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[GS] Taurus

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Wrestling with the giant ice snake in his arms meant Taurus had a shield, if an unwilling one. 

This shield was the one he thrust into the path of many of the incoming attacks, Shishi's divine spears, Tozwad's relentess assault with his magic and axe, and lastly but not least, pathing it between the path of him and the ridiculius jump of another titan of ice, what looked like an ice giant. The result would be that the snake would bear the brunt of two of the divine spears cast by the young Order Knightess, and any other damage stacked onto it would be all but eclipsed by the crushing might of the frozen giant's landing, breaking it outright.

Had the attackers been more organized, the battle might have ended right there, but it did not. Instead it would be a slow drawn out affair. Taurus was used to his size. He rolled over upon the ice giant, to bear it to the ground with him, and it appeared as if the demigod would choke this new attacker to death. In reality, he heated his hands with the last of his powers to try and melt through, to grab and crush the squishy mortal at its core.

Using the last of his power however, rendered Taurus completely vulnerable to Hinoka's machinations. At last those cosmic threads of light broke though, and the demigod's body began to slow and still as his soul was pulled from it upon glowing tendrils of light, displayed to the world as a bright gold beacon.

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As soon as The God moved his large shield towards the group of people he would swiftly fly over towards the other side of his head and stop suddenly.

He would stop to gain energy for a large attack onto The God, you could see the purply energy rushing into and through his large vanes across each and every part of his body, he looked as if he was a glowing puzzle peace with many dark patches within each odd shape cube.


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The time to strike had come and Azelhart hadn't adjusted their aim, making it so Lexa had to adjust it for them. The spear was moved to aim at Taurus's now emptying body. In order to make that body useless, Lexa's attack would have to do a lot more than take out its shoulder- so she aimed for the heart.

Lexa shot forward, slamming her palm into the back of the spear, exactly along its roll-axis. The spear would, in turn, take off like a missile from hell, sending out a shockwave that sent Lexa flying back, skipping a few times as she hit the ground like a stone on water.

The spear would fly straight, blasting through the wind gusts as it traveled at over 2700 meters per second, straight at Taurus's physical body's heart- or, what should've been it. If nothing stopped it, the spear, which had jagged fins sticking out the side of it, would tunnel through him and cause significantly more damage than the smooth sword.

As for Lexa, her black marks would vanish as she laid on the ground with several slight bruises. Eventually, she'd staggered to her feet and then collapsed back down, stopping on a knee while trying to catch her breath. She was exhausted. The world was fading in and out, but she wasn't allowed to sleep. "Big sister..." she said softly. "Watch big brother..." she'd say a moment later and force herself back up. Azelhart offered her a ride, which was taken instantly. Lexa clambered onto the back of his motorbike and clung to him while forcing herself to stay awake.


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Posted (edited)

Omar's eyes widened. The wind here was rough, but at this point he'd figured out how to handle it. Just as quickly as he'd expanded them, he squinted his eyes to peer ahead at the glowing display ahead. 

His soul. 

A god's spirit, on full the display. It was exactly what he needed. Taurus was sluggish now, seemingly spent as the assault carried on. Omar directed Portis closer, and glanced at the offenders. He tapped his earpiece. "chzz. I need to talk to him. chzz. Before he's gone." 

Once again he looked to the light, peering intently at the information on display there. One's soul existed on a different plane, that was indisputable. The interactions, then, with this reality were complex, but decidedly natural. It was the way of things, after all. But to force a crossing? To pull a spirit from that world to this one required power, which Omar guessed was what they'd been waiting for. It also takes a gate. And that was what Omar was seeing. 

Written in the light were the rules that decided this world, and the next. To him, they presented themselves as runes. Good enough. He pulled out his chalk, still looking. Was Taurus's soul sane? Could he have an actual discussion there? 

He directed Portis to the ground, contemplating as he worked to link a rune to the gate Hinoka's threads had created. Once on the ground, he began to cast. Behind him the sound of a motorcycle interrupted his thoughts. They were close to Taurus now. He could protect himself from the god's heat, but the motorcycle would have to count on the ice collosi to keep the heat down. 

"Ah, so you finally fired Red," Omar muttered when he realized who it was. "I'm not sure if it was necessary. Our dear friend looks like he's about to reach his end." 

He winced as the runes on his body pulsed with need. He'd crafted them with homicidal intent. They weren't very keen on being held in reserve. Cursing, Omar looked back at the light for reference. He adjusted his glasses. "Almost done, aren't we? Azelhart. Lexa. We've made a good team, shooting needles at a god. You're both very clever."

The rune flared brightly as he sealed it. It spun rapidly, attaining a golden hue akin to Taurus'. Omar stepped back as the symbol expanded, then stilled. It was ready. His own gate to the spirit world that Taurus' soul was leaving. "Not too much time then," he whispered. 

Omar looked back at the two on the bike. He grinned, offering a salute as his goodbye. Lexa looked spent. Azelhart was unreadable as ever. He didn't expect either one to speak or join. He'd be back rather quickly if things went well. A quick chat and an analysis of the god's soul up close. That's all he needed. With a deep breath, Omar turned and stepped into the gate.

His vision went black.

He felt his connection to his automatons sever. His breath caught, ears popping as his body was wrenched from its home and shuttled through the in-between before its inevitable arrival. A loud flash of light. A bright clap of thunder. He tasted the howling wind and smelled the heat, before everything managed to snap back into place. Groaning, Omar looked around at his new surroundings. It was...surprising. 

A cathedral with an exposed ceiling. Omar was on his knees, hands splayed over tile art depicting a strange scene. He recognized Taurus. Worshipers, too. Smiling? "They liked you, huh?" he said to himself. 

Overhead the sky was tumultuous. Within the rolling clouds was a light show of electricity. Omar looked up as he rose, then around. The walls weren't blank. Where there weren't windows, there was art. So enraptured was he, that he almost missed his target. There it was. 

Omar saw a man, though he knew that Taurus was anything but. The figure was reticent. Translucent...fading. He stared for a few heartbeats. This was a divine soul. 

"Can we talk," Omar called. his voice echoed through the dreamscape. 


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Lexa's spear cored straight through Taurus's body... with no reaction from the god whatsoever beyond a twitch.

Probably because he was all but dead already and nonresponsive. Tozwad's build-up of power went completely unchallenged.

It was a curious thing, to see those who might as well be demigods themselves seek to bring down another just because he was cast as insane.


In the dreamscape, Taurus looked over the stranger. The sky thundered omniously even as the rest of the world shimmered briefly in spots. Omar did not have too long. As the soul weakend, the mental surroundings began to fail as well.

The soul was not just reticent. It was bound. Prisoner in its own mind. He unleashed a silent scream, one that could not be heard or felt and only seen, creating hairline fractures and cracks in the foundations upon which he stood. 

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The giant beast that Tozwad would seem to take form of  would rapidly change form for a second as he watches the God tremble.

He rests himself trying to become calm and rest his palms upon his face with a slight roar irrupting from his mouth, he looked across again and would just cruse aimlessly around the battlefield looking for anyone that needed help.

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