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Lost Scions [Mercenary Company]

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Lost Scions Theme


"Our blades are bloody"


The Lost Scions are a sellsword company of notably ill repute and dread. They are comprised of nine core members, each of which is of a different race and is highly proficient in combat and in other areas, along with a company of goblins, hobgoblins and deep gnomes. In total, the band numbers around ninety members. Given the entire company's reputation for cruelty and violence, they tend to be hired by individuals, organizations and factions who are just as bad or around there.


Despite spreading terror and wreaking havoc where they go, whether to obligate a contract or not, the Lost Scions are known for keeping their word to their employer, never breaking a contract, while many other sellswords are willing to betray anyone if the payment is greater. Conversely, the Lost Scions will see their job to its completion, even if the end might result in being hired in turn by someone else to attack their first employer.


Led by Veron Blacktear, a tall, strong and pitiless Skaven from the under-city of Nesthome, the band has earned a number of derogatory nicknames over time and over space, such as the Bloody Mongrels, the Wild Beasts, the Circus from Hell and the Bastards of War, for its members' brutality, racial diversity and outlandish ways, while the members themselves are individually split on whether they find these names insulting. They are also called the Rippers for their combined practice of maiming and mutilating their targets; namely, Veron's propensity to cut out the tongues of his enemies and his own troops, namely the deep gnomes and his goblin force, even castrating the lesser goblins, and removing an eye as punishment. He may also command the feet of prisoners to be removed to prevent them from escaping. Meanwhile, a wood elf within the company is fond of flaying her targets alive.


The standard of the Lost Scions is a black crown with a red eye in its center, almost with the appearance of burning, above two black crossed swords on a field of red.










Sellsword company (mercenary company)





Mercenary services and brigandage 




Two black swords crossed beneath a black crown, a burning red cat's eye in its center, on a field of red




“Our blades are bloody”


Sayings and Phrases


“Mud and blood”


"Line the pockets and the purses, the heads and the hearts"


"Eyes that are not there cannot see, tongues that are not there cannot speak"


The Dreadvault

latest?cb=20170826221952Though largely a roving band of sellswords and brigands, the Lost Scions do have a headquarters that they visit and retreat to in order to load or offload supplies and bounties, planning and organization, and to carry out various other matters. The seat, called the Dreadvault, is located in the Great Pine Barrens of southeastern Terrenus, largely secluded from other settlements nearby. It is a fairly small castle befitting a small mercenary company and what few servants reside at the ground day and night, with or without their owner and hosts.

The fortress is built of thick grey rock quarried from a nearby mountain, though these days only rumors can attest to who laid the stone. Where the owner doesn't care to entertain the topic, those who know about the castle surmise that it was built from the ground up by laborers forced under the whip of the Lost Scions themselves. Upon completing the construction, the laborers were invited to feast for a day and a night inside the halls of the castle. That night, the castle's master, Veron Blacktear, had their throats slit at the dining tables while they were in revelry and burned their bodies in a courtyard bonfire, all in order to hide the secrets of the building.

Others say that the Lost Scions seized the castle by force from its previous owners. If the latter version is the true one then it might explain a particular element of the Dreadvault's image. A minor lord, Edwardo Brocktree, was said to once inhabit the castle, if ever he existed. One day, Veron arrived with his marauders and demanded that Lord Brocktree relinquish the castle to him. When Edwardo refused, Veron stormed the castle and butchered its inhabitants. Its defenders were taken outside the walls, bolted to X-shaped crosses and flayed alive—Lord Brocktree and his family included. The crosses remain outside the walls to this day, with occasional coatings of new blood.

No matter what it may have used to be called, it is little wonder how the castle received its name of "Dreadvault". It is the permanent residence of Captain Veron Blacktear of the Lost Scions, a malicious sellsword company who behave as brigands more oft as not. The castle hands know by now to keep to their order of keeping the castle in order no matter how long their master is away, while when the Lost Scions do return they do so with the plunder of murder, massacre and mayhem, and sometimes even with a convoy of prisoners, many of whom never see the light of day. If they do then it only makes them scream.


The Lost Scions operate predominantly in Terrenus, being restricted to the land where they have not yet taken to sea or ocean and islands and continents further away from mainland Terrenus. However, they have to some degree been active all over Terrenusnorth, south, east and west.


