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Molly Wolfsoul

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Moniker: Molly

Title: Wolfsoul

Visual Age: 20

Birth Place: Wilds of Terrenus

Race: Shifter

Alignment: Good

Gender: Female

Class: Seeker


Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Height: 6'2

Weight: 215 lbs

Voice: Deep and gruff, with a natural growl to it

Build: Athletic

Condition: Toned


• Cotton cloth usually of deep greens


• The Spirits of Nature


 Two tomahawks, leather armor, wooden totem kept around her neck

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The Forces of the Spirit World

My connection to the spirit world started when I was just a child. Abandoned, and left to die in the wilds, they took me in, and made me who I am today. Because of them, I am alive, and for them, I hunt those that would corrupt them.

Molly has a connection with forces within the spirit realm that are against the forces of places such as the Far Realm. These powers come not from herself, but from the power of the Spirit World itself. Her connection with them is embodied in a totem, one carved in the likeness of a wolf.

Her abilities involve the following.

  • Looking into the spirit realm to detect the presence of corruption.
  • Calling upon the spirits to attack her enemies, generally in the form of a swarm of insects that bite and attack voraciously.
  • To summon forth a guide to help her when she is in crisis, usually with something cryptic, but at the very least pointing her in the right direction.
  • Infusing her with an unmatched ability to travel through the wilderness, as if nature itself speeds her along her way so she may get to her destination faster.

These powers are not all that she is capable of, as she lives and grows, her connection will grow stronger as she continues to hunt the forces who would corrupt nature for its own desires. 

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What it means to be a Shifter

I don't know much about my kind. What I do know is that I am neither human, nor am I am werewolf, something...in between. It's a challenge, but I do my best to get by.

Molly Wolfsoul is a Shifter, and thus shares aspects of both human and lycanthrope. Her attributes are as follows and are not subject for change unless extreme circumstances require it.

  • Enhanced strength, greater than that of what humans are capable of.
  • Enhanced speed, greater than that of what humans are capable of.
  • Enhanced dexterity, greater than that of what humans are capable of.
  • Healing ability, as stated within the rules of MP.

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Wolf Totem- Carved in the shape of a wolf out of simple oak, this totem is the embodiment of Molly's connection with the spirit realm. Without it, she has no means of which to focus her control over the Spirit Realm. 



Magical War Axes- Two war axes, carved with magical symbols of the Spirit Realm. Whenever these are thrown, they will return back to her after the attack has connected. 




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