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Calabi Yau Maksur Kohler

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Yau is a fifteen year-old magitech prodigy with a knack for problem-solving and inferential data-gathering. Orphaned at birth, Yau has lived in Tia most her life, using her tech to conduct heists while avoiding the authorities. After the city's destruction, she has taken to wandering Fracture.

Name Calabi Yau Maksur Kohler
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 15
Height 5'
Weight 105 lbs
Build gangly
Eyes violet
Hair pale orange, curly
Skin tan

∟magitech prodigy

∟magitech engineering

History | Image gallery

—a black, sleeveless shirt
— an oversized, worn leather jacket
— jeans
— greyish boots

— a broken gauntlet of foreign, amorphous metal that can change its shape at will, transforming into different tools.
Midstep boots, a pair of grey boots that uses Nth and other materials to allow Yau to take steps in midair and change her orientation, anchoring herself to non-horizontal surfaces.
— a makeshift trench coat with a seemingly illogical number of pockets and heavy magitek integration. Can be compressed into an ARES body armor suit with built-in heating and insulation.
— an Nth umbrella that allows limited flight; levitates on its own

Puzzle-solver - Yau loves solving puzzles and finding solutions to problems
Talkative and cheerful, Yau speaks her mind constantly, at all times, with little pause.
Free-spirited as she is, Yau has a habit of testing rules and boundaries. She shows little regard for the law and doesn't mind stealing from those she deems "can afford it"
Easily distractable - Yau leaps from hyperfixation to hyperfixation, often procrastinating heavily and abandoning projects when she loses her interest

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