The actions of the Lost Scions are simple if never quite routine. A variety of contracts may be local and close to their headquarters, permitting them a circuit of service before they retire to the Dreadvault with their payment and loot. Other contracts may be established from the other side of the map. If the band is already traveling throughout Terrenus, local contracts become whatever is nearby their current location. Furthermore, these mercenaries need no contract to engage in their conduct. Often, they simply spot a village or a caravan and decide to take whatever they want and do whatever they will, pinning them as brigands.


Under a decade old


Under a decade ago from 598 WTA


Veron Blacktear



Veron Blacktear


The Lost Scions are relatively young in Valucre, their inception occurring almost ten years ago. For an organization based on violence, however, the years have overall been good to the membership. The leader of the Lost Scions, Captain Veron Blacktear, was born and raised in the Skaven under-city of Nesthome. For years, he partook in the civil wars that ran rife throughout the halls and tunnels of the Rats. Around the time that the newly appointed King-King of Skarr Clan worked to usher in an era of peace and prosperity for the Rats, Veron committed a crime that led to his exile from Nesthome.

Ever since taking topside, Veron escaped the Forgotten Wood and carved his way across southern Terrenus, learning of the world that awaited him and taking for himself whatever he could get away with taking. Eventually, he sold himself as a sellsword, putting the skills that he learned in the chaos of Nesthome to the coin, till the lone mercenary found himself a band to lead. Thereafter, Veron established the Lost Scions sellsword company and took their services across all of Terrenus. To this day, it is their method of operation to sell their services to anyone willing to pay high enough, without much care as to the nature of the job, and to otherwise reave and raid as they desire.

Recent Events

Mouths to Feed

Following the requests for outside assistance put out by Mayor Lars, representing Nesthome and Tradetown of the Forgotten Wood in southeastern Terrenus, the Lost Scions caught word and answered the call to arms. While wagons are being set up in Tradetown to trade for food and supplies in order to help feed and sustain the growing populations, other wagons are set up for raiding in order to seize the necessities by force. Captain Veron Blacktear and the Lost Scions arrive in Tradetown to offer their services for the scouting and the raiding.


Veron Blacktear

The Captain of the Lost Scions is the company's leader, its supreme commander.

Wruzree Dryaalyrr

The Commander is the second-in-command of the Lost Scions, the captain's chief deputy.

Urtag Ummor/Qaarek Ki-Ki/Vatoctl-Jei Chuxtl/Kroznog Lagoth/Galrim Ironbreaker/Sandos Martalan/Mynfales Lonomir

Beneath the Captain and the Commander are seven lieutenants of equal rank and authority among one another. Their power is put to use when it comes to leading the main force of the Lost Scions, an assortment of hobgoblins and lesser goblins.

Members and Units

The Nine

Referred to simply as "the Nine", the echelon of the Lost Scions include the band's leader and his eight subordinates, including the one commander and seven lieutenants.

Veron "Cat's Eye" Blackteargh5gvNg.png?1

Rank: Captain
Role: Leader
Race: Rat ("Skaven")
Sex: Male
Mount: Blade (black courser horse)

  • Longbow
  • Glaive
  • Scimitar x2
  • Parang x2
  • Barbed and bladed tail
  • Metal fingernail-claws
  • Kris
  • Smoke grenade x3
  • Throwing knife x8




         (Image is not a fully accurate representation)


Veron Blacktear is the supreme leader of the Lost Scions as the company's captain. He is also the founder of the band, having personally recruited its members, and is the owner of their headquarters, the Dreadvault, and their mobile base of operations, the Scourge. Cruel and cunning, Veron is self-assured in his ability to lead and maintain order among his sellsword company and band of brigands, given their various personalities and backgrounds, with shared themes for brutality, savagery and peculiarity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Veron's right eye, like most of his species', gazes out as a black orb. His left eye remains hidden behind an eyepatch. Rumor has it that his left eye is whole but is covered due to "shining with malice", "red like a bloody fire" with a pupil as "striped as a cat's eye", earning him the nickname of "Cat's Eye". A Shkei, Veron was always among the few Skaven of Nesthome to be considered bigger and better than most other Rats, a feat of health that he has maintained even more broadly during his time in Terrenus proper.


