientist" answered, then float up to the ship. Fuzzy Luzzy began to talk, and Dan was mostly not listening.

'You follow my orders'. HA! It'll be a cold day in Tartarus, sweetheart. This kid doesn't follow orders from the GODS if he doesn't want to,, the fuck makes you think YOU'LL be able to get him to?
No comment?
No no, you're right.

The rest sounded mostly like 'blah blah blah find the monster blah blah blah dont kill it blah blah blah blah blah, though the word 'rewarded' piqued Dan's ears, as it always did. Piqued his ears enough to where he heard the last bit, when she was taking questions.

"Yeah, I got one."
Dan floated up forward, seeming to be refusing to touch the ground. Maybe he didn't trust the boat's flooring, maybe he wanted to show off, maybe he fancied himself as Dreamworks Peter Pan, who knows.

"Last time I was here, I got something REALLY cool and fun. But, it has a slight drawback, and the greatest, cutest, and sexiest blacksmith and inventor in the history of forever couldn't figure it out, since it has origins in your dimension. Well, actually, he DID figure something out, but there's no fuckin' way I'm doing it.

Dan took the sword from his back, the one wrapped in leather and rope, and began to unwrap it.
"Do ya think you and your REAL-"
Dan shot the fake scientist a look.
"-scientist bunch could make a sheath for this? A proper one? "

Dan finished unwrapping Godshard and took it by the hilt.

"I got it when you and your bunch 'dropped in'. So, you guys up for it?"

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It was the sea. 

Yes, it had to be the sea. All of this blue, so different from the sky. So much more...tangible. It was the sea that made him feel so calm. 

Baiden Oor looked at the blue with cool brown eyes, his face still but his mind relaxed. They were moving now, and as Luz spoke he found that he could only half listen. You got me here, madam. You have my loyalty. That would have to be enough, for now. Behind them the dock grew smaller and smaller as their vessel cut through the water at an impressive pace. The seabreeze flowed over his shaved head, cool and refreshing. A wayward memory flashed in his mind. Luz, reprimanding him in her office.

He placed a magitech hand on the railing, squeezing tightly until the steel began to give. His work was unfinished. His lab, empty. The thought threatened to shatter his calm, but he forced himself to enjoy this moment. Around him Illyrians moved at the orders of his higher-up. He ignored them, turning away from the view to focus on her. She'd asked for questions. From who?

He allowed his gaze to shift, falling on the two foreigners that would be joining them. Them. One, a younger man, was asking his question. Baiden watched silently, though he found his curiosity piqued at the unveiling. 

"What is that...?" a small voice at his side. He turned to face a younger blonde Illyrian crewman, his features impish and his eyes wide with interest. The boy looked from the foreigner to Baiden, then to the ground. "Sorry, sir." 

"For?" Baiden asked. His tone was even, but he knew the bass in his voice could throw off many. The crewman was no exception. He blanched and stumbled away, likely looking for a task. Baiden watched him leave, his face expressionless.

The fear he inspired...was it good? In the end did it help or hurt? The Soldier of Illyria, a man with false arms, wireframe glasses, and a pristine Illyrian coat. These qualities combined to create a demon. How was that possible? They create what they want to create. It can't be helped. Baiden blinked and dismissed the train of thought, instead approaching Luz. As he walked, his eyes met the other foreigner. It was a quick appraisal and, because the man wasn't Illyrian, Baiden dismissed him rather swiftly, his gaze slipping from the scientist with a practiced ease. He instead focused on his superior and the other guest. 

"It's possible," Baiden said, "that I could tinker with the blade. What are its properties?" He could recall a rune that mirrored traits between materials. It may have been applicable here. 

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The fact that Dan was a child and carried himself with an arrogance of titanic proportions did not let most Illyrians relent from fixating on him as they carried out their duties. This was what Valucre had to offer? A mouthy child who they could immediately tell was gifted with dangerous energy. If they had held any jurisdiction here, they might have contained him much like they had contained that dragon girl that had almost killed their Light. Dan was not speaking at an unacceptable volume but the Illyrians still found his voice grating and eyed him with disdain as he confronted the scientist. The tricky thief’s words might have held more weight with the others if they considered him believable but given that the other man that was being confronted was non-Illyrian as well no one bothered to quell the tension that was present.

