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a world below [ooc]

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4 hours ago, Jotnotes said:

@vielle I have to wonder; which program did you end up using to make the map? I know you used donjon, but did you stop there, or use some other stuff?

I know donjon is pretty great for randomness, but I found it kind of unhelpful for in-depth designs.

I actually did just use donjon ? plus some added transparent fog clouds for the area-of-awareness effect ? 

I sorta just use the map as a loose guide to plotting out what's in the dungeon (rooms = areas, etc.) and adjust whenever my plans and the visual map don't initially jive together ? 

P.S. @Wade anytime you're ready to post, my friend! ?

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16 hours ago, Wade said:

I’m sorry for the delay but honestly, just skip me this round. I’m having a hard time writing anything besides “Guys, look at this cool necklace!” or “Yes, let’s go right.”

Alrightyyy ? DM post coming up tomorrow ❤

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Just now, Csl said:

PSA: @vielle's going to be gone from Valucre indefinitely. She's fine and enjoying life and was working on a seafood stall business, it's just that sometimes good hobbies can be overwhelming and time-consuming and stressful, so she's decided to stay off Valucre  (and discord) for now.

In her absence I'll be managing the Queendom of Svanhild, House C'zirqonia, and the soon-to-exist city of Kasnivale.

Vielle's also tasked me with giving away most of her characters and organizations- something like adoptables. I'll be posting a thread about that in the Watercooler soon.

If you have any ongoing threads/projects with vielle and have concerns how they'll be progressing, shoot them at me and I'll try to answer, or if needed, will forward them to her.

I know the gist of this thread's story line and am willing to GM in her place, though without the dice system. However, I'm only logging into Valucre on weekends and will be able to make posts then. If the thread's slow-moving it could work, but it's up to you guys if you want to continue. If you're still up for it, post below, and maybe I'll try to get a post up tomorrow.

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After some reconsideration, I've decided I don't have the bandwidth or motivation to continue this thread.

It'd feel more of a chore and I don't want to deal with the stress of managing plots/stuff when that was nearly all of what I did in the months prior to my hiatus, and would rather focus on personal threads I actually want to do rather than GMing.

Apologies again to everyone involved, especially if I got your hopes up.

You're free to continue the thread in any way you wish, but I won't be GMing anymore.

Edited by Csl

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