There is yet more to Veron than meets the eye. His agenda is as mysterious as whatever truly exists behind his eyepatch, but it has much and more point and purpose than wanton pillage, slaughter and destruction as befits the reputation of his band. Whatever it is that Veron is after, whatever object he ultimately seeks, it has yet to be revealed to anyone but himself. Only Veron knows what Veron wants.


Wruzree "Midnight" DryaalyrrjfZkP9O.jpg?1

Rank: Commander
Role: Second in command
Race: Drow
Sex: Male
Mount: Twilight (midnight blue panther)

  • Longbow
  • Cutlass x2
  • Kukri x2
  • Greased and flanged whip
  • Kris
  • Smoke grenade x3
  • Throwing knife x8


Nicknamed "Midnight" for his charcoal skin and ashen hair, Wruzree Dryaalyrr is the second in command of the Lost Scions, serving as Veron's deputy within the mercenary company and his closest confidant. He is from a drow colony that was overtaken by a rival faction of high elves who had waged war with the drow in a campaign to abolish the slavery that fueled their economy and industry. Wruzree was himself a slave owner, subjugating thralls of various elven breeds including high elves and wood elves, along with humans and dwarves. Like most of his kind, Wruzree was merciless and brutal to his subjects and intolerant of any rights or freedoms that they declared or that the high elves declared for them.


When at last the high elven faction had succeeded in subduing the drow and liberating their slaves, Wruzree's entire way of life was aimless, his sense of purpose lost. He decided to abandon the ruins of his homeland and the rubble of his people, leaving them to their defeat. His bitterness and his anger were unleashed upon a den of bandits not far from a village. It just so happened to be the same hideout of highwaymen that Veron Blacktear had been hired to eliminate after they had drawn the ire of a local lord. Reaching the cave, Veron mistook the drow for one of the bandits and the two crossed blades. Impressed by Wruzree's combat prowess, and after learning of his identity, he offered the drow a place at his side and a new purpose for his swords. The two went on to form the Lost Scions.


Urtag "Rattleneck" UmmorGnaw+the+bones+taste+the+marrow+gnolls_878fc5_7122463.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant
Role: Third in command
Race: Gnoll
Sex: Female
Mount: Chopper (white snow bear)

  • Crossbow
  • Battleaxe
  • Arakh
  • Katar x2
  • Kris
  • Smoke grenade x3
  • Throwing knife x8


Urtag Ummor grew up in the fighting pits, a bloodsoaked arena where the victor was the one still alive and the loser was dead upon the ground. As a cub, she had been captured by poachers and sold into slavery, having suffered cruel mistreatment at the hands of her masters and been raised to give spectacle to an audience. Urtag proved her worth, winning match after match over the years, each victory proven by her still drawing breath. She took a finger from each opponent that she slew and made a necklace out of them, earning her the nickname "Rattleneck".


Veron Blacktear once served as a spectator to these contests, where Urtag's fury and technique had moved him. He bought her freedom on the condition that she fight for him instead. Urtag had scoffed at the offer, saying that all the rat was doing was trading one form of slavery for the other. Instead, she asked him to go ahead and buy her freedom and she would freely join up with him as her new employer, but not her master.


Qaarek "Bloodmist" Ki-Ki1458266277381.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant
Role: Third in command
Race: Arakkoa
Sex: Female
Mount: Murmur (pink ostrich)

  • Staff
  • One-handed flail
  • Kris


Qaarek Ki-Ki was personally sought after by Veron Blacktear after hearing about strange rituals in the mountains. Word had traveled of a dangerous sorceress who was experimenting with binding rock with flesh, creating a golem in essence, and the entire undertaking had fascinated Veron. True to the tale, there the arakkoa was, resting atop a mountain peak with strange magic surrounding her form. She had barely taken notice of her visitors, save that Veron had been traveling with a dwarf who had served as a traveling aide to this location.


The arakkoa had introduced herself as Qaarek Ki-Ki. She was less interested in why these individuals had come to her and more interested in the dwarf. She asked her to serve in her procedure. The dwarf declined. Veron asked what the use of the dwarf would be. Qaarek revealed that she would make the perfect candidate for her golem. Veron agreed. He gave her the dwarf, writhing and howling, and the arakkoa did with her as she willed. The golem was created but lasted only minutes before its energy gave out. Qaarek decided to join Veron in the hopes that she would find the perfect female dwarf. That one was not.