Luz watched Dan but initially tuned him out in favor of taking stock of the others. She was already familiar with what Baiden had to offer so she started to brainstorm ways to ensure she could extract the most use out of Dan and perhaps the most unassuming of the lot that was being challenged by the child. With the flurry of what she considered excuses that followed, she resigned herself to just waiting to see how she could properly wield these unorthodox tools that have accompanied her to get her objective finished and go back home.

She had turned to pivot from the tension to deal with matters she deemed more important but was suddenly met with Dan yet again who seized the opportunity of her inviting question to present a weapon in front of her that caused her eyes to widen immediately. “Where…” Before she even had time to finish, Dan explained where he had acquired the weapon and started to unwrap it. Luz’ keen senses noticed how the weapon seemed to be drawing in whatever energy it could within limited proximity. Given how Dan so easily flaunted his own it fed off of the energy that drove whatever air manipulation powers the kid had. She could see it course through the weapon and immediately spoke.

“Cover that back up now….Joker.”

The desire to call him ‘foreign child’ was strong but Luz was obviously practicing more diplomacy, albeit with some considerable effort. Luz looked at Baiden, visibly concerned at the man’s interest in the blade. Soon after he inquired about the weapon’s properties, she interjected. “Should I even allow it your tinkering will not go unsupervised Soldier.” There was definitely an untold history that decorated her tones with her fellow Illyrian but she seemed unapologetic about any of it as she turned back to Dan. “Should you prove useful to this expedition and refrain from becoming a burden then I am sure we can accommodate you should we not consider your possession of this weapon a threat to my people. I am willing to look past Illyria’s right to confiscate it if our Light allows it.”

The A.R.U’s lights suddenly flickered and then ultimately turned off. The propulsion of the vessel ceased and their forward momentum significantly weakened. Luz scanned around for a while before seemingly waiting on something. A robed Illyrian woman in the distance yelled from within her hood. “We have reached the area of Orisian influence director Yllende.” La’Ruta’s regulating presence rendered most conventional magitech useless then. The director quickly shot into action. “Switch to our secondary method of propulsion now! We need to reach our destination with time to spare.”

“Yes, ma’am”

A distinct hum would be heard from below, a green glow slowly coursing through the vessel before the sound of water displacement would be heard. A continuous stream of air would be seen from the aft of the vessel, conjured up by specially made containers housing potent air magic. The strength of the displacement was enough to resume propulsion, albeit at a slower pace than before. There were some shouts of joy at the success of what most would not know was the first test of this method out in open waters. Luz did not relinquish any sort of reaction and simply turned to address everyone again.

“Keep your eyes open everyone. I want updates from those viewing sonar every five minutes. We will have a limited amount of time to get what we need out of the creature.”

Turning to Dan and the ‘scientist’ in particular now she continued.

“Stay close to me in the meantime. I don’t want to have to search for you once the creature arises to do what you volunteered to do”

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On 8/6/2019 at 7:02 PM, ticklefarte said:

"It's possible, that I could tinker with the blade. What are its properties?"

"Whoa whoa there big man. Take me out to dinner before you start tinkering with my bla- OOOH wait you mean- Right right. Well, I don't want tinkering with the blade, I just wanna sheath. As for its properties..... This came from another dimension, I don't have any idea other than its powerful, looks cool, and absorbs magic. Without prejudice. Like the girls back where I come from, this thing sucks everyone around it.


On 8/7/2019 at 8:30 AM, Dolor Aeternum said:

“Cover that back up now….Joker.”

"Wow. First time I've ever heard someone tell me to put it BACK on. Usually it stops at 'take it off'."

Dan began rewrapping the sword, then unwrapping and re-rewrapping it, as he did it wrong. Then cursing in ancient greek, and trying it a third time before getting it right.

On 8/7/2019 at 8:30 AM, Dolor Aeternum said:

“Should I even allow it your tinkering will not go unsupervised Soldier.”

"Wait, you wanna watch while he- ewwwww."


On 8/7/2019 at 8:30 AM, Dolor Aeternum said:

"Should you prove useful to this expedition and refrain from becoming a burden then I am sure we can accommodate you should we not consider your possession of this weapon a threat to my people. I am willing to look past Illyria’s right to confiscate it if our Light allows it.”

