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Jennifer Mollins

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Moniker: Jennifer Mollins

Title: Shadow Witch

Visual Age: 25

Birth Place: Mageside City

Race: Human (Lich)

Alignment: Neutral

Gender: Female

Class: Wizard


Hair: Jet Black

Eyes: Milky White

Height: 5'9

Weight: 120 lbs

Voice: Soft, but sorrowful

Build: Lean and healthy, pale white in complexion

Condition: Dead


• Dark silky clothing 




 Book of Shadows

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The Magic of the Shadow Witch

My magic is part of a rich tradition, one that spans countless generations. In my current condition, I can at least safeguard the practice, and make certain others may learn it in the future.

Jennifer utilizes an ancient form of magic known as Shadowmancy. It is highly specialized, taking the shadows themselves and turning them into a malleable substance which responds to her will power. This matter can be changed into three major states, just like water. 

  • Smoke: By taking the shadows and converting them into a gas, Jennifer creates a potent gaseous form that can be manipulated in multiple ways. It is poisonous to breathe and can be made corrosive if she so wishes.
  • Oil: Taking the shadows and turning them into a liquid state, Jennifer creates a dangerous liquid which can cause terrible damage. It is slippery or adhesive by her will, and can be ignited and set on fire.
  • Obsidian: Jennifer converts the shadows into a solid substance, which hold its own power apart from the others. This stone like material can be both incredibly durable or brittle by her command, and can explode with powerful force.

Once her influence has been exerted upon shadow it cannot be dispelled by light. Only by severing her influence will it revert back to normal shadow. Jennifer cannot exert influence upon shadow in total darkness. 

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Anatomy of a Lich

I am a lich, which is a polite way of saying an undead of a different class. My life, my essence, my very soul is tied to my phylactery. If it is ever destroyed, I will die, forever. Now where did I put it?

As a lich, Jennifer possesses an item known as a phylactery. This item is very important to her, and so she protects it at all costs. Her phylactery in this instance is a golden locket, inside containing a picture of her as a child, and another of herself, Ember Spellthief, Molly Wolfsoul and Wendolyn Rune Hammer, posed in a warm, familiar way to commemorate their sisterhood. 

When Jennifer's physical body is destroyed, her soul retreats back to the phylactery, where it takes at least a week for her body to regenerate. This removes all negative effects applied to her, unless bound to her soul. 

Destroying the phylactery is no easy task. To do so requires an item of significant magical power or powerful magic in itself. Once destroyed, Jennifer's body turns to ash and she is lost to the spirit world for good. 

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