Kroznog "Slayer" Lagothnikolaiostertag-jubeithos1400-1-1d7b6bdd-7l8a.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant
Role: Third in command
Race: Orc
Sex: Male
Mount: Dinner (brown yak)

  • Crossbow
  • Greatsword
  • Waraxe
  • Kite shield
  • Bowie
  • Kris
  • Smoke grenade x3
  • Throwing knife x8

Kroznog Lagoth is a giant above many, standing at eight feet tall. He is a red orc who hails from an orc region high and deep in the mountains. Having proven himself time and again of his ferocity and ability to kill and destroy, Kroznog had quickly risen in his society to become a warlord with a domain and an army of his own. He used his new power to wage endless war with rival orc clans. More often than not, Clan Lagoth came out on top.

Eventually, the never ending conflict and struggle for control grew weary for Kroznog. He had everything he had ever hoped for but that itself was not enough. One day, he simply decided to leave his homeland in order to explore the world at large, even if his version of exploration amounts to wreaking havoc and unleashing onslaught. He was eventually caught terrorizing a village when he came across Veron Blacktear. Veron was debating whether to accept a bounty and kill the orc when Kroznog admitted to doing what he did because he was bored. From that moment on, Veron promised him as much entertainment as he could provide.

Vatoctl-Jei "Coldtongue" Chuxtl343939-sepik.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant
Role: Third in command
Race: Lizardman
Sex: Male
Mount: Godless (green raptor)

  • Composite bow
  • Spetum
  • Falchion
  • Chīmalli
  • Kabutowari
  • Kris
  • Smoke grenade x3
  • Throwing knife x8

Vatoctl-Jei Chuxtl wasn't sought after or come across by Veron Blacktear and the Lost Scions. Rather, he had actively sought the Lost Scions and their leader himself. The reputation of the sellsword company had since been traveling across certain lands by the time that Vatoctl-Jei caught word. He finally caught up to them and did not hesitate in revealing himself and requesting an audience with Captain Blacktear. It was an odd enough request that Veron obliged. The lizardman then proceeded to tell Veron a tale of how he was on the verge of losing hope until he learned of the existence of the Lost Scions and regained it.

Vatoctl-Jei is a self-proclaimed descendant of the lizard's god-king, known simply as the Lost One or the Lost God, and the rightful heir of the deity's throne. He spends each day in prayer that he might achieve his divine right through the machinations of the Lost Scions, an order and organization that he claims was sent by the Lost One himself, with Veron as the herald. Vatoctl-Jei intends to see his destiny fulfilled, though it requires the Bountiful Harvest to get there; the feasting of souls, the eating of their flesh and blood, so that the Lost One may be appeased. Veron has agreed to grant the lizardman much and more in the way of sacrifices, and the throne to follow the wake.

Sandos "Mad Sandy" Martalanlatest?cb=20150519234658

Rank: Lieutenant
Role: Third in command
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Mount: Diego (tan camel)

  • Composite bow
  • Fauchard
  • Shamshir
  • Rondache
  • Khanjar
  • Kris
  • Smoke grenade x3
  • Throwing knife x8

Sandos Martalan was once a part of one of Terrenus' most elite policing and military units, the Wastelands Border Patrol of the Badlands in northern Terrenus. He had proven himself a valued member of the organization, felling more than one Suujali during his service and spending his other captures and kills on bandits who preyed over the desert landscape. However, at one point, Sandos was said to have turned mad, some saying that it was due to gazing into the eyes of a Suujali for moments on end. Whatever the reason, madness had indeed overtaken him, when one day he set a whole guard house on fire with a number of WBP warriors within it.

Sandos was never proven to be responsible for the crime, though speculations were rife enough that he was discharged from the Border Patrol. The rest was self-exile as he roamed the Badlands as a bandit, burning his victims alive. At one hour he found himself drinking in a tavern when a small group had entered and declared themselves the Lost Scions. Lost is indeed what they were. Their leader, Veron Blacktear, was looking for a guide. Sandos offered his services. Those services have never ceased.