"Wow, you must be a REAL hit at parties."

"You are DEFINITELY single, mein fraulein. Und vis good reason."

Dan roughly cleared his throat. "Sorry about that."

You are?
No. but I never gave you leave to come out. Don't do that unless the situation calls for it.

HA! Illyria's right to confiscate, she says. Bitch you TRY it and we'll wipe your whole damn city out. Or rather, I will. Palmer Prissy-pants here wouldn't even think of doing that unless you're related to the Titans.
Who the hell is their 'Light'?
Well.... Looking at the first post in the thread, I think it's their king.
Ehh... the first post in the thread? What thread?
............. Judging by how she referred to 'her light' I would think it is someone in power, most likely a king.
Oh. Mkay.

At any rate, he got the Pole-up-the-ass woman to react with wide eyes, and Dan was pleased with that. He re-slung the sword over his shoulder, but making sure his back wasn't to anyone on the ship. He really didn't want to have to mutilate someone for trying to take his stuff. Except for the fake scientist. Dan could tell there was something up with this one. And he would not let the little rat out of his sight if he could help it. And if he couldn't, he would have his senses ready in case he decided to try anything.

Then the boat ejaculated air, and Dan could sense the air magic being used. He would REALLY have to watch these people. They invaded and slaughtered a village and had the gall to act superior about it, kidnapping a hot, 14 year old boy and using him for his air powers was definitely not beneath them.

On 8/7/2019 at 8:30 AM, Dolor Aeternum said:

“Stay close to me in the meantime. I don’t want to have to search for you once the creature arises to do what you volunteered to do”

"Are..... you coming on to me?"
Dan grinned. Leo was definitely rubbing off on him. In more ways than one.


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Image result for alternate scp symbol

"Illyrian Expedition Infiltration"

Mission Log: Day [1]
Assessment: Initial scouting concluded, suspicions averted, 2 disguises acquired.


That damn kid.

What a thorn in his side.

He couldn't let his emotions get the best of him, and so he kept his composure. Of course, these symbols are unexplainable and unique, a secret language VCF SA use.

"T-these are some new theories I'm working at, s-sir..." he said, slouching his body, looking at the floor. He could play off being extremely passive and submissive well, such as the nature of his job. Once the focus was averted off of him, he started to wander around the ship.

He sketched diagrams and notes, guard names, routines and such. Because of his docile appearance and relative similarity to the other researchers onboard, the guards paid no attention to him. A grave mistake on their part, who thought that letting a researcher enter the engine room was a good idea? Indeed, he assessed the guards were incompetent, if not green. He faced tougher security within the brothels of Palgard, this would be a cake-walk for him.

"What a hassle, damn Orisian tech..." an overall-wearing man spoke to himself. He was holding a magi-tech wrench as he pondered upon the engine itself. He shut off the engine to conserve energy and turned on the magi-tech engine, an air-powered propellant that was somewhat slower than the main engine.

Of course, it's this Engineer's job to find out what's wrong, but he's a mechanical engineer, not a Magi-tech one. If he doesn't find out what's wrong, he fears the worst. He can't afford to lose his job, lest his daughter stays hungry back home.

But the worst is yet to come.

If only the Engineer saw the frail, weak scientist sneak up behind him.

The scientist took him by surprise, and the engineer, a bulky man himself, was terrified and confused as to how this frail, tooth-pick limbed scientist somehow manage to hold him down.

Without warning, a warm, damp cloth wrapped itself around the Engineer's mouth. Some muffled, barely audible screaming later, the Engineer's fast asleep, his body stuffed within the waste chute only moments later.


Soon though, no one would be the wiser, as the now frail scientist suddenly started to disappear. He started to somewhat glow, and just like that the frail scientist transformed into the now unconscious engineer; holographic disguising at it's finest.

He pulled out a dark, metallic box, and put it up to the Magi-tech engine. The box worked perfectly, the light at the centre blinking after magnetically sticking onto the engine. He now has complete control over the engine, something he'll need later on.

But when he thought everything was going smoothly, he accidentally bumped the table of tools beside him, dropping the magi-tech wrench on said table.

Unluckily, a guard who was patrolling the ship heard the noise. He rushed into the room, baton in hand.

