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something heinous a w a k e n s. . .



Hello everyone, Vielle here (representing @Wade too!) ❤️ Anyone up for a little D&D-style dungeon delving?

As stated before, I’ve made quests for Vanora and wanted to try my hand at GM-ing some of them. After bouncing ideas back and forth with Wade, I figured this particular quest would be the one to start things out, and so here’s a quest to be co-GMed by myself and Wade ?

I won’t lie—I’ve been greatly inspired by @OBELUS's CYOA-esque thread and its story mechanics,  and also by @Jotnotes’ fabulous dungeon-threads, and so will be borrowing some elements from them as well as from the love of my gaming life Dungeons & Dragons in order to create this system of play-writing.



The premise: A collapse in the streets of Vanora reveal a hidden underwater grotto with an extensive cave network. City officials are willing to pay for the exploration of the caves after an initial search of the shallow areas has recovered some long lost treasure from the era of the Queendom. The party’s objective is to explore the grotto and bring back whatever treasures and information they can find. But of course, nothing valuable is so easily given, and something is stirring in that musty darkness. . .

The rules are simple:

  • Speed is da wae. Brevity rules ftw! I don’t mind if people take some time to post, but I’d definitely appreciate a little more speed for this one ? Two days before skipping is in play here, unless circumstances prevent posting, in which case let us know in the OOC thread!
  • Be curious. This is most definitely an exploration-focused adventure quest (with a dash of combat on the side). We won’t be giving up clues all willy-nilly, and so proactive interaction with each other and the environment is key to success. Who knows what mysteries and shiny things you’ll find? ?
  • Roll to determine success. When it comes to traps, perception checks, and certain event triggers/prompts, we’ll be asking for dice rolls to determine what happens to your characters. Fate is unpredictably fun that way ?

One last thing: This quest is part one of the A Darkness Beneath narrative questline, and so the events of this thread will be the foundation for the upcoming quests and plotlines that will spawn from its completion. You can choose to stick around for whatever comes next, or go on to continue your tales elsewhere: whichever floats your boat! ?

Optimally, we’re looking for 2-4 writers to join us! The IC and OOC thread will be up by Wednesday next week, after which recruitment will be closed. If anyone is interested, please let us know here or in a PM! ❤️



. . . in the darkened world b e l o w.


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1 minute ago, Jotnotes said:

I have characters interested in joining, and I'd love to send Bretakollr down with you guys, if you'll have me!

You are very much welcome, friend ? Bretakollr's involvement is noted!

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1 hour ago, danzilla3 said:

Can I tag along?

Yes, you may! Who are you bringing? ?

1 hour ago, sheep said:

I'm in with my Ventrix Character Coco!

Fabulous! Send us a character sheet please ?

37 minutes ago, Thotification said:

I'll send Khaki for this...only because a crippled woman in a wheelchair can't do any dungeon delving ??

Okaaaay ?


So looking at it, we've gotten the optimal party size already! ? 4 players + @Wade seems like a good number ? I'll give it another day to see if there is more interest, but I think we'll be capping it off at 6 writers ? that means one last slot! 

P.S. Would just like to remind everyone that Vanora is in Ursa Madeum, which has a low-tech/high-magic setting, so please plan your character choice accordingly! ?

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Alrighty, I guess that caps things off! ? Full roster, full steam ahead!

  1. @Jotnotes
  2. @danzilla3
  3. @sheep
  4. @Thotification
  5. @Infernal
  6. @Wade

Please do send your character sheets here or in a PM (if you have 'em)! ?

With the party forming this early, methinks I can move up the schedule a bit earlier and post the IC/OOC threads by Monday or Tuesday ? can't wait to see how things will go ? Thanks everyone!


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