Galrim "Maul" Ironbreakerironbreaker-look-01.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant
Role: Third in command
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male
Mount: Rock (grey goat)

  • Carbine
  • Warhammer
  • Flanged mace
  • Scutum
  • Throwing axe x3
  • Kris
  • Smoke grenade x3
  • Throwing knife x8

Galrim Ironbreaker traces his roots to the clan of his namesake, Clan Ironbreaker. Neither a particularly old or new dwarven clan of Tazarek, the Ironbreakers held enough light among their contemporaries to be recognized if not revered. What they were most known and named for was their strength and iron will. When Tazarek began opening its gates to foreign relations, the Ironbreakers were among those who had rigidly resisted. When the leadership of Tazarek had won out, the Ironbreakers had given in. Galrim was among those who had not.

He sought revenge, not against his people, but against the people who he did not welcome. He set out from Tazarek with a force of dwaves to target refugee camps on the outskirts. They massacred all they came across. Their actions were quickly caught onto. By fate or by chance, Galrim had been breaking his water on the mountainside when the Tazarek Guard routed his troop and took them into custody. Galrim knew what would happen to him if he returned to the halls. He did not. When Veron Blacktear found him, he was a marauder without a cause beyond prize and strength. The Lost Scions gave him both.

Mynfales "Husk" Lonomir1387841-best-archery-wallpaper-1920x1080.jpg

Rank: Lieutenant
Role: Third in command
Race: Wood elf
Sex: Female
Mount: Orowen (red elk)

  • Bladed longbow
  • Dao
  • Elven dagger x2
  • Kerambit
  • Push dagger
  • Fillet knife
  • Kris
  • Smoke grenade x3
  • Throwing knife x8

Mynfales Lonomir is from a woodland realm of elves and was raised among them up through her childhood. She learned their ways of peace and their ways of war, bonding with nature as much as she bonded with a bow. As a young adult, Mynfales received an invitation to travel to a location where an archery tournament was being held. She had since earned renown and relished it within her homeland. The offer was easy to accept.

The tournament, however, was much more private than she had expected. Publicly, though, its contestants, if they did not live up to the game, were executed. Mynfales was the only winner, though her prize was nothing short of not being able to return home and instead being molded into an assassin. She soon learned the art of stealing another's skin to disguise herself as them, though eventually the art of peeling with her knife became something that she enjoyed as much as plucking a bowstring. After failing to assassinate the leader of the Lost Scions, Mynfales knew that returning to her master meant death. So did her new master, so she killed the old one for the new and now she serves only one.



Hobgoblin Cavalry636252781431932597.jpg

Numbering thirty in all, the Lost Scions employ hobgoblins as the main force of their company. With heights and builds to rival humans, they are identically equipped in plate and chain armor from helm to greave, and armed with a composite bow, halberd, longsword, shield and dagger. They are the backbone of the Lost Scions, their greatest strength resting with their bodies if not their brains. Yet, as hobgoblins, they are particularly more intelligent than goblins of lesser breeds. Within the Lost Scions, that means obeying orders and following commands almost robotically, ever led by the Nine. Their cavalry steed is a courser of varying coats, any of black, white, brown or in between.

In part, their feat of discipline, obedience and loyalty extends beyond the hobgoblins themselves. A significant reason for their endless servitude is what their master has imposed upon them. Veron Blacktear, the Captain of the Lost Scions, personally ripped out all of their tongues, ensuring that mutiny could not be easily planned among those who cannot speak to one another. Furthermore, without the ability to relay speech, the hobgoblins soon learned that they had nowhere else to go and survive for it. Apart from a few of them having lost an eyeball that their master plucked out for disobedience, they are treated well, earning large shares of the plunder, prizes and payment for their service.





Goblin Wolf Riderslatest?cb=20171011001122

Where the hobgoblins number thirty, the lesser goblins aren't much farther ahead, amounting to forty in all. Unlike their superior counterparts, these smaller goblins are more lightly armored, allowing greater agility and flexibility on the white or grey direwolves that serve as their mounts. With a limited variety of plate, chain and scale armor, and sporting weapons including swords, axes, clubs and spears, the purpose of the wolf riders is to harass and scatter the enemy, provide a screening, chase down fleeing targets and scout ahead of the main force.

