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The Queendom of Svanhild

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The Queendom of Svanhild, or simply Svanhild, is an independent realm in Ursa Madeum formed after the exit of the Veluriyam Empire and the subsequent formation of the archipelago’s autonomous Kingdom. It is ruled by Queen Varda Hildebrand of House Hildebrand from its seat of power in the city of Cal Eteris.







Cal Eteris, City of Golden Promise

A shining beacon of prosperity and opportunities; the seat of power for the Queendom of Svanhild.

Hildebrand Estate (Ravenel Castle, Acadia)

The Greywood

River Symarron

The Glaivespines

The Silver Halls of the Order of the Orchid




Vanora, City of Silver Waves

A sleepy village turned bustling coastal city located on the shores of Thraece.




Ilvor, City of Eternal Twilight

An isolated stronghold under a perpetual night sky; the seat of power for the Fae Sister Courts.

The Fenwyld

Veilcrest fell




Aurum's Promise

A newly-established port city in Misral; the seat of power for House Viridis.


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The overall population of the Queendom amounts to approximately 3 million in number. It consists primarily of humans, with other subgroups comprised of nonhumans and Fey.



Carrying on from the ancestral roots of the founding royal family, the Queendom’s economy is built primarily on agriculture, mining and extraction, and tourism. The agricultural sphere is by far the largest source of economic activity, and is considered Svanhild's bread and butter. With the overflowing bounty of natural resources, the Queendom exports its goods to its friendly neighbors, trading raw resources for luxury products and services.



The Queendom of Svanhild is an absolute monarchy under the jurisdiction of the current monarch Queen Varda Hildebrand. The monarch rules with absolute power over the state and government, taking counsel from the royal court as is necessary. The succession of power is by appointment of the current monarch. Upon enthronement, the monarch also takes on the title of Archduke or Archduchess of the Fenwyld, an honorary title bestowed by the Sister Courts of the city of Ilvor.

The Queen’s Court

The royal court of Svanhild, also called the Hildebrand Court after the current royal family, is composed of members of the royal household, the noble houses, foreign emissaries, and lesser courtiers. The Spring Palace in Cal Eteris functions as the court seat of power, where the Queen asks for council and consent from her subjects on legislative and judicial matters. Foreign emissaries within the Queen’s Court include Sir Shel Arseidel of the Veluriyam Empire and Doctor Silas Harriden of Senaria.

Foreign Relations



Various organizations make up the overall military of Svanhild, amounting up to approximately 285,000 soldiers. This consists of the royal guard, the city watchmen, members of the Order of the Orchid, and each noble house's stock of warriors overseeing their own regions within the Queendom. Vanora has a navy of 20 ships and looking to expand their fleet; the coastal city is also protected by 50 Eagleships through an agreement with Ylia City.

More information can be found here.



The people of the Queendom retain their founding liege's values and beliefs; the concept of peace and prosperity is the foundation of society, uplifting the traits of diligence and ingenuity amongst the populace. Many live simple, idyllic lives in a pastoral landscape which needs they greatly respect and care for, and with the security that the generous distribution of wealth provides, there are reports of lessened criminal activity within the cities. The Queen's subjects tend to be cheerful, helpful, and family-oriented people, though they are also known to be inclined towards dangerously complacent or fatalistic mindsets brought about by their easy and enriched way of living.



With the outpouring of support towards scholarly pursuits both in the scientific and arcane fields, the Queendom is slowly acquiring new technology to further improve the livelihood of its people. One such advancement lies in the field of transportation, wherein the Noble House Cardona has made use of kelpies to pull carriages through arcane bodies of water across great distances, allowing for faster travel between the cities. Many other efforts have turned to developments in agricultural technology, further boosting the production of economic resources.




597 WTA (2018-2019)

  • June 10 - A meeting of Veluriyam's Empress and the Ursa Madeum nobility sets the foundations for the island's future. Milorian Mythal is elected King, serving as the chairman of a council composed of representatives chosen by the nobility. House Hildebrand becomes a separatist Queendom under the leadership of Varda Hildebrand. | The Queendom of Svanhild is established under the rule of House Hildebrand.
  • June 20 - Jasper Hildebrand and Merel Hildebrand oversee the birth of a new city along the shoreline south of Port Thea, as per their agreement with the Senarian presence on the island. The City of Vanora is established on the coasts of Thraece. | Vanora is established.
  • September 1 - The city of Cal Eteris is established as the seat of power of the new Queendom, which has taken upon the name of Svanhild. | Cal Eteris is established.


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