"What was that noise"


"Just dropped my wrench is all, don't worry 'bout it."


"Jeffrey, are you feeling ok?"


They know each other


"Oh yeah, just feelin' drowsy is all, seasickness."


He hoped "Jeffrey" got seasick frequently


"You love the sea."



The guard put two and two together, with the disappearance of the researcher who entered the engine room a mere few minutes ago. He pulled on the radio on his chest, speaking a coded message quickly into it, but before he could finish the message the engineer pulled out a dart gun and silence ensued.

Who knew horse tranquillizer would work so well on humans?

The "engineer" would then disappear, the guard taking his place where he stood. The "guard" would then drag his doppelganger and stuff it within the waste chute. Would be a shame if these were emptied, but it was clear what he needed to do; no witnesses. He took the guard's baton, badge and radio, and left the room.

He waited in front of the engine room, hoping the radio message didn't get through. He was sure if more people started dissapearing, it wouldn't be long before his cover was blown.


2 crew members dissapeared, suspicion is at 10/100

For @Dolor Aeternum since you're playing NPCs, use either Valucre's or this site's https://www.random.org/ random number generator. Set minimum to one and max to 20. If you get any number between 10-15, you can send a guard to check on the engine room which G will have to "deal with", increasing the suspicion to 15/100.

Once the suspicion reaches 25/100, people will start noticing (including your characters) of the disappearance of crew members on-board. After that, it won't be long until a ship-wide search for a mole will be launched.

Have fun! 😄 

Directed: @Dolor Aeternum @HollowCipher

Mentioned: @ticklefarte


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On 8/7/2019 at 11:30 AM, Dolor Aeternum said:

“Should I even allow it your tinkering will not go unsupervised Soldier.”

Baiden Oor swallowed a rough remark, instead casting his gaze outward to the sea and nodding. She had her concerns. Let her have them. This wasn't an argument he would win, nor was it one he wanted to win. There were some honest truths in Luz Yllende's issue with Baiden's methods. There were lines that people shouldn't cross, no matter how noble the cause. 

I didn't hurt anyone, he thought as he walked away. 

No, he hadn't but, after one experiments on themselves, how long until they began to look to others? The wind picked up on the deck as the ship lost, then picked up, speed. With the air that passed him, his unanswered question flowed past as well. He frowned at the philosophical implications of self-experimentation. His every action was defined by Illyria. Defined by some grand need to protect his people, and a concerning willingness to harm others to ensure their safety. Self-sacrifice? Of course. Such a question was always answered the same way. 

But with every rune he carved into himself, the original Baiden Oor changed. The alterations were small, nigh unnoticeable, but if he went further...

...would he even recognize himself? He looked down at the prosthetic arms, flexing the fingers. The runes carved into the dark magitech skin glowed brightly in response. How long until the changed Baiden Oor sought a different dream? How long until this new Soldier abandoned his dear Illyria? The thought threatened to crack his facade and he grimaced before lowering his hands. Stop. Focus. He adjusted his lenses and looked back at the young foreigner. As deckhands moved swiftly around the man, Baiden's eyes moved past them to see the sword on the boy's back. It absorbed magic? If I want to cast runes, I need to stay away from him I suppose. 

He nodded, then moved to the railing. A glance above showed a strange sight. A flock of birds soared overhead, in front of thick clouds rolling atop what had previously been a clear blue sky. The water reflected this change as the darkness of the depths began to show themselves to the surface. He frowned, then looked around. There. 

"You there," Baiden called, his voice cutting through the din of a busy deck. The blonde Illyrian from before turned quickly to face him and, in the next moment, was by his side.

"Yes, sir?" the boy asked carefully. His eyes were fixed on the Soldier's coat. 

Baiden gestured to the water. "This," he began, "is a different place isn't it? Do you see what I mean?" 

The kid leaned over the railing, eyes narrowing as he peered into the seawater. A moment later, he nodded. "Water's definitely acting up. Why is that?" A pause. Then: "Erm, sir."

Baiden managed a small smile. "That's not all. If you listen..." he trailed off and closed his eyes. Silence. Well, not complete, but if one tuned out the ship's own noise it was clear that something was missing. 