Unlike the hobgoblins, the goblins are less organized and disciplined, but no less subject to the pains and penalties from the masters if they take themselves too far. Like the hobgoblins, their tongues have been removed by Veron for the same reasons, yet he took his insurance policy a step further. Veron feels that his hobgoblins deserve their rapine as oft as they can get it, but experience has taught him about the dangers of letting his goblins keep their gift. For this reason, he has had each one of them castrated root and stem, a condition they have since sought to compensate with sheer savagery.


Deep Gnomes of the Scourge800px-Deep_Gnome.jpg

Fewest in number but greatest in engineering are the deep gnomes of the Lost Scions. Amid the goblinoid ranks of the sellsword company, only a few have ever glimpsed the dark faces of the deep gnomes. Veron never lets them leave his armored wagon and roving base, the Scourge. They operate the vehicle at all times, keeping the engine in check, steering the controls and manning the vehicle's offenses and defenses.

Treatment of the deep gnomes is quite similar to the goblins and hobgoblins. They have all had their tongues cut out and been castrated, giving them little to no reason to ever leave the Scourge or entertain the thought of desertion. Over time, ideas of freedom have become an alien concept. For want of a better statement, the deep gnomes of the Scourge are the very vehicle that they live and breathe in. Furthermore, since the Scourge may contain any or all of the Nine within it, the secrecy of their conversations is ensured amid a crew who cannot talk about what they hear, nor of the cargo and treasure stored in the same wagon.










Armored-Wagon.pngScourge is the name used for the armored wagon that serves as the Lost Scions' mobile base of operations. It is comprised almost entirely of dark grey steel, with the thickest plating on its body especially. At the rear of the van is a magitech engine that propels the vehicle, with a single chimney exhausting purple fumes. Spikes protrude from the front and back, both to repel attackers and give damage. The engine is littered with spikes while barbed wire curls up the chimney, deterring anyone from tampering with either.

The armored wagon has eight reinforced wheels, a serrated scythe protruding from the center of each one and always caked in dried blood. Skulls and bones decorate various parts of the wagon's exterior, small banners of the Lost Scions' coat of arms hanging from its sides while a larger banner stands erect on a pole at the center of the wagon's roof.

The Scourge is one of the largest armored wagons in Terrenus, namely one that is used outside of military employement. It has an outside driver's seat typical to most wagons with a door behind it that leads into the wagon's body. Metal shutters serve as windows when opened along with narrow slits that allow permanent vision from within. The wagon also has a door on either side and a hatch on the roof, and a smaller hatch at the rear to access the engine.                                           

                                        (Image is not an exact representation)

Mounted on the front and back of the wagon is an artillery gun for each end, capable of firing bullets and bolts. Another gun rests atop the roof. All three guns must be manned from the outside by an operator for each one. A small hatch beneath the wagon may also be opened to deploy mines while the shutters lining the sides may be opened to fire projectiles.

Access to the Scourge is prohibited to only the core members of the Lost Scions, numbering nine in total with the leader included. The only exceptions are the vehicle's operators. A small group of deep gnomes pilot and operate the wagon, maintaining the engine, the driving controls and manning the guns when needed. In the event that for some reason the engine gives way, a gnome can steer it from the outside driver's seat at the front with the manual force of the company's many steeds once tethered. The gnomes may operate the vehicle with or without any of the nine members onboard. They are never seen outside of the wagon, the vehicle also being their home indefinitely. Like the goblin units within the Lost Scions, Veron personally had their tongues cut out, though each gnome has both his or her eyes.


[In serious need of images]


Blade - Black courser horse with red eyes and a silver tail and mane - Veron Blacktear's mount

Twilight - Midnight blue panther - Wruzree Dryaalyrr's mount

Chopper - White snow bear - Urtag Ummor's mount

Murmur - Pink ostrich - Qaarek Ki-Ki's mount

Dinner - Brown yak - Kroznog Lagoth's mount

Quetz - Green raptor - Vatoctl-Jei Chuxtl's mount

Diego - Tan camel - Sandos Martalan's mount

Rock - Grey goat - Galrim Ironbreaker's mount

Blood - Red elk - Mynfales Lonomir's mount



The Lost Scions have no known allies of late. By contract, they are generally allied with anyone who has hired them, if only for the duration of the contract.


The Lost Scions have made many enemies over the years, from folk at the wrong place and the wrong time to rival mercenary companies and factions at war with the factions who hired the Lost Scions.

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