"The waves...there are none," the boy whispered. Baiden opened his eyes and nodded. 

"The waves," he echoed. "Something is very wrong. I believe this means we're getting closer to our goal. Tell Luz and, when you're done, warn your fellow crewmen. A convergence is on its way. They should be ready." 

And with that, the Soldier dismissed the boy and faced the ocean. The waters were calm, birds were fleeing, and the air felt wrong. As if the world had operated on its own for so long, and was very surprised at the news of a sudden arrival from a very old friend. No, "surprise" felt incorrect. 


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The shift in Joker’s personality amidst conversation did little to minimize the annoyance she felt whenever the kid decided to speak. She couldn’t expect the children of this realm to be as well behaved as those in Illyria, however, so she decided to endure the nuisance for now. Luz could tell there was a separate energy signature within Dan that might make her wonder if he housed another being but given Dan’s penchant need to flaunt his power she did not take her time trying to delve into that theory. Instead she’d offer him a roll of the eyes as he tried to quip after everything she said, though once Dan slipped away for reasons unknown and left her with Baiden she looked visibly bothered. It was clear she was in quite a mood and now only Baiden and any crewmembers near her were left to field her volatility.

As the mysterious scientist that had slipped away from the group traversed the vessel, he would luckily find that most crewmembers were either too busy with their tasks to even acknowledge his presence or were too distracted in their own disdain or worries to care. As he managed to infiltrate the engine room and encounter some of the less astute Illyrian, one managed to send a partial message to those in charge of security and Luz. “A shadow encroaches upon the L…” This triggered another security sweep but did not draw Luz in any further as she focused on her immediate surroundings.

Baiden also distanced himself which did not go unnoticed by Luz but she trusted this man more than any other crewmember on this ship when it came to maintaining Illyrian interests. The sudden quiet that blanketed the area that was only interrupted by the sound of fleeing flocks or the splash of frantic sea creatures caused a sudden surge of anticipation within Luz. The very nature around them seemed to cower in the presence of something else but this vessel would continue to push forward. A blonde Illyrian with stark features rushes toward Luz now. “Director Yllende! The Soldier sent me here because he believes we are converging on to something big.”

“Yes….I feel it too. Prepare the vessel for attachment”

The plan had always been to attach this vessel to the creature somehow, knowing that the short time that the creature remains above water was all they had to disperse and collect whatever samples they could.

“Yes ma’am.”

The Illyrian set about warning all of his fellows to be prepared. It would only be minutes before the engineers manning the sonars would notice the largest finding they have ever witnessed in their time. A loud siren was tripped to alert all on board, a precaution put in place by Luz to make sure they knew they were close. The air propulsion implemented by the Illyrian’s manipulating the air ceased, which only made the silence that much more prominent. That silence would be pierced by a droning bellow that caused the entire vessel to reverberate. If one were to stare down in the water, they would notice a blinding light that stretched miles wide from either side of the vessel that would only increase in intensity. Those sensitive to La’Ruta would feel it flowing violently around them as it yearned to welcome a behemoth that had not manifested itself in ages.

With alarming speed, this large creature with black, sleek skin rose unforgivingly from underneath their position. Soon they would all find themselves elevated above sea level awkwardly, the vessel teetering to one side and causing Luz to frantically grab for something lest she be forced to slide off the vessel. Some unfortunate Illyrians were not as swift, their bodies sliding off of the A.R.V, colliding with a portion of the railings with a sickening thud before their bodies flopped over and out of view. “Hurry up and attach!” A mechanical sound can be heard throughout the vessel and then some long tendril like protrusions that were comprised completely of magic would shoot out from the sides of the vessel. The energy would slide along the sleek skin of the creature that continued to elevate itself, forcing the vessel up at least 500 ft above sea level. The height allowed Luz to notice the steep valleys and tall mountains in the distance that rose from seemingly out of nowhere. Glowing vegetation covered some of their surroundings as well. Luz, wide eyed, just let lips part in surprise until she felt the ship right itself, the energies that shot out from the vessel finding items to tether itself tightly to. The vessel would right itself on a plane that allowed Luz to stand once again and collect herself. It was then that she looked around to see if those that were to accompany her were finally nearby.

“We have no time to waste everyone! Get your things ready. We are going to collect whatever we